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2024 Mosquito Abatement


Friday, May 3 from 4-6 a.m.
Spray Zones: 2, 6, 9, 20, 23, 24 and 30

Find your zone here.


KICA’s Lakes Management department handles mosquito abatement for Kiawah Island. When mosquito activity is high, active zones are sprayed with a mist of adulticide from a truck-mounted sprayer. This sprayer is effective over a 300-foot swath, reaching most of the island’s inhabited areas. The team is diligent about strict adherence to the protocols outlined in the chemical application label. This is not only federal law but it reduces risk. For example, by spraying before sunrise, the team avoids killing other beneficial insects, such as bees, and largely avoids people and pets.

Find more information about how the team proactively addresses this island’s mosquito population here.