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Judge Rules to Remove Two Directors from KICA Board

Dear members,

Yesterday, Charleston County Judge Mikell Scarborough issued a ruling from the bench that the board of directors’ March 1, 2021 appointment of two new directors was not permitted by our governing documents. Effective immediately, Gaye Stathis and Sandy Devine will no longer serve on the KICA board. We thank them both for their service to our community.

This ruling does not dictate the number of board seats, so KICA’s board will need to make a determination as to whether the board should remain at nine seats or reduce to seven seats.

Judge Scarborough held that by SC law and KICA’s governing documents, KICA was not required to provide the plaintiff with the personal email information of KICA community members.

An official written judicial order will be provided to the plaintiff and the association, and the order will be released to our members.


Dave Morley

Board Chair
Kiawah Island Community Association


Jan. 25, 2022

Official Written Judicial Order

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