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2022 Island-Wide Road Repaving Project

Island-wide Road Paving Project Starts in West Beach Feb. 21

One of the association’s core responsibilities is the maintenance of our island’s common property infrastructure – roads, bridges, drainage, leisure trails and boardwalks – inside of the main gate. In recent years, the board has prioritized this work, establishing clear definitions for the standard in which KICA should maintain common property. For our 60 miles of roads, an engineering consultant evaluated the condition of each, providing a rating: “excellent,” “good,” “fair” or “poor.” The board instructed that all roads in “poor” or “fair” condition should be repaved, and perpetually maintained at a “good” or “excellent” rating.

Sixty-two Kiawah Island roads have been slated for milling and replacement in 2022. The first area of focus for this island-wide repaving project will be West Beach, beginning Feb. 21 through the end of March. Homeowners in this area will be contacted directly with a paving schedule for their road. The project schedule for the remainder of the roads has not been solidified, but will be communicated in advance of the repaving to the impacted property owners. This mass paving project will be completed by the end of 2022.

During the repaving, members can expect to maintain access to their homes. Roads will first be milled, creating a rough and uneven surface, and a small lip between the road and a driveway. During this time, members should drive very slowly over the milled surface of the road. Driving quickly over the surface may cause loose debris to fly.

Following milling, the road will be paved. Members should drive very slowly (5 mph) in construction areas and expect one lane of traffic with brief traffic delays. If weather conditions impede paving, the scheduled road will be pushed to the end of the phase of the project schedule, and the new date will be communicated to impacted homeowners.

Phase 1: West Beach

Dates: Feb. 21-March 23, 2022

See Paving Schedule*: West Beach Roads

*The paving schedule is subject to change.