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2022 Annual Meeting Highlights, Board Elects Its Officers


Director David Destefano, Director Lisa Mascolo, Chair Jerry McGee, Secretary Brad McIlvain, Vice-Chair Beth Zampino, Treasurer Alex Fernandez & Developer-Director Amanda Mole

KICA held its 2022 Annual Meeting on Friday, March 11. COO Shannon White announced the winner of the $500 assessment refund, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Curtis of Pine Siskin Lane. All members who voted in the directors election were eligible.

Outgoing Chair Dave Morley gave his final Chair’s Report. Dave discussed the important work of KICA task forces, such as the past Water Management Task force that spearheaded the Flood Mitigation projects underway on the island and the current Amenities Task Force, which will reach out to members soon for feedback on some of its work. He also talked about the importance of the board’s focus on enacting Kiawah’s quality standards in island infrastructure, including roadways, leisure trails and boardwalks.

Board treasurer, Alex Fernandez, gave the Treasurer’s Report, showcasing the work of KICA’s Finance Committee and highlighting important financials, as well as what they mean for members and the association at large. As promised, view Alex’s report here. View all KICA’s financials and financial policies¬†here.

In her COO report, Shannon acknowledged members’ passion for Kiawah, and talked about the association’s dedication to preserving the place and fostering the connections that members make on the island, with their friends and neighbors, families, and even with themselves. Shannon also honored KICA’s longest-serving employees, Sharon Green and Charles Maxwell, who have each met the 25-year mark with KICA.

Following the Annual Meeting, the newly-seated board held a short formal meeting to elect its officers. Congratulations to Chair Jerry McGee, Vice-chair Beth Zampino, Treasurer Alex Fernandez and Secretary Brad McIlvain. Chair Jerry McGee said in his remarks that he plans to heavily rely on the expertise of the board, as well as the association’s staff, while providing the board’s strategic guidance to the community. He also noted that he planned to continue to facilitate transparency in the board’s actions.