Kiawah’s Bobcats – Understanding Lynx in the Food Chain

Wednesday, Oct 12, 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Town Hall, Kiawah Island SC

Kiawah Island’s historically healthy bobcat populations began to decline in 2017, due primarily to increased mortality rates caused by second-generation anticoagulant (SGA) poisoning. Numbers declined from a historic population of 30-35 bobcats down to as few as 10. Bobcats serve a critical role in the Kiawah ecosystem by managing populations of rats, mice, and deer on the island. Because of their vital importance to the island, biologists have been researching these animals for more than 20 years.

Town Biologist, Jim Jordan, will present historical and current data from the Town’s Bobcat GPS tracking study, discuss the impacts of anticoagulant rodenticides on the Kiawah ecosystem, including positive signs that the island’s bobcat population is recovering thanks to voluntary efforts under the Bobcat Guardian Program.

Follow this link to register: https://kiawahconservancy.org/bobcat-week-events/

Town Hall