Proactive Planning Key to Maintaining the Kiawah Experience as Our Population Expands

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If you’ve owned a home on Kiawah for more than 10 years, you’ve watched the construction of The Sanctuary and Freshfields Village, development on the east and west ends of the island, and some in between. Kiawah is a growing community. Between lots owned by members but not yet developed, and developer lots and parcels not yet sold, potentially 35% of Kiawah Island remains to be developed.

Over the last decade, the KICA board has monitored our island’s gradual growth and has engaged in proactive planning to accommodate our expanding membership and evolving preferences. As you know, KICA maintains island infrastructure and enhances community life through a commitment to providing exceptional amenities, programs and services.

By the end of April, KICA’s board will present a formal proposal, created substantially through community member input, to add new amenities at the Sandcastle and Rhett’s Bluff in order to sufficiently serve Kiawah’s current and future population. Be sure to watch your inbox and mailbox to stay up to date on this approaching proposal.