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Introducing KICA’s Around Kiawah Discussion List


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How It Works

How Do I Subscribe?
How Do I Post My Message?
How Do Categories Work?
How Do I Change Delivery Format From Individual Emails to Daily Summaries?
How Do I Get Replies?
How Do I Find Past Topics?
Who Can Read Around Kiawah Postings?
Can I Attach Images and Files?

Posting Guidelines

The Common Sense Stuff

The Technical Stuff

The Legal Stuff

Your Privacy

How It Works:

What it is:  An unmoderated member-to-member discussion list for Kiawah property owners to share information with and ask questions of each other.

What it isn’t:  A forum to submit questions to island officials (contact them directly instead), to spread misinformation, to attack others, or for emergency communications. Always call 911 in the event of emergency.

Four-in-One!  Choose only the topics you want!   Around Kiawah is four lists in one, so that members can subscribe only to those categories that interest them:  Property Services, Classifieds, Events and Discussion. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to any category at any time.

Want to hear about everything? Subscribe to all four categories. Only want to know about events and property services? Just select those two.   Subscribe or unsubscribe to categories anytime.


Subscribe: Complete the online form at kica.us/around-kiawah/

Unsubscribe: Click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any list message.

Contact: communications@kica.us

View Archives: http://aroundkiawah.simplelists.com/CATEGORYNAME

How Do I Subscribe?

Just visit kica.us/around-kiawah and complete the brief registration form providing your name, Kiawah property address, desired categories and whether you want to receive individual posts or one daily digest that combines all posts for the same 24-hour period.  You will need to do this whether or not you have been a member of the former KICA-List. This is the same form you will use to subscribe to additional categories later, if you choose to.  After the form is submitted, staff will verify you are a property owner or authorized island-related personnel. You will then requesting verification of your email address. Simply follow the link to verify your address, and you can begin posting and receiving list messages.

How Do I Post My Message?

Posting is easy, and just a little different than you may be used to, since you will send your post to a different address based on the categories you’re subscribed to.  Just send an email, with a clear and concise subject line, to the appropriate list address. Be sure to sign your email with your name and Kiawah property address.  Here are some examples of how to post to categories:

Email posts for help wanted, for sale, in search of, to classifieds@aroundkiawah.simplelists.com.

SUBJECT – For sale: Men’s golf clubs, good condition.

I have a full set of men’s golf clubs for sale. They are only three years old and are in good condition. $150 for the entire set. See the attached picture. If interested, email me at jimsmith@gmail.com.

Jim Smith
123 Kiawah Drive

Email posts for questions pertaining to your property to propertyservices@aroundkiawah.simplelists.com.

SUBJECT – Can anyone recommend a reliable handyman?

In need of an affordable, reliable and honest handyman for some minor upgrades to the interior of my home. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!

Jane Smith
123 Kiawah Drive

(Don’t forget to visit our Member Referral Directory at referral.kica.us, where you can see who your neighbors use, and their comments about their experience.)

Email posts for topics of discussion to discussion@aroundkiawah.simplelists.com.

SUBJECT – Straw Market Question

Who can I contact to find out about the work occurring at the Straw Market?

Jim Smith
123 Kiawah Drive

Email posts to announce events on or  benefitting Kiawah or Sea Island fundraisers to events@aroundkiawah.simplelists.com.

SUBJECT – Topic for Next Our World?

Does anyone know the topic for the next Our World meeting? Thanks!

Jane Smith
123 Kiawah Drive

(Get even more exposure for your event by submitting it directly to the KICA website calendar, subject solely to KICA approval. Submit fundraisers to the Kiawah Cares website calendar.)

When posting to the categories, please respect your fellow members’ privacy, and do not copy, blind copy or forward emails to others, as personal email addresses will be visible.  You may instead invite others to subscribe and be verified.

How Do Categories Work?

If you are subscribed to Property Services but not Events, you will not receive information about events, and so on for all four categories.  To add additional categories later, simply use the form at kica.us/around-kiawah to make your selection. If you are subscribed to all four, and you find you’re getting too many emails of a nature that doesn’t interest you, simply unsubscribe by following the link at the bottom of a post from the category you want to leave.

While some questions might cross categories, for the list to work properly, it’s important that you use the best match. For example, if you post a zoning topic which should be in “discussion” in the “events” category, your neighbors who only want event news may receive dozens of emails they’d rather not have. Likewise, if you post an event under home services, those folks who are eager to attend events will never know about it.  We do not have the ability to remove or recategorize posts once they’ve been submitted.

If you need an answer to a business or process question, don’t post it. Around Kiawah is periodically reviewed but not regularly monitored.  Instead, call KICA at 843-768-9194, toll free at 866-226-1770 or email justask@kica.us.

How Do I Change Delivery Format From Individual Emails to Daily Summaries?

To change your Around Kiawah method of delivery (individual or daily summary emails) after your initial selection, email communications@kica.us.

How Do I Get Replies?

Right in your email inbox!  Many people like to create a folder, and a filter to send list emails to that folder, so it doesn’t clutter their primary in-box folder.  Each email client is different, but you should find something like “manage folders” and “filter messages like these.”  Please note: because all email clients are different, some have very strong spam filters and may create technical issues we can’t help with.  See “The Technical Stuff” for details.

How Do I Find Past Topics?

Can’t find those painter referrals you saw a few months ago?  All past messages to a given category are saved in an online archive. To access the archive, visit http://aroundkiawah.simplelists.com/CATEGORYNAME. Where we say CATEGORYNAME, simply add in the category you would like to view (classifieds, events, propertyservices, discussion). Archives are sortable by date posted or by thread topic.

Who Can Read Around Kiawah Postings?

KICA will accept subscriptions from KICA members in good standing, island officials and key island employees. All subscribers can read your posts. KICA will check property listings quarterly and remove former owners. Subscribers are welcome to share updates with us at communications@kica.us.

Can I Attach Images and Files?

Sure!  If your pup has gone on walkabout, you want neighbors to see that great car you’re selling, or you have a beautiful event flyer you’d like to share, attach your photo or file to your email just as you would for any regular email you send.. Have lots of photos and files? Double check your file name before you upload that photo you may not want your neighbors to see. Be sure you have the authority to use a photo, as copyright laws may apply.

Posting Guidelines

By subscribing to and/or using the Around Kiawah service, you agree that you have read and will comply with all conditions. KICA reserves the right in its sole discretion to suspend or terminate the listserv, or subscriptions to it.

Keep It Civil

Discuss the issues, not personalities or your opinion of a person’s or organization’s motives. Discussions and comments are meant to stimulate conversation, not to challenge or attack others.  Allow others to have their say, just as you may.

Malicious, defamatory, and other inappropriate content is strictly prohibited. Subscribers may be suspended or removed entirely at KICA’s discretion. We have a zero tolerance policy for profanity, ethnic slurs, personal insults and other disparaging content.  Such posts will result in permanent removal.

Speculation is not knowledge.  Research the facts before hitting the keyboard.

Is it factual? Is it fair? Would you say it to your neighbor’s face?  Are you angry?  Consider sleeping on it before posting.

Subscribers are solely responsible for information and content you post on the listserv and shall hold KICA harmless for their postings.

Use discretion when discussing products, service providers and others in general.

Information you post on the list is subject to libel, defamation, antitrust, privacy and all other laws. We encourage the sharing of positive experiences. If you had a not-so-positive experience, contact the poster directly. You’ll be able to see their email address in their original post

Keep It Real

We will verify all list subscribers to ensure they are Kiawah Island property owners. If we can’t verify you, you won’t be subscribed.

Include your first and last name and Kiawah address on every message.  Repeated failure to do so will result in suspension or removal.

Don’t post the same message across different categories.

Be Smart, Be Safe

We recommend you do not post your phone number. If you want to connect with someone at your property, email them privately to exchange details. Consider meeting in a public place.

Members should always personally vet service providers for their qualifications, licensing, permitting, etc. Around Kiawah (and/or online referral directory) may be a helpful starting point or resource for identifying prospective providers, but you should perform due diligence separately and make your own independent, informed decision when selecting and hiring a service provider.

Members should not state when they are going to be away from their homes/properties.

How Do I Report Inappropriate Postings

Email communications@kica.us, or call us directly at 843-725-5562. If it is a serious issue outside office hours, contact Security at 843-768-5566.

The Common Sense Stuff

Subscribers must be current Kiawah property owners or approved officials. Heard that someone moved? Let us know at communications@kica.us.

Change the subject line when introducing a new topic. It allows your neighbors to scroll over posts in which they have no interest.

Don’t clog the list with “thank you’s” and “me too” messages.

Only send a message to the list when it contains information that everyone can benefit from. Otherwise, reply directly.

If you change your email address, unsubscribe your old address, and resubscribe with your new address.

When providing service referrals, include as much information as possible. In particular, try to provide the business name, rather than just the contact or owner.  Contractors are subject to all local, state, federal and KICA statutes/regulations.

Don’t promote a personal business, service or product, or that of a family member, excluding nonprofessional services such as babysitters, pet sitters, etc.

Subscribers may inquire about rentals for their own use, and may receive replies, or for sale by owner. Otherwise, property rentals and sales may not be listed.

KICA may, in its sole discretion, relist service referrals in the KICA Member Referral Directory located at referral.kica.us, where members can easily search for service providers whether or not they are subscribed to this listserv.  Subscriber comments will be included; however, personal information will not. Please refer to the directory for specifics.

Do not send administrative messages, such as “remove me.”  Use the unsubscribe option seen at the bottom of each list post instead., or, for a KICA business question, email justask@kica.us.

The Technical Stuff

KICA is not responsible for dropped posts and is unable to respond to maintenance-type inquiries. Accessing the Internet involves variables too numerous for KICA to investigate, such as specs of your Internet service provider (e.g., Comcast), your email client (e.g., AOL, Yahoo, Google), the settings on your personal computer, etc.

Experience has shown over the last several years that changes by Internet service providers and/or email clients have introduced stronger spam filtering that can impact one’s ability to post or receive posts.  Some have stronger filters than others. For issues relating to spam filters, please contact your Internet service provider or email client directly.

Most email clients allow you to create folders to sort email. We recommend this choice if you find your inbox is too crowded.

If you mark an email as spam, the listserv will automatically unsubscribe you and you will stop receiving posts. This is not within KICA’s control.

The Legal Stuff


KICA does not control and assumes no legal or editorial responsibility for any content distributed through Around Kiawah. Content is generated by individual subscribers, who each bear responsibility for their individual postings. Content posted is automatically distributed to all subscribers; KICA cannot retrace or modify any such content.

KICA does not actively monitor Around Kiawah for inappropriate postings and does not undertake editorial control of postings. However, in the event any inappropriate posting is brought to KICA’s attention, we will take all appropriate action.

KICA reserves the right to terminate access to any user who does not abide by these conditions.

By participating in this listserv, you acknowledge and agree that KICA:

Accepts no responsibility for the messages or information members post and read on the list and you agree to waive any claims against KICA relative to this listserv. Postings and content on the list are strictly the views and opinions of the writers, not KICA, and may or may not be factual or correct.  Although KICA reserves the right to remove messages or information from the archive site in its sole discretion, KICA is under no obligation to do so.

Has no responsibility for the quality of services of any provider.
Will not intervene in or attempt to resolve any dispute between members, organizations or service providers.

Disclaims all warranties with regard to information posted, whether posted by the association or any other party; this disclaimer includes all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness.

Shall not under any circumstances be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the use of this listserv or the accuracy or performance of any information posted on this site, including, without limitation, personal injuries or property damage, loss-of-use, lost data, or damage to reputation.

Is subject to system maintenance by its ISP provider, which can impact the listserv.

Reserves the right in its sole discretion, without notice, to terminate the listserv at any time.

Is not responsible for technical issues such as the loss of email, failure of email to process through the list, computer viruses, etc.

Is not responsible for property damage or personal injuries caused directly or indirectly by this listserv.

Your Privacy

KICA maintains a database of its members, with personal information collected in various ways, including correspondence through the U.S. Postal Service, by telephone, electronically via the World Wide Web and by e-mail. Information such as a member’s mailing address, Kiawah address, home telephone number, work telephone number, Kiawah telephone number, and e-mail address is entered into KICA’s database and property files. This information is used solely by KICA as a means for contacting its members for routine business communications, in the case of an emergency, for billing purposes, for responding to member inquiries or requests, and for informing members of events/island issues that pertain to association members. The board is committed to protecting members’ privacy, particularly from businesses or charities, while allowing communications from the association.

To that end, the association will not sell, give or generally make available its database information to members or outside agencies. Occasionally, the association may release members’ contact information to a neighbor who may be trying to reach him or her, or to island officials for important business. Please note that the contact information for all KICA committee members, or volunteer group members, is available to other members of that committee or group for communicating with each other.

We are not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Historical content is publically accessible in the archives.

Remember the risks when you use the Internet.

Questions:  communications@kica.us