In the spring of 2020, KICA members voted to approve the Flood Mitigation Special Assessment required for infrastructure improvements that will mitigate Kiawah’s commonly recurring flooding issues. These infrastructure improvements are an essential step to effectively manage water on our barrier island.

Special Assessment Terms

The special assessment may not be increased or extended without a vote of the membership. If any funds remain after the projects are completed, they will be held in a restricted fund to be used solely for future water management needs. Any debt used to finance these projects will be paid back over the five year term. In the event of a property sale, the amount remaining will be due at closing.

The first special assessment will be billed in June 2020 and due on July 1, 2020. Subsequent payments will be due annually on July 1st, with the final installment due on July 1st, 2024.

Pay the Special Assessment

Learn About the Flood Mitigation Projects

Flood Mitigation

Report Flooding

KICA asks community members to share reports of flooding at kica.us/floodreport to incorporate into ongoing water management planning.

Resources for Your Property

Learn more about steps individual members can take to make their properties more resilient to changes in water conditions with the resources below. Water management solutions like these should be tailored to fit your property and can work alone or combine multiple approaches. Keep in mind that on Kiawah, you will likely need approval from the ARB and encroachment permits before you proceed with a new water management solution

Rainwater Harvesting

Rain Garden Manual

Clemson Extension Rain Garden Classes and Certifications

Charleston Rainproof

Town of Kiawah Island Grown Native Database

Clemson Carolina Yards Plant Database