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Log In to Your Member Account

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The new member portal is now available at Navigate to "Services" and then "Member Accounts" to find the log in button.

Learn all about this new service portal for members here.


Member Portal and More in September's Digest

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September's issue of Digest includes a look at KICA's member portal, which launches on Sept. 8 at Learn how this portal will streamline your interactions with the association. This is a part of KICA's recent database upgrade.

Here are some other interesting items at a glance:

The Wannamaker Trophy has arrived at Kiawah from San Francisco and, less than a year from now, 156 of the world’s best golf professionals follow, fighting for a chance at the 2021 title. The PGA Championship will be played May 17-23, 2021 at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s Ocean Course. Get a brief look at the preparations, as well as some can’t-miss items for ticket holders.

It’s boating season in the Lowcountry, and it’s also an ideal time to get more information on water-levels in the area. To help with this, the Town of Kiawah Island recently installed a new tide gauge at the Kiawah River. This tide gauge, the first at the site since the 1970s, will allow viewers to see NOAA tide predictions alongside real-time water level measurements for the first time.

One of KICA resilience specialist Lucas Hernandez's main priorities is meeting with property owners to discuss their specific experience with island flooding. During those visits, he offers information on steps these individual property owners can take to optimize water flow on their properties when the issue is not one that involves KICA’s common property drainage or infrastructure. Each lot has different complications and advantages, meaning there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Take a look at some of the methods property owners can use and how they work.

Read September's issue of Digest.


The Board Elects New Officers, Reports a Positive Financial Forecast and Shares Task Force and Committee Updates

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At Monday’s bi-monthly board meeting, the Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) directors elected new officers after Diana Mezzanotte resigned her role as chair. The board voted to elect Dave Morley as chair, Townsend Clarkson as treasurer and Jerry McGee as secretary. David DeStefano maintains his role as vice-chair. Diana Mezzanotte will remain on the board as a director through the 2021 annual meeting.

Chair (and former treasurer) Dave Morley provided a financial re-forecast for the year, which due to a hiring and spending freeze in late March and the targeting of continued revenue streams, predicts KICA will end the year with a favorable variance. He presented the Finance Committee's recommendation to restore $72,000 of the $1.2 million frozen budgeted spending in the operating budget, and to fully restore the Major Repair and Replacement infrastructure budget (approx. $300,000). The board approved the finance committee’s recommendations, which were included in the positive re-forecast.

The board heard an update on KICA's COVID-19-related Phase 1 modified operations, which MUSC recommended the association maintain.

Director David DeStefano shared an overview of feedback from community members on potentially allowing the use of electric bicycles on the island. Due to a common thread of concern about the condition of the leisure trails, the board will redirect focus to leisure trail improvements, before voting on any action regarding e-bikes.

The board was informed of a request by Kiawah Partners to convey some residual property along High Dunes Lane in Ocean Park to KICA. The land is located along the roadside of land already conveyed to KICA, and will not have associated budget implications. The board will consider this request and make a decision in October.

KICA’s Adaptive Management Plan Task Force shared an updated timeline for their work, which includes a community-wide survey to be distributed in mid-September. The purpose of the survey is to gain member input on the points at which flooding and climate change negatively impact quality of life, economic viability, infrastructure or aspirations of the island.

Director Sue Schaffer explained that the newly-restructured Board Outreach and Education Committee had solicited requests for committee members to join. According to the charter, the committee should include two non-board (current or former) members and two former board members, in addition to one current board member. However, only one community member without board experience applied with interest and three former board members. Schaffer requested the board authorize an exception to the charter to allow a different ratio of committee member types, but maintain the intended number of five total participants. The board approved the exception.

Director Brad McIlvain explained that the Community Outreach Task Force is focused on opening a dialogue between the board and property owners. The task force will begin efforts by planning conversations with four groups of property owners: villa regime owners, single-family home regime owners, single-family home owners before V-gate, and single-family home owners behind the V-gate. These open discussions will be organized within the next several months and will take place virtually.


Agreement Offers Exceptional Service to Members

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For the past 6 years, Comcast and KICA have had a right-of-access agreement, which allows Comcast to access KICA's rights of way on the island for a variety of service needs. When this agreement was made, KICA required some additional benefits for members, such as a minimum service standard and a dedicated team to respond to service requests. These requests must be answered within a specific time-frame. Other items, such as addressing aesthetic requirements quickly, were also included.

This unique service agreement enables members to skip the frustration of calling a service number and contact either KICA's director of Livability, Ed Monahan or Tammy Peak at Comcast to have their new service or technical issue prioritized. The only issue these two can't handle is billing support.

If you are an existing Comcast customer or interested in becoming one, reach out to Ed at 843-708-3611/ or Tammy at 843-312-2604. There is no need to call a generic service number or attempt to reach a service tech directly, who is likely already assigned to other issues. Ed and Tammy will work directly with you to ensure your issues are addressed promptly.

While there is no requirement to purchase service from a specific company, Comcast is the only telecom service contractually-obligated to meet certain standards. For more information, please contact Ed Monahan.


KICA's Most Significant Flood Mitigation Project is Underway

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KICA has begun work on the new outfall (Project 2) at an existing inlet near Pond 30, just off of the Kiawah Island Parkway, across from the first fire station (which is currently under construction). You may have noticed construction screening along the parkway at this location. This new outfall will relieve Kiawah's Beachwalker Drainage System, providing a second outfall where water can flow out, away from the island. Today marks the beginning of the pipe installation.

Currently, most of the western half of the island is drained through the network of ponds and pipes that outfall at Inlet Cove. Once complete, the entire Settlement neighborhood will drain through the new outfall, rather than Inlet Cove, which will resolve many of the hazardous flooding issues in the neighborhood. Additionally, by eliminating drainage from the Settlement through Inlet Cove, capacity will be restored to the system that drains the East and West Beach neighborhoods, reducing flooding there as well.

This also eliminates a known hazardous flooding issue on the Kiawah Island Parkway, which can potentially prevent access to most of the island. By relieving the system, water that formerly pooled on roads or overflowed in ponds will be able to flow into the drainage pipes and exit through outfalls.

Learn more about KICA's flood mitigation effort.


KICA to Launch a New Technology Platform and Member Service Portal in September

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In the last several years, the Kiawah Island Community Association Board of Directors has prioritized investment in technology to elevate the association’s service capabilities. After a two-year process, KICA is now in the final stages of implementing Salesforce, a robust technology platform that will integrate formerly siloed technologies, streamline internal processes and provide an online service portal for community members.

The member portal, accessible Sept. 8 on at, will enable members to view and pay statements and assessments online, view their household account data, update their contact information, report issues or submit inquiries to KICA, and engage with other community members. It will provide the ease of self-service, and the visual confirmation of all household information and activity.

A secure and robust database is the foundation of the association, and was the impetus for the decision to implement Salesforce. Behind the scenes, Salesforce is the replacement for an array of technologies that were antiquated or inefficient, and it automates some formerly manual processes. KICA’s critically important database of property records and contact information for members, their households and commercial businesses will be transferred into Salesforce.

Yet, Salesforce isn’t just a database; it’s a scalable platform that connects all of KICA’s most important technology tools. Similar to a smartphone, it performs essential functions (storing  your contact list and allowing you to make calls and send emails), but the functionality can be expanded by adding apps. Salesforce houses KICA’s database, but the association has also chosen to add or integrate other technologies.

KICA’s work order system will now be executed in Salesforce and will integrate with property records. For example, if a member requests a mailbox repair, it will be noted on the property record, and members can view the status of the request in the member portal. Email marketing communication tools will be replaced with Salesforce tools that will connect seamlessly with the contact database. The Sandcastle’s check-in and point of sale system will be replaced with Salesforce tools that will integrate with member account information.

The launch of Salesforce marks the achievement of some significant association technology goals: a singular view of all members and data; a scalable platform that ties together KICA’s service tools; self-service capabilities for members; an increase in productivity and automation; and a decrease input redundancy.

While this is a giant step forward for the member experience and employee service capabilities, this is the first of several phases planned for Salesforce integrations, and not all member or employee service tools will be transitioned for the September launch. The gate access management system and the Sandcastle pool reservation system will be maintained as separate portals. KICA has a second implementation scheduled for 2021 and will continue to transition more capabilities into the Salesforce platform over time.

Member Account Features

My Account

KICA's member portal will allow you to securely login to view your personal KICA account. On the My Account page, you will be able to view and edit the primary contact information for your household. This is the contact email, phone and mailing address for your membership correspondences, like annual voting, billing statements and emergency notifications. You will be able to view and edit contact information for all members of your household. Here you can also submit to allow your guests to visit the Sandcastle without your presence. You will be able to view your Kiawah Island property information, like your property type, which determines your allocation of KICA votes. Finally, if you have a home away from Kiawah, you can view and add other residences and select your preferred mailing address.

Billing & Payment

In the “Billing & Payment” section of the site, you will be able to view your account balance, recent charges on your account, and make payments.  Currently, making a payment is a multi-step manual process that lacks insight into the details of your account balance and recent transactions. You must reference your emailed statement total (sent monthly if you have recent association charges), or your assessment total (sent annually), then then navigate to There you must manually input the total amount of your payment, along with your credit card or bank account information. The record of statements and charges only exists for members to view in email.

With the launch of online member accounts, these actions will be consolidated into a comprehensive “Pay” page, which will show your account balance, transaction details, recent payments, and the ability to pay your charges or assessment within the portal. You will be able to securely save your preferred payment method for quick and easy association payments. Going forward, a monthly email notification will prompt you to log in to view your balance and make a payment.

If you had formerly requested the association to mail your statements, rather than email, your preference will still be honored. You will also be able to edit your billing preferences within your member account, if your billing email address or mailing address changes.


In the “Community” tab of the portal, members will be able to join community groups and engage with other group members. The groups will function similarly to a Facebook page, with group information and a feed of community member conversation, photos and updates. Members will be able to search all community groups and easily navigate to the groups they’ve chosen to participate in.


One of the functionalities you may overlook is the Contact form, but not all contact forms are created equal. Ask any question, report an issue, or just share information (including a photo, if desired) and your submission will become a “case” that is reviewed by staff. You’ll be able to track the status of your inquiry as it’s assigned to the appropriate staff member and resolved. So keep in mind, the next time you want to touch base with KICA, use the contact form in the member portal!


The 2020 Cars on Kiawah Has Been Cancelled

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Organizers of Cars on Kiawah, an annual classic car show on Kiawah Island, announce the cancellation of the 2020 show which had been postponed from April 18th to November 7th .  In light of the number of new cases in the Charleston area and projections from medical experts, the organizing committee concluded it would be imprudent to jeopardize the health of our exhibitors, volunteers and spectators.  In addition, the State of South Carolina’s recently published “Guidelines for Re-Opening Festivals and Special Events”.  It contains requirements which would substantially increase the cost of putting on the event and detract from everyone’s enjoyment of the show.  According to Co-Chair Bruce Stemerman , “We have worked hard to put on a car show that is relaxed, family-friendly and encourages engagement between spectators and car exhibitors. That would be difficult under the guidelines”.

Stemerman notes: “This was a tough call to make; we are proud of the growth in popularity of Cars on Kiawah over the last several years none of which would have been possible without our participants, spectators, volunteers, sponsors” and the various Kiawah Island entities.”

Co-Chair John Wilson adds: “Cars on Kiawah is typically held in the Spring.  In 2021, Kiawah Island will be hosting the PGA  Championship at the Ocean Course, so we had planned to skip the show next year. We are now exploring holding it in the Fall of 2021 and updates will be posted to our website ( next year.”

Cars on Kiawah ( is an annual celebration of the Southeast’s finest automobiles displayed in the lush setting of Ocean Park on Kiawah Island, South Carolina.  The show attract 300 classic cars along with several thousand spectators. Cars on Kiawah is hosted by the Kiawah Island Motoring Retreat, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. An annual donation of event proceeds is made to the Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic (


Kiawah After Hurricane Isaias

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Yesterday, Hurricane Isaias passed off of the coast of Kiawah Island just before 8 p.m., bringing approximately 1.5 inches of rain and a maximum recorded wind speed of 37 mph. The association reports no impassable roads and no damage to infrastructure. Kiawah did not experience hazardous flooding. The Kiawah River tide gauge recorded a maximum water level of 7.56 ft. KICA's land maintenance crews are actively cleaning up minor fallen debris from the storm.

Kiawah is lucky to have sustained such a minor impact from the storm.


Help Save Kiawah's Bobcats in August's Digest

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KICA's monthly newsletter dives into in-depth looks at island topic. Check out the articles below or read August's issue of Kiawah Island Digest.

You Can Help Save Kiawah’s Bobcats

Kiawah’s bobcats have always been elusive. Now they’re starting to disappear. In a blow to the island’s many bobcat lovers, as well as its ecosystem, biologists now estimate that fewer than ten bobcats remain on Kiawah, down from a historic population of 30-35. Find out how you can act to help save the bobcats on Kiawah.

Lakes Team Manages Mosquito Abatement

Did you know that there are at least 61 different types of mosquitoes in South Carolina? Thankfully, KICA’s Lakes Management team is made up of biologists who tailor their approach to mosquito abatement to suit the island’s conditions. Matt Hill, Lakes Management supervisor, points out that “pest management is always a delicate balance between human comfort and environmental responsibility.”

Financial Update from KICA’s Treasurer

At KICA’s July 13 Board of Directors meeting, treasurer Dave Morley gave a report on the financial status of the association. KICA always provides monthly financial reports to members but in this case, it’s important to highlight how the association is performing in this unusual year. Dave’s report looked at KICA’s finances through the end of May 2020 in comparison to the annual budget. 


Tropical Storm Isaias

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As part of the island's emergency management plan, KICA and the Town of Kiawah Island issue joint emergency communications to members.

Tropical Storm Isaias is forecast to regain hurricane strength later today and make landfall as a Category 1 near Georgetown, South Carolina.

Kiawah Island remains under a tropical storm warning and storm surge warning. Our community may experience sustained wind speeds of 45-55 mph with gusts up to 70 mph, excessive rainfall (3-6 inches), isolated tornado threats, flooding, dangerous storm surge, and minor erosion.

Conditions are expected to continue to deteriorate this afternoon with substantial impact occurring tonight.

As a result, power outages and falling trees and large debris are possible. If storm surge levels threaten Berkeley Electric's equipment on the island, a preemptive power shutoff could occur.

Flooding will likely occur tonight during high tide, which is at 9:13 p.m. Dangerous surf and rip currents are already present and expected to continue through this week. Stay out of the water. In tropical storm conditions, even knee-deep water contains strong currents and can quickly become dangerous. Beach Patrol will retract its staff during the storm.


The community association has reduced pond levels to increase drainage capacity in preparation for the storm. KICA facilities closed at noon today, with the exception of the security gates. Contractor gate access for tomorrow has been delayed until 10 a.m.

The town's damage assessment team will begin at 6 a.m. to perform a windshield survey of the island. This survey does not take into account damage to property not seen from the road.

The Municipal Center closed at 1 p.m. today and will resume regular hours tomorrow (8 a.m - 5 p.m.). Tuesday's trash collection will operate on a delay and will not begin until 10 a.m.

The Sandcastle is currently planned to reopen for the 11:30 a.m. pool session on Tuesday, Aug. 4, pending cleanup.

Beachwalker County Park closed at 2 p.m. today.

Freshfields Village merchants may have modified hours.


Residents should wrap up their personal preparations and plan to shelter in place. Please make sure all trash cans are secure. Remember, in an emergency, dial 9-1-1, not the main gate. The Town of Kiawah Island, Kiawah Island Community Association, and Charleston County Emergency Management officials continue to monitor Tropical Storm Isaias and prepare for potential impacts.

Property owners and managers with rental guests should forward the information above to their guests.


National Weather Service
National Hurricane Center



Opportunities for Community Input on SLR Adaptive Management Plan

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In September 2018, a subcommittee of the Town of Kiawah Island’s Environmental Committee submitted a report to the Town Council.  This report, Flood Mitigation and Sea Level Rise Adaptation for Kiawah Island, SC, was the result of 18 months of study and provided over a hundred recommendations for how the island could respond to the challenges of sea level rise and climate change. Both the town and the Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) responded positively to the report and undertook a variety of proactive actions in response to the recommendations.  

A key recommendation in the report was the implementation of an Adaptive Management Plan (AMP) to monitor conditions on Kiawah that may require intervention. KICA has established a task force, with endorsement by the town, to guide the initial phase of development of this plan. The goal for this first phase is to identify conditions that property owners find undesirable or unacceptable as a result of flooding induced by continuing sea level rise, as well as the environmental consequences of increasing periods of drought broken by periods of intense rainfall. These conditions, or “thresholds,” are situations that we never want to reach. The total AMP Plan will include “trigger points,” warnings that actions are needed to avoid a threshold breach; a monitoring program that will follow “indicators” related to the trigger points; and a “response plan” to either prevent the threshold from being reached or take actions to adapt to that threshold. Additional information on these terms and processes will be provided as the AMP is developed.   

The development of the AMP is likely to take about a year, with the first step being the identification of “thresholds.” Thresholds will be established by considering impacts on public infrastructure, private property and the island’s environment. Since thresholds are primarily value judgments, their identification needs to reflect the diversity of community values. In order to reflect the values of the Kiawah community, the task force is planning for two opportunities for community input in this initial phase of the AMP development: virtual focus group meetings and a community survey. While face-to-face feedback is preferred, the COVID-19 outbreak limits our opportunities for face-to-face community input.   

For the virtual focus groups, the AMP Task Force is seeking to put together small groups of property owners representing full-time or part-time residents with diversity of geographical location on the island, type of housing, and property usage. The participants are expected to contribute about five hours of time to read preparatory materials and participate in the virtual meeting with other property owners to help develop threshold statements. The virtual meetings will be held during the month of August. These threshold statements will then be used to develop a community survey that will be distributed to property owners and interested Kiawah parties to gain a consensus on the key thresholds that are of concern. The results will be presented to the Town Council and the KICA Board of Directors in November 2020.  

If you are interested in learning more about participating in the virtual focus groups, please contact task force chair and KICA resilience specialist Lucas Hernandez at by July 31. Decisions about participation will be made to ensure a diverse representation of the Kiawah community. In your email please include the following information:

  • Address
  • Whether Kiawah is your primary or secondary residence
  • If you rent your home

Thanks for your interest in this important initiative on behalf of Kiawah Island.

Sent on behalf of the AMP Task Force,

Lucas Hernandez, Chair
Jim Chitwood
John Kotz
John Leffler
David Morley
Cathy Pumphrey
David Pumphrey
John Taylor


KICA Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19 (July 17)

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Dear Member,

We regret to inform you that a Kiawah Island Community Association security employee who last worked on July 17 has tested positive for COVID-19. This employee followed precautionary procedures at work, wearing the required face mask and using hand sanitizer. This employee was asymptomatic, and was tested for COVID-19 as part of routine testing ordered by his doctor on Thursday, July 16. On Friday, July 17, the employee received the positive COVID-19 test result. The employee was immediately sent home. The employee worked July 11-13 and July 17, as a gate officer. The employee last worked patrol on July 12, but had no direct contact with people, while on patrol. KICA has continued to follow its protocol on contract tracing, cleaning, and other preventive measures.

Based on CDC guidelines, KICA’s contact tracing procedure identifies any person who the employee came in contact with in the previous two days for fifteen minutes or more. This employee did not come in contact with any member or island guest for this duration, and coworkers have been notified.

This notification is a reminder that the virus is present on Kiawah, and that association services may be impacted as we face the increasing challenge of maintaining staff.

We ask that everyone in the community remain vigilant about social distancing and wearing the town-mandated face coverings. These actions have proven to be the most effective defenses against the virus.


Shannon White
KICA Director of Operations


KICA Board Opens Discussion of E-bikes on Kiawah

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At its July 13 meeting, the Kiawah Island Community Association Board of Directors opened discussion of electric bicycle use on Kiawah Island. In summary, KICA currently prohibits the use of all motorized bicycles on the island, but several community members have expressed interest in allowing some electric bicycles. The primary argument for e-bikes is that they have a pedal-assist feature which enables a more enjoyable ride for the older demographic. However, there are concerns that these e-bikes are able to reach speeds that could present safety issues on the leisure trails. Director David DeStefano proposed some potential guidelines for the community to consider and provide their feedback to the board.

DeStefano suggested that KICA amends its rules to permit the use of Class 1 electric bicycles, with some restrictions. Class 1 e-bikes will engage an electric motor when the rider is pedaling. These bikes can achieve a max speed of 20 mph. Class 2 bicycles have a throttle in addition to pedal-assist and Class 3 bicycles can achieve 28 mph, so these two types would be prohibited. To address the speed concern, DeStefano suggested restricting the Class 1 e-bikes to those with a maximum of 250 watt motor and implementing an age minimum. Only KICA members would be authorized to use e-bikes, and they would be required to register with the association. No e-bike rentals would be allowed. To enable enforcement, the e-bikes must display the KICA registration decal, and Class 1 must be clearly marked on the bike.

Thank you to those who provided comments on this topic at the July board meeting. If you’d like to provide your feedback to the board, email


KICA's Nominating Committee Has Been Renamed, and Its Goals Redefined

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At the Kiawah Island Community Association’s annual meeting in March, board chair Diana Mezzanotte announced the creation of a task force to review the purpose and process of the Nominating Committee. Diana noted that after considerable community feedback from recent board elections, the task force would conduct its review with the instruction that the Nominating Committee would no longer endorse board candidates.

Director Brad McIlvain led the task force, with the participation of director Sue Schaffer and developer-director Townsend Clarkson. At the July 13 public board meeting, Mr. McIlvain presented the task force’s recommendations, which were approved and accepted by the board.

To clarify the objectives of the committee, which no longer include endorsing candidates, the committee has been renamed the Board Outreach and Education Committee. The committee will continue to provide community members with information about board service and host an informational session, answering any questions from potential candidates before the fall registration deadline.

The committee will continue to gather and share full candidate statements and video interviews and will host a forum for community members to meet and hear directly from the candidates. Going forward, all of these things will take place before the board election voting opens.

After much consideration, the task force recommended that the committee not vet candidates because it raises a host of issues, including confidentiality and defamation. However, the committee will ask every registered candidate if they have been convicted of a felony within the last ten years, and this question and answer will be provided to members.

The Outreach and Education Committee will be chaired by a current director, this year Sue Schaffer, and include four community members: two former board directors and two members who have not served on the KICA Board of Directors. In this new format, the committee retains the expertise of directors who can answer candidate questions about board service, yet also involves members who have not participated on the board, ensuring that the recruitment of candidates extends beyond the board’s circle of acquaintance. Committee members will serve staggered two-year terms.

The committee's revised charter is available to view here. If you are interested in participating on the Outreach and Education Committee, please apply here. The committee will be appointed by mid August.


Transportation Service Temporarily Suspended

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KICA's shuttle transportation service has been temporarily suspended due to staffing challenges related to COVID-19. The association will notify the community when this service resumes.


Welcoming KICA's New Director of Finance in July Digest

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In this issue, get to know KICA's new director of Finance and Administration. Johnny Wallace comes to KICA from Porter-Gaud School. Say farewell to Jane Ovenden and learn about the changes she put into place while acting as KICA's previous director of Finance and Administration.

Fawn season is here in the Lowcounty -- how to tell if a fawn is acting normally even if it's alone. Get your workout with the instructors at The Sandcastle and more in this month's issue of Kiawah Island Digest.

Read now.


Flood Mitigation Projects Commence

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This month, KICA's flood mitigation efforts commence. Construction will begin on a new outfall at an existing inlet off of the Kiawah Island Parkway, across from the fire station. This new outfall will relieve the Beachwalker drainage system, providing the western half of the island with a secondary outlet for water to drain. Off of Governors Drive, near Trumpet Creeper Lane, a drainage inlet filled with sediment will be dredged. This will revive the channel so that water flows away from the island, as intended.


Castle Grille and Sandbar Temporarily Closed

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Cru Catering, KICA's partner operator of the Castle Grille and Sandbar, has decided to close food and beverage operations at The Sandcastle for the coming week. An employee in the wider catering company has tested positive for COVID-19 and this employee has interacted with some Castle Grille employees at the base facility in North Charleston. Out of an abundance of caution, Cru immediately shut down all operations for the week, including the Castle Grille and Sandbar. KICA will update the community when a reopening is determined.

We thank Cru Catering for immediately notifying us and for making the tough decision to impact their business by closing, for the protection of our members and their staff. We look forward to Cru's future return.

In the meantime, please feel free to bring your own food and drinks to enjoy at the pool. As a reminder, state regulations prohibit the use of glass at the pool. The Sandcastle continues to sanitize all pool lounge chairs and restrooms in between each pool session.

Pool reservations may be made online at Today, a fourth pool session was added, opening over 360 daily reservations. Please adhere to one reservation per household per day, so that your neighbors also have the chance to enjoy the pool amenities.


Bike on Leisure Trails, Not Roads

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Our island's leisure trails were made for recreational pursuits like biking, jogging and walking. For their safety, remind your family and visitors to stay off of the roads when trails are available. Trails follow parallel to the island's busiest roads, the Kiawah Island Parkway, Governors Drive and Ocean Course Drive, and many side streets, so please be sure to utilize them.

As traffic on the island swells in the summer, this is especially important. Remember to obey the traffic signs on both the leisure trails and the roads, and use extra caution at traffic intersection points.

Personal transportation vehicles like motorcycles, mopeds, Segways, motorized scooters, motorized skateboards, hoverboards, motorized bicycles and similar motorized vehicles are not permitted on Kiawah’s roads or leisure trails. (See Section 2 of KICA's Rules and Regulations.)


2020 Mosquito Treatment Starts in June

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Annually in spring, KICA's Lakes Management team conducts mosquito larvicide across the island's ponds.  The treatment helps immensely by reducing Kiawah's mosquito population before it matures.

However, it's difficult to completely eliminate mosquitos in coastal South Carolina. April through October, the Lakes Management department conducts mosquito counts in each of the island zones and sprays those zones that need it. Spraying is generally done early in the morning, from 4-6 a.m. with a truck-mounted sprayer. If aerial spraying is needed, the team may also enlist Charleston County to fly over a larger area.

This week, the team will begin spraying for 2020 on Thursday, June 4. View spraying information and mosquito zones throughout the year. Check back each week to see which zones will be sprayed in advance.


Prepare for Hurricane Season with June's Digest

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Atlantic Hurricane Season began on June 1 and we’ve already seen the development of two storms. In this issue of Digest, learn about preparations KICA makes each year, as well as what to expect during and after a storm event. Use the tips and links provided to get your family prepared in case of a storm event.

This issue also features a look at using The Sandcastle in Phase 1 of KICA's reopening, a visit (at a safe distance) with Kiawah's prehistoric predator, the alligator, and a safer walk to the beach in West Beach. Learn how to explore Kiawah's inlets and waterways with your family in a Tidal Trails adventure.

Read the June issue of Kiawah Island Digest today.


KICA Employee Tested Positive For COVID-19

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Dear Member,

I hope this message finds you well on this Memorial Day weekend.

I regret to inform you that KICA has had its first employee test positive for COVID-19. This is a behind-the-scenes employee with no direct member interaction. The employee had worked in The Sandcastle on May 15th, before it reopened to members. The Sandcastle is routinely disinfected and has been cleaned 15 times since the employee was last in the facility. The employee was briefly at the main security gate on May 18th when the symptoms began, stayed home from work and was tested on May 19th, and received positive test results on May 22nd.

We are grateful that this particular employee followed our protocol by staying home from work at the onset of symptoms, notifying Human Resources, and seeking medical advice. These actions likely prevented the spread of the virus. We have performed contact tracing for 5 days prior to the positive test and all employees with a potential exposure have been notified.

Prior to the limited Sandcastle reopening, KICA consulted MUSC for guidance on facility operations, cleaning protocols, and other protective measures. This includes procedures for when employees stay home from work, how to monitor for symptoms, and the types of protective equipment to be used while working. As part of these procedures, all member-facing staff have been wearing masks and practicing social distancing since facilities began a limited reopening last Monday. The Sandcastle and other KICA facilities are routinely disinfected.

While we don’t believe there is cause for alarm, this serves as a reminder that all in our community need to remain vigilant and do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

I wish you all a Happy Memorial Day.


Jimmy Bailey
KICA Chief Operating Officer


Make Your Pool Reservation

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In the first phase of The Sandcastle’s reopening, we welcome back members to enjoy the pools, with advance reservations. Learn about the reopening here. Make your pool reservation at


Using The Sandcastle Amenities with Your Wellbeing in Mind

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Members are now welcome back to The Sandcastle in accordance with the governmental guidelines. This limited opening is Phase 1 of a three-phased approach. Prior to reopening, KICA engaged health experts from the Medical University of South Carolina’s (MUSC) re|IGNITE team to evaluate association facilities. The MUSC team provided KICA with recommendations for a phased reopening in alignment with the CDC, DHEC and accelerateSC plans. While Phase 1 is the most restrictive, it is critical for moving forward with amenities access. We ask for your patience and understanding as we create a safe but welcoming environment for you.

General Sandcastle Information

The Sandcastle is a second home for many of our members and we are taking every precaution to ensure the well-being of our members and staff. The Sandcastle has been deep-cleaned and sanitized. Multiple sanitation cleanings take place daily to ensure safe and comfortable environments. Hand sanitizer is located throughout the building, and is clearly marked. Staff members providing services to members are utilizing face masks and/or social distancing, and KICA’s safety coordinator is temporarily stationed at The Sandcastle to oversee the precautions that have been put into place. Members are not required to wear masks, but masks can protect against COVID-19, and help prevent the spread. Although these health precautions have been implemented, members entering The Sandcastle must assume the responsibility for their own health, and must abide by social distancing guidelines to protect others.

The amenities in Phase 1 of The Sandcastle’s reopening include the pools, the Castle Grille and the Sandbar. Use of the pools requires advanced reservations. The Castle Grille is offering take-out only options to pool guests, with the option of online ordering and payment. The Sandbar allows walk-up ordering with no seating at the bar.

No members will be permitted to use The Sandcastle without a reservation. In Phase 1, member guests are not permitted, fitness classes and the strength and cardio room are closed, no events or group meetings are taking place, and the upstairs lounge, meeting rooms and veranda are closed. All members must check-in at the lobby. Pool gates are locked, and therefore there is no access to the beach at Boardwalk 8A. Boardwalk 8B, to the left of The Sandcastle from the parking lot, can be used to access the beach. The Sandcastle will not be able to accomodate beachgoers seeking to use the facility's restrooms.

Phase 1: Available Amenities & Services

The Sandcastle pools are open in Phase 1 with modified procedures. Advanced reservations are required for use. There are pool sessions daily, with lounge chair and common surface cleaning preceding each session.


7-8 a.m. Lap Swim - Family Pool
8-9 a.m. Lap Swim - Family Pool
9-11 a.m. Open Swim - Family and Adult Pools
11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Open Swim - Family and Adult Pools
3-6 p.m. Open Swim - Family and Adult Pools

Reservations may be made up to 48 hours in advance. Only one reservation per household may be made per day. Reservations may be made for up to 6 household members.

In accordance with DHEC guidelines, the Family Pool has an occupancy limit of 85 members and the Oceanfront Pool has an occupancy limit of 35 members. Reservations may be made online at Instructions on how to use the reservation platform are also available there.

Check-in for the pool takes place in The Sandcastle lobby. There is no access to the pools or beach through the pool gates. When you check in, you will need to provide the names of each household member in your reservation and a staff member will confirm your time slot without contact. Lounge chairs are appropriately spaced to allow for social distancing and are sanitized between pool sessions. Pool toys and floats are prohibited to maintain a sanitary environment. No glass is permitted in the pool area. When using the pool, please maintain a respectful distance of at least six feet between other community members.

The restrooms at the family and oceanfront pools are open for the use of members at each pool. Restrooms are cleaned and sanitized before each reservation session.

The Castle Grille is open, offering a limited to-go menu from 12-5 p.m. Orders and payment may be made online — visit for the link. Orders may also be placed at the service window. Only credit card payments will be accepted. The Sandbar at the oceanfront adult pool is open for walk-up drink service from 12-6 p.m. Credit card payments will be accepted and there will be no bar seating at this time. Charge-on-account is not available. If you’re not at the pool, you can place a to go order and pick up at the pool entry gate.

Limited member services are offered at The Sandcastle during Phase 1. Members are encouraged to email for more information.

Phase 1: Unavailable Amenities & Services

Based on the MUSC health experts’ recommendations, the strength and cardio fitness room is closed in Phase 1 due to the confined space. No fitness classes are being offered. Online workouts with Sandcastle instructors are available here.

The Sandcastle is closed to club meetings, group activities and private events in Phase 1. The upstairs meeting rooms and restrooms are closed.

The Sandcastle’s upstairs lounge area and outside veranda are closed in Phase 1.

Due to sanitation concerns, the outdoor playground in the pool area is closed in Phase 1.

We are thrilled to be able to welcome you back to The Sandcastle, even on this limited basis, and ask for your patience as we all navigate this unprecedented situation. Phase 1 is a learning phase and changes may occur as we find out what works. We’ll communicate any changes, including our plans for moving into phases 2 and 3, in our weekly email newsletters.


May Digest Available Now

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For decades, KICA has produced the monthly Digest newsletter to share community news and stories. In 2011, the association began publishing Digest online in addition to the print edition to accommodate the growing segment of those who preferred to get their news online. Today, 93% of members get their association news from KICA’s weekly emails, and 60% also use KICA’s website, where Digest is available online.

Due to printing and mailing costs, the print edition of Digest is KICA’s most expensive communication method by far. In March, when the coronavirus pushed all of us to realign priorities and define a new path forward, the print Digest was identified as a smart way to cut costs without eliminating an essential service.

Going forward, you’ll find Digest newsletters on KICA’s website and we’ll also share articles through association emails. If you’re feeling nostalgic, Digest newsletters can be downloaded from the website and printed at home. The final mailed print edition of Digest was the April newsletter.

May's digital issue features a letter from, as well as an interview with, board chair Diana Mezzanotte, a look at the sea turtles that visit the island each year, and an exploration of some of the island's early inhabitants, the Vanderhorsts.  You can also get some recommended reading from the Sandcastle Book Club, a look at Kiawah's first quarter real estate trends and more.

Read now.


Alligator Safety is a Community Effort

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Last week, Kiawah experienced a tragedy when a woman lost her life after approaching a mature alligator. Concerned community members immediately reached out to ask how we make sure this does not happen again. The answer lies in sharing information about alligator behavior and our island's alligator management practices, and engaging the participation of every community member and entity to foster a safe environment.

Our community was intentionally developed to integrate closely with the island's natural abundance. Here we coexist with our island's wildlife, including alligators. This proximity to alligators requires vigilant awareness, respect and caution.

The most effective actions to prevent an alligator encounter include:


Alligators are naturally fearful of humans, and will not likely approach. Most commonly, alligators are approached by humans because of their novelty - to see them closer or to take a picture. This is incredibly dangerous. Even more risky behaviors, that are also illegal, include feeding, baiting, taunting or harassing an alligator. These crimes are punishable by fines or jail time, and if witnessed, should be reported to KICA Security at 843-768-5566. Our community must adopt an attitude of respect toward alligators, including discouraging and reporting dangerous human behavior.


If you are concerned that an alligator has lost its fear of humans, report it immediately. (Call the town at 843-768-9166 during business hours, or KICA security after-hours at 843-768-5566.) An island biologist with alligator behavior expertise will evaluate the alligator. If the alligator approaches and shows no fear of people, it will be euthanized. The safety of our community members is the highest priority.

Along with individual actions, the alligator population is carefully managed in a collaborative effort by the community association and the town. After last week's tragedy, concerned community members have questioned if there are too many alligators and have shared ideas like eliminating some or all of our alligators.

In 2019, the town formed a committee of community members and alligator experts to audit Kiawah's alligator management practices. In February 2020, the committee recommended increased alligator safety and educational communications, but had no changes to the island's management protocol. The committee confirmed that Kiawah's alligator population is healthy and self-regulates, and any culling could disturb this balance and increase alligator issues.

While KICA and rental agents already actively share information about alligators with guests and visitors, all community members must do their part to ensure their own guests and family members are acting safely. Community members are also asked to continue to report concerning human or alligator behaviors. In the coming months we will provide you with more information and resources to support safe living on our island.


Flood Mitigation Vote Result

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We are pleased to announce that an overwhelming 82% of voters cast their ballot in support of the special assessment required for infrastructure improvements that will mitigate Kiawah’s commonly recurring flooding issues. The vote passed with the participation of 59% of community members. Alleviating hazardous flooding and maintaining passable roads in many heavy rainfall scenarios is an exciting step forward for our barrier island.

It is heartwarming to see the community support this effort with such unity. In these difficult times, the community came together for the common good. We had close to 200 people participate in flood mitigation discussion meetings, either online or in person (before lockdown). Many of you also submitted your questions to the association so that you could make an informed choice. We appreciate the time and effort made by each of you to research, question and participate in the vote to select a path forward for our community.

KICA has received the appropriate permits to begin work on Project Two, the new outfall at Pond 30, and Project Six, where an inlet will be dredged near Trumpet Creeper Lane. Project Two will have the greatest overall impact, mitigating many hazardous flooding issues that occur in central Kiawah. According to current construction timelines, this project will be complete by the end of the year. All projects are scheduled for completion by the end of 2022. The association will provide updates to the community throughout the project timeline, and the effectiveness of the infrastructure solutions will be evaluated and reported.

The first special assessment will be billed on June 1 and due July 1. Members will have the option to pay the single-year amount of $65 per unimproved property or $130 per improved property, or the full 5-year total special assessment.

We want to thank the community members who were part of the task force. Barry Abrams, Rajan Govindan and Chris Widuch all participated in our planning meetings and made valuable contributions to the final plan. We also had tremendous staff support. Shannon White, Jane Ovenden, Will Connor, Lucas Hernandez and Leah Burris spent countless hours working through the details to analyze the issues, make recommendations and communicate the final plan. Our outside engineering firm, Stantec, made themselves available whenever needed and provided excellent technical support. None of this progress would be possible without the initial planning and continued support of the KICA board members.

Finally, we want to thank our island partners who provided insights and support to our efforts. The Town of Kiawah Island, the Kiawah Conservancy and Kiawah Partners all came together for the benefit of the community. We all have a role to play in the health and stability of our island. Each entity contributed to the final outcome, and are committed to moving forward together to create an adaptive water management strategy for Kiawah.

Again, we are grateful for the support of everyone involved in this project and we hope it is a model for how significant decisions are made in the future.

Water Management Task Force Chair
KICA Board Treasurer


Attend Today's Virtual KICA Board Meeting

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KICA members are invited to attend and share comments with the board at today's meeting at 1 p.m.

View the agenda and attend online.


Alligator Incident Results in Fatality

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KICA regrets to inform the community that just before 5 p.m. today, Charleston County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) deputies responded to a report of an alligator encounter with an adult female in the area of Salt Cedar Lane. The incident resulted in the female's fatality. CCSO deputies, the SC Department of Natural Resources, and the Charleston County Coroner's Office responded to the event. The alligator was retrieved and terminated. This incident is still under investigation, and any additional information will be communicated to the community.


A Letter from the Board Chair

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Dear Kiawah Property Owners,

We are in uncertain times as the country faces medical and financial upheavals that are unprecedented. KICA will not be immune from those uncertainties and will likely face:

- Lower transfer fees on real estate sales (this represents 1/3 of our Major Repair and Replacements budget)

- Lower commercial gate access fees

- Lost ballroom rentals, shuttle fees, other user fees and interest income

Utilizing assumptions based on the 2008 downturn, staff estimated the overall loss for 2020 could exceed $1 million. Because of the uncertainties and possible significant losses, in March, the board directed staff to develop a contingency plan to reduce the overall operating budget by ten percent. Since KICA is primarily a service business, its largest expense is payroll. Thus, cutting payroll is the only meaningful way to reduce expenses over the long term. Most other expenditures can’t be eliminated, only possibly deferred. For example, a road or drain that needs to be repaired will not go away. At best, the expense can just be put off to a later date.

While waiting for the ten percent contingency plan, we put in place a hiring freeze and furloughed workers who couldn’t work from home or perform their responsibilities in line with physical distancing requirements. However, other personnel who work in security, landscaping, maintenance, finance and administration are essential and remain at work.

You should also know that KICA’s reserve funds are dedicated funds that primarily support the maintenance of infrastructure on the island (major repairs and replacements). We annually bring in an outside expert to assess the spending requirements of maintaining our existing assets. In other words, these funds are not used for ordinary operating expenses and any spending from those reserves will have to be repaid in the future. In essence, taking from the reserves is simply not addressing the problem and just passes the problem to future boards.

Against that background, and in order to keep all options available in this unsettling time, we asked staff to apply for a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) if they believed that KICA fit the PPP criteria. KICA’s PPP application for $1 million was submitted on April 4. It was approved, and on April 17, KICA received the funds. The Finance Committee met on April 22 and asked that a communication to the members be drafted to explain the economic consequences of the pandemic on KICA’s budget. That communication was posted on KICA’s website on April 23 in anticipation that it would also be sent by email to all property owners.

However, that same day, the Small Business Administration issued new PPP loan guidance and it became clear that the proceeds of the PPP loan program had been exhausted, depriving many of the small businesses that needed it most. As a result, the board decided to hold a special meeting on May 1 to evaluate whether KICA should keep the money under the ever-changing circumstances and new guidance. By mistake, the April 23 letter was not removed from our website for another four days. During that time the letter was brought to the attention of the Post and Courier.

Last Tuesday, the Post and Courier sent an inquiry to KICA, and we sent the following written response: “The Kiawah Island Community Association has taken a number of steps to address the economic uncertainty associated with COVID-19, including applying for the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Loan, which was funded in mid-April. Our board is in the process of assessing our funding needs moving forward.” The story does not include this statement and, as published, erroneously suggests we had made a decision to keep the funds.

In hindsight, we should have communicated to you earlier. We made a mistake in thinking we had time to discuss this on May 1 and then share our decision with the community at our public May 4 board meeting. We sincerely apologize. We also regret the negative attention this has brought to Kiawah Island.

It is important to remember that Kiawah Island is a more diverse economic community than is publicly presented. We have approximately 1,300 owners who rely on rental income and we have many residents who have suffered either employment or other financial losses. However, as a community we will survive without the Payroll Protection Loan. Therefore, today the board voted to return the loan because we understand that our sacrifices will be significantly less than small business owners who are struggling to survive. As we move through 2020 and into 2021, we will make every effort to minimize costs without affecting services. However, depending on the course of future events, some services may need to be reduced and/or additional assessments considered.

We will be sure to communicate as we progress through this financial uncertainty.


Diana Mezzanotte
KICA Chair


April Digest Available Now

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Like so many of you, KICA and other island entities are rapidly adapting due to the serious threat of coronavirus. Operational adjustments have been made daily over the past couple of weeks. In the April issue of Digest, we share a brief look at what the association and other island entities are doing.

Learn about the water management vote that opens, Wednesday, April 1 and how your community association is making responsible financial decisions.

You can also read about a fascinating annual visitor to Kiawah Island -- the Red Knot. These birds are on the island each year from March to May.

Find this and more in the April issue of Kiawah Island Digest.


Flood Mitigation Effort and Member Vote

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KICA has proposed new infrastructure that will significantly reduce flooding on Kiawah Island, and we are seeking your support.

Voting is LIVE from April 1 through May 1 at 5 p.m.

Learn more at Vote at



Get Your Sandcastle Workout Virtually

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It's a stressful time and we know nothing combats stress better than a good workout. Now, you can workout with Sandcastle fitness instructors from the comfort of home, at a time that is most convenient for you.


NEW! Tai Chi
NEW! Core Fusion
Sandcastle Cardio Mix
Sandcastle Core Mix
Gentle Yoga
Dance Fitness
Barre Sculpt
HI Tempo
Tone & Tighten
Weekend Workout

Try one today and maintain your fitness routine virtually!


March Digest: Entities Create a More Resilient Community

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Island entities are working together to tackle water management from multiple fronts. In the March issue of Digest, learn how KICA and others are working to create a more resilient community.

Get a look at what to expect at KICA's upcoming Annual Meeting and in KICA's new gate access portal. Check out the event calendar for community events, such as the 20th annual Art and House Tour, and Dining for Donations at FortyEight Wine Bar and Kitchen.

Read the March issue of Digest.


KICA Launches Member Portal for Guest Gate Access Management

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The Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) is pleased to announce a new online service portal to quickly and easily manage gate access for your guests. This service is available online at or through the ABDI GateAccess app. Within the portal, you can enter your Kiawah Island guest gate access requests, view and manage submitted requests and email your guest a voucher that will expedite their arrival experience.

This is just another convenient option for submitting your gate access requests, but you are still welcome to call or email Security (843-768-5566 or with your access requests.

To enhance island security, KICA is also initiating a verbal code for gate pass requests by phone, which will be required beginning in May.

Account information has been provided to members by email. For questions or assistance with the member portal, contact Member Services at 843-768-9194 or


Multi-Year Pond Edge Pruning Project Underway

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KICA’s Lakes Management team is conducting multi-year pond-edge pruning project to support the health of our island's pond system.

Our scenic ponds provide vital habitat for wildlife, but also serve another critical function; Kiawah's 122 ponds are interconnected, operating as the master drainage system for the island.

Stormwater runoff enters into the ponds through the curb and road drains. The tide flows in and out of the pond system through twelve outfall structures that connect to the Kiawah River and inlet creeks. This free-flowing movement of water through the drainage system allows for the water to be properly oxygenated, it discourages the growth of harmful algae and encourages the establishment of beneficial bacteria communities.

By pruning overgrown vegetation that blocks sunlight and expels debris into the pond, pond health and water quality can be improved and drainage impediments prevented.

This project began in 2019 along edges in ponds #24, 27, 29, 30 between West Beach and Night Heron Park, and is again underway for 2020. This year, KICA plans to prune edges around ponds #8, 2, 18, 19, 23, 36 in the West and East Beach areas.


KICA Board Election Results

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The association welcomes Jerry McGee and Brad McIlvain to the board of directors.

Official Election Results

JERRY McGEE: 20.47%
TOM BAKER: 18.16%
WRITE-IN: 0.39%
ABSTAIN: 20.87%

62.5% of the community participated in the 2020 Election. The quorum requirement was met on the final day of the election, when the vote exceeded 51% participation. Jerry McGee and Brad McIlvain were elected to fill the two board seats. The newly elected directors will officially begin their three-year term on March 13, 2020 at the association's annual meeting. Next week Jerry and Brad will prepare for their service by participating in an orientation and board planning session.

KICA would like to thank all three candidates for offering their service to this special community.

Ban and Cathy

"Board chair Ben Cheatham and director Cathy Pumphrey will fulfill their service term on March 13, 2020. Ben has led the board as chairman since 2018 and oversaw the successful renovation of The Sandcastle. Cathy served as the 2018 Nominating Committee chair and has been truly committed to hearing each community member's perspective. Ben and Cathy have been invaluable contributors to the community and board. On behalf of the community, we thank Ben and Cathy for their outstanding and selfless service." - Jimmy Bailey, Chief Operating Officer


February Digest - A look at LSVs and more

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Low speed vehicles (LSVs) have been a frequent topic of conversation since they started appearing on the island a few years ago. Under KICA regulations, LSVs, which look similar to golf carts but are licensed for road use by the SC Department of Motor Vehicles, were permitted on the island’s roads. In 2018, with increased rental LSV usage on the island, members expressed their frustrations to the KICA Board of Directors, including concerns about operators not following traffic laws and traffic backups on the parkway in the wake of an LSV. Read the full article on low speed vehicles in February's Digest.
This issue also takes a look at the KICA Finance Committee and KICA's refreshed branding. Check out the event calendar for community events, such as Conservation Matters, and a look at the Our World series.
Read the February issue of Digest now.


Looking Back - 2019 at a Glance

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At the Jan. 6 board meeting, KICA Chief Operating Officer Jimmy Bailey highlighted many of the association's 2019 projects, initiatives and accomplishments, as well as a few exciting Kiawah Island happenings.

  • Kiawah cares raised $105k in humanitarian aid for Johns and Wadmalaw islands
  • KICA introduced new fitness classes at Sandcastle
  • Sanctuary earned the AAA Five Diamond Award and Forbes Travel Guide 5 star rating for the 11th straight season
  • Kiawah named a top ten beach in the world and 2nd best island in the country by travel magazines
  • Board passed a conveyance policy
  • Elected two new directors, the Dave Morley and David DeStefano
  • Another very successful Celebrate Kiawah member event
  • Our financials received an excellent audit – special kudos to our finance team as the outside auditors did not require a single journal entry
  • British Airways launched a Charleston to London flight
  • Sandcastle hosted a successful season of Thursday night dinners by Cru
  • April 26th – earliest turtle nest ever recorded on Kiawah and marked the start of an unbelievably active turtle nesting season with over 500 nests
  • Infrastructure Projects
    • Replaced the bass pond fishing dock
    • Over $1 million in drainage repair and replacement
    • Launched pond edge pruning process
    • Eagle Point Bridge – major repairs
    • Envirolok bank stabilization project in the Inlet Cove channel, our biggest drainage outfall
    • Rebuilt 3 boardwalks
    • Leisure trail resurfacing
    • Street sign replacement – multi-year project - one year to go
    • Installed fish cleaning station at Rhett’s Bluff
  • Saw the retirement of our long time Land and Lakes Director, Dave Achey after 28 years and the hiring of his replacement Doug Walter, who joined us from Pinehurst
  • We also said goodbye to Board Treasurer Mike Feldmann, who had to resign from the board when he sold his Kiawah property.  After it became apparent that Mike would not have a replacement property as soon as originally thought, the board appointed Diana Mezzanotte to serve out the reminder of his term
  • Two former Mayors passed away – Bo Turner, the island’s first Mayor, and Bill Wert, who also served as KICA Chair
  • Security spent the year getting their new access system installed – it’s live now and the member portal and app should debut very soon
  • Hired our first ever resilience specialist, Lucas Hernandez and formed the water management task force to develop options for flood mitigation.  I’d like to thank our volunteer committee members who’ve lent their assistance to that effort which we’ll soon share with the community
    • Lucas also developed a tool for members to report flood issues to be incorporated into his water management modeling of the island – with every report of flooding in a specific location, the model gets smarter and better.  That’s pretty important when you consider the fact that we’ve seen abnormally high tides increase from 9.3 events per year in the 1980’s to 42 events per years in the 2010’s (with 89 last year) - data that was just released by National Weather Service Charleston. Lucas is also working with the town to get a new tide station installed in the Kiawah River, to ensure the data we’re collecting is accurate
  • Conducted a community engagement process with three town hall meetings followed by a survey on strategic direction and operational strengths and weaknesses.  More than 2000 members participated. We learned that there is high satisfaction across most areas, though some room for improvement in rules enforcement. That sentiment seemed to be reinforced during the town’s debate on short term rentals, and we look forward to working with them toward improvement in that regard.
  • While our communications received extremely high marks in the survey, our team audited our various platforms, as well as our visual identity with the goal of making our content more readable and recognizable.
  • Members gave very generously to an employee fund to provide a thank you and financial boost to our non-management level employees
  • Another fall, another evacuation order and hurricane.  Dorian came in September, which marked the 5th straight year Kiawah has dealt with some form of natural disaster.  As always, our team performed magnificently in getting the island back in order quickly.




Safety Concerns, Enforcement Issues Earn LSVs a Ban on Kiawah

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Low speed vehicles (LSVs) have been a frequent topic of conversation since they started appearing on the island a few years ago. Under current KICA regulations, LSVs, which look similar to golf carts but are licensed for road use by the SC Department of Motor Vehicles, were permitted on the island’s roads. In 2018, with increased rental LSV usage on the island, members expressed their frustrations to the KICA Board of Directors, including concerns about operators not following traffic laws and traffic backups on the parkway in the wake of an LSV. In early 2019, the board of directors responded to member concerns, enacting a test program to monitor LSVs and evaluate their impact.

Tony Elder, KICA director of Security, worked with rental company LightningBugz to implement the LSV rental test program. The program controlled the number of rented LSVs that were allowed on the island at any one time and allowed KICA Security to track the GPS of a rented LSV. The board encouraged members to report problems to KICA Security.  After approximately eight months, the program ended in December with 28 communications from members in opposition to LSVs, most of which highlighted safety concerns, and two in support of LSVs. Additional complaints about the operation of specific LSVs were fielded by KICA security during 2019.

While the comments received from members were largely against the use of LSVs on the island, it wasn’t a cut and dry decision by the board. (To hear each director’s perspective on the issue, view the Jan. 6 board meeting at After reviewing the results of the pilot program and evaluating the options, the KICA Board of Directors voted 4-2 to ban LSVs on Kiawah Island, on all KICA roads (inside the main gate). The rule took effect on January 6, 2020 and LSVs are no longer permitted on the island’s roads.

Vice-chair Sue Schaffer struggled with her position, but ultimately pointed to several reasons she voted in favor of the ban. KICA’s mission is to provide services that meet the needs of homeowners; the study overwhelmingly showed that these vehicles were being used “almost, if not exclusively, by renters, not by homeowners.” Sue also expressed concern over the amount of staff time used to attempt to track down vehicles that, for the most part, could not be located after a violation was reported. The lack of ability to enforce laws solidified the idea that “we do have a safety issue.”

KICA is currently aware of only four LSVs owned by members. The board granted a limited exception to the ban for those members who had purchased their LSVs prior to the January 6, 2020 board meeting. LSVs that meet all of the following conditions will be allowed to continue to operate:

  • The LSV was purchased prior to Jan. 6, 2020 when the ban was put in place,
  • The LSV is registered with the SC Department of Motor Vehicles,
  • The LSV is operated by the owner or their immediate family only,
    The operator of the LSV complies with all SC traffic laws and town ordinances, and
  • The LSV is registered with KICA as a vehicle, with a bar code &/or owner’s pass visible.

LSVs that are grandfathered in will not be eligible for replacement or to be transferred with property sale. If you own an LSV that does not have a KICA barcode, you must register your LSV by Friday, Feb. 28, 2020 in order to continue to operate it on the island. Simply complete the barcode application at to get the registration process started or contact KICA Member Services at 843-768-9194 with questions.


KICA Introduces a New Visual Identity

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The community association is refreshing the visual identity of the organization to more accurately reflect the look and feel of our Kiawah community. Our visual communications ultimately reflect on perceptions of the island as a whole, and therefore your property’s value, so we are doing our part to uphold the Kiawah brand. In the coming months you’ll see us roll out the new designs, with intentional improvements to functionality, in emails, a new website and an adaptation of our Digest newsletter. 


For three decades, the association’s visual identity remained unchanged. In 2019, KICA underwent a brand audit to reflect on how accurately our identity represented the organization today, how our identity relates with other Kiawah entities and how well KICA is supporting the overall brand of Kiawah Island.


Like KICA, all of the Kiawah organizations have grown and evolved over the last several decades. There are many Kiawah Island entities, and many of these entities utilize the signature Kiawah Island script font within their logo and the logos of their sub-brands (like events and groups). Within this sea of Kiawah Island script logos, we found that KICA lacks distinction. Many community members struggle with understanding the different roles of the various entities, and we determined that a departure from the signature Kiawah Island script logo could assist in clarifying the association’s role. The signature Kiawah Island script logo is strongly associated with the island’s brand identity, so although KICA will depart from the script font, KICA will continue to reference the Kiawah Island logo as our parent brand. The Kiawah script logo represents all of Kiawah, and KICA is a member of the Kiawah Island brand family. 


KICA’s new logo features a shorebird graphic mark. The shorebird was chosen to draw community members home to Kiawah’s natural landscape and the island’s most prominent identifier, the beach. Shorebirds are part of what makes Kiawah special and they travel with their flock, or their community. This shorebird most closely resembles an oyster catcher, but may also remind you of a sandpiper or willet, birds commonly seen on Kiawah.

KICA’s logotype most prominently features the word “community,” in a welcoming custom typeface. The association exists to serve the community, so the hierarchy of words was intentional. The font of “community” reflects the fluid movement of the original Kiawah Island script, to maintain a visual reference to our parent brand.



Colors convey feelings and associations, so KICA created an inviting palette to remind your of your Kiawah home. Deep Flora and Dewy Fairway are KICA’s most prominent colors. The dark green of Deep Flora cites Kiawah’s dense lush vegetation and the sea green sage of Dewy Fairway mirrors the color of a dew-covered golf course and also the Atlantic at sunset. Dawn Sky, Boardwalk, Brilliant Cloud and Golden Spartina are KICA’s secondary accent colors. Kiawah’s clear blue skies, represented by Dawn Sky, will provide balance to the earthy greens. The sandy grey of boardwalk and bright white of Brilliant Cloud will provide a neutral base for the palette’s colors to mingle. Finally, Golden Spartina reflects the rich orange of winter marsh grass and you’ll see this color being used in design to draw attention.



Within a single photograph, an entire story can be told without a word. Photographs are strong communicators, so KICA has adopted a mindful approach to photography to ensure the organization is representing our community and island accurately. You’ll see beautiful landscapes to remind you of your incredible home and we’ll be sure to capture and share the wonderful moments of community gatherings and island enjoyment.

It is imperative that KICA communicates to our members accurately through the visual elements we share and that we do our part to thoughtfully uphold and enhance the Kiawah brand as a whole. Over the next several months, you'll begin to see KICA's updated, strengthened and expanded visual identity introduced throughout the organization and within all of KICA's communications.


Director Election Voting Issue Explained

Posted In Community

Dear KICA Member,

The Kiawah Island Community Association launched voting for the 2020 Board of Directors Election on Friday, Dec. 27. Community members were emailed (or mailed if requested) their ballot information, which included the number of votes allocated for their property, and for some members this number may have been incorrect.

Before the vote allocation issue was discovered, 240 members voted in the election. 219 members successfully cast their ballot with the correct allocation of votes for their property. Their votes are valid and no action is needed. 21 members cast their ballot with an incorrect allocation of votes. The 21 ballots with incorrect vote allocations are invalid and have been removed. Each of these members will be contacted individually, provided with correct voting information and encouraged to recast their ballot.

The association has now verified the correct allocation of votes for all voting members. Going forward, for anyone who votes online at, your correct number of allocated votes will automatically populate.

Additionally, for those who have not yet voted, a voting reminder will be sent today by email from our ballot processing partner,, (or mailed if your ballot information had originally been mailed), so that you can view your correctly allocated number of votes before casting your ballot. Further, sends a confirmation email after your vote is cast, and it contains a link that permits you to view your completed ballot at any time.

We deeply regret this error and apologize for any inconvenience.

A second unrelated voting issue occurred in the first hour of voting on Friday, Dec. 27. Our balloting service provider shared the following explanation and apology: “At the opening of the KICA vote, the early voters (15 in total) may have encountered errors on the names listed in the ballot preview or ballot confirmation page. This issue has been resolved and we apologize for this error that may have caused some confusion for the voters. The actual ballots were not impacted and were successfully submitted."

This election started with some difficulties, but we are confident in the integrity of your voting information and the election.

Please take some time to learn about your candidates or attend Meet the Candidates on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020 at 4 p.m. at The Sandcastle, and then cast your ballot to elect board members who you believe will best represent your interests and protect your Kiawah investment. You have until Jan. 30, 2020 at 5 p.m. to cast your ballot.


The Kiawah Island Community Association



Timeline and Resolution of Balloting Issue

DEC. 30, 2019

5:15 p.m.

- 240 members had cast their ballots.
- While reviewing a member question about voting, it is determined that there’s a potential problem with the allocation of votes.
- KICA Staff begins the process of verifying vote allocations on all 3,846 ballots.
- Staff also instructs its voting partner, to suspend online voting until the problem is resolved.

7:28 p.m.

- shuts down voting

DEC. 31, 2019

6:30 a.m.

- KICA staff resumes ballot by ballot review of vote allocations
- KICA determined that 21 ballots already cast had an incorrect number of votes assigned to them. The other 219 had the correct allocation.¹
- As a secondary control measure, staff cross checked the database information (property type) to the spreadsheet, to make sure there weren’t errors in the database relative to property type, and none were discovered.

¹The number of votes assigned to each ballot is a manual process (see detailed explanation below²) as KICA’s current database does not provide a way to store each property’s vote total and export directly to the third-party vote processor. Instead, the voters and their property type are exported to a spreadsheet, with appropriate vote totals added manually by association staff. This process is subject to human error, and while KICA deeply regrets that error occurred, we accept responsibility for it and are glad it was caught early.

10 a.m.

- Review of all ballots completed
- Staff develops action plan for resumption of voting:

- Notify Board of Directors of issue and action plan
- Instruct to take a snap shot of all 240 votes cast at the time the error was discovered, in order to maintain an audit trail
- Instruct to take a snap shot specifically of the 21 ballots cast with incorrect numbers of votes
- Instruct to void and remove the 21 incorrect ballots
- Instruct to remove registration codes for the 64 members with mailed paper ballots and reassign codes to prevent the improper counting of paper ballots
- Provide with a revised and verified balloting spreadsheet
- Re-open system to voting

2:56 p.m.

- All corrected data sent to

8:12 p.m.

- reopens online voting

JAN. 1, 2020

- KICA and offices closed

JAN. 2, 2020

- Inform candidates and community of issue and resolution
- to send voting reminder emails to all members who have not voted
- 21 voters with incorrect and voided ballots to be contacted with new voting codes
- New ballots mailed to the 64 members who had requested mailed voting information

Ballot Preparation Process

²Explanation of process for preparing ballot information to be transmitted to third party voting partner (whether or other):


1. Receive excel file of full database from Abacus (KICA member database). Queries run to separate member types (Type A, Acreage, and Commercial) as voting allocations are different for each.

2. Save files as originals and create copies to work from.

3. The database files only identify the property types, so votes have to be manually assigned based on property type.

4. Identify all owners with multiple properties, and customize ballots for each based on their number of properties owned, property types, etc. Copy and save these unique voters to a new spreadsheet. At the same time a "final" spreadsheet is made with a copy and paste of the single owner “type A” properties (both single property and multiple property owners).

5. Similar steps for acreage and commercial properties.

6. The "final" ballot data spreadsheets are sent to

7. assigns registration codes to each unique client ID (type A and commercial) and sends the sheet back to KICA to be used in merging the member information into the email sent to each member.

From what we can tell something happened in the merge of the Type A single property owners and the Type A multiple property owners data to cause the sort in the vote allocation column to be off. No other data across columns were out of sync. This caused a complete randomness in the data fields affected. This is a cumbersome process. KICA is in the process of converting to a new, more robust member database, which we anticipate will automate most or all of the ballot data.


Pay Your Annual Assessment Online

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Your 2020 annual assessment payment is due on Jan. 31, 2020.  To make a payment, click here.


Vote in the 2020 Board of Directors Election

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Cast your Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) ballot by Jan. 30, 2020 at 5 p.m. to elect two new board members and assign your proxy to the board secretary to help KICA reach quorum for the Annual Meeting.

All members who complete their ballot will be automatically entered to win a $500 annual assessment refund.


Dec. 27, 2019 - Jan. 30, 2020 at 5 p.m.

Voting information was provided by email on Friday, Dec. 27, unless previously requested by mail. If you had unsubscribed from KICA emails in the past, your voting information will be resent by email from our third-party balloting service, by Dec. 31.

Election Info



New Year, New Focus in January's Digest

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"It’s hard to believe it’s 2020 already. I hope all of you enjoyed a relaxing holiday season with your families, whether on Kiawah or elsewhere. It’s certainly hard to leave behind the festivities and beauty of the holidays but the association is hitting the ground running.
The start of each new year is always a time of excitement, as we get started on projects with renewed focus and clear vision."
-KICA COO Jimmy Bailey
Read Jimmy's full message for the new year.
This issue also contains candidate biographies for each of the three candidates for the KICA Board of Directors, a look at January's events and Digest's very first seasonal book recommendation.


Nominating Committee Makes Board Candidate Recommendations

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“85% of KICA property owners are not full-time residents. The Nominating Committee’s recommendations are crucial for people who haven’t had the chance to meet the candidates or aren’t clear on what issues the community will be facing in the next few years.” - Nominating Committee Chair Sue Schaffer

The Nominating Committee is an advisory committee to the KICA Board of Directors. The committee is comprised of members of the community, staff and board members. The committee has two objectives: to identify and recruit candidates to serve on KICA’s board or committees, and to interview and recommend candidates.

KICA received five applications for board service by the Oct. 4 deadline. Brad McIlvain chose not to participate in the Nominating Committee review and two applicants withdrew for this year, including previously announced Philip Mancusi-Ungaro.

The Nominating Committee members highly recommend

Tom Baker and Jerry McGee

for the two board seats.

According to their applications and interviews, the two recommended candidates offer demographic diversity, as well as different skills and professional expertise from each other and from returning directors. One is a recently retired top-level executive at a large advertising agency who has strong technology and communications skills and one is still working as head of a high-end hotel and resort company and of a company that manages planned residential communities. One grew up on Kiawah and one has been coming to Kiawah for nearly 20 years and has owned a home here for more than 10. Both currently have homes in regimes (no returning board members are regime residents) and are part-time residents who live nearby in Beaufort and Charleston.


Sue Schaffer, Amy Jenkins, Steve Ronaldo, Thomas Roberts, Gaye Stathis, Eric Robinson

Learn more about the Nominating Committee.


December Digest Features a Look at the Budget

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"We are funding some strategically important things while maintaining a balanced operating budget. I think that’s a positive for the community.”

- Board Treasurer Dave Morley

In this issue of Digest, get an in-depth look at the recently approved 2020 budget. The issue also features an introduction to Kiawah Cares' community wellness campaign, underway now through Dec. 31.

Make time for exciting events in December, including The Sandcastle Tree Lighting and Our World featuring artist Mary Whyte. This program, with a look at Whyte's new veteran-focused project, will fill up quickly!

Read the December issue of Digest today!


Kiawah Island Marathon Info

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A message from the Kiawah Island Golf Resort to KICA Members:

Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon
Saturday, December 14th, 8am

Again this year, we would like to thank the members of our Kiawah Community for taking part in this event. Working hand in hand with Kiawah CERT, Kiawah Conservancy, KICA, the Town of Kiawah and many others, we truly feel the Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon unites the Kiawah community like no other event. In 2018, through this coordinated effort, we were able to donate more than $11,000 to local school groups and charities.

Runners on Roads
The 2019 race courses are the same as 2018, covering the west end of the island (i.e. Greensward, Surf Watch Drive and Eugenia) as well as much of the Ocean Park Area.  Please use caution while driving.

  • Sea Forest Drive and Kiawah Island Parkway (Night Heron Park to Vanderhorst Security Gate) will be closed race day from approximately 7:55am to 8:45am.
  • From 8:05am to approximately 9:30am runners will be on the entire length of Governor’s Drive.  Please avoid Governor’s Drive during this time.
  • The following roads should also be avoided throughout the morning hours (alpha order): Bufflehead Road, Eugenia Ave., Flyway Drive, Glen Abbey, Green Dolphin Way, Greensward, Ocean Course Drive, Ocean Green Drive, Sea Forest Drive, Surfsong Road.

Complete information about the race can be found at or you may call the Heron Park Nature Center at 843.768.6001.

Marathon Holiday Market
Friday, December 13th
10:30am – 6:30pm
Large tent outside East Beach Conference Center

We would also like to invite the Kiawah Community to our annual Marathon Holiday Market.  Featuring 35+ artisans and local craftsmen, this is a great place for holiday shopping while supporting our local small businesses.  Everyone is welcome.  Avoid marathon traffic, visit the Market before 2pm.


2020 Budget Approved by the Board of Directors

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2020 Budget

At the Nov. 4, 2019 board meeting, the directors approved KICA's 2020 Budget.

Chief Operating Officer Jimmy Bailey presented the budget (video) to the board, with the following highlights:

-5% Increase in the General Assessment
-Reserve Expenses Fairly Ordinary
-Personnel Challenges Persist - But Testing New Strategies
-Continued Investment in Technology (Security and Member Service)

Board member and treasurer Dave Morley commented, "We are funding some strategically important things while maintaining a balanced operating budget. I think that’s a positive for the community.”

2020 Annual Assessment

Improved Property

General Assessment: $1,922 (2019: $1830)
Amenity Assessment: $189 (2019: $180)
Reserve Assessment: $325 ( 2019: $325)

Vanderhorst Gate Segment Assessment: $100 (2019: $96)
Preserve/Ocean Park Segment Assessment: $1,302 (2019: $1,240)

Unimproved Property

General Assessment: $961 (2019: $915)
Amenity Assessment: $95 (2019: $90)
Reserve Assessment:  $163 (2019: $163)

Vanderhorst Gate Segment Assessment: $50 (2019: $48)
Preserve/Ocean Park Segment Assessment: $651 (2019: $620)

Operating and Reserve Budgets

KICA operates with two separate budgets, the operating budget and the reserve budget.

The operating budget covers the costs of administration, security and livability, land and lakes maintenance, recreation and amenity operations, and general maintenance. Principally, the operating budget covers expenditures that are routine and predictable. This budget is funded primarily by: the annual assessment paid for by all property owners (more than 80% of funds), commercial access fees (approx. 10% of funds), investment income, the amenity assessment and user fees and other miscellaneous income. The association is committed to a balanced annual operating budget.

The reserve budget covers the cost of major repair to or replacement of existing island infrastructure. The reserve budget takes into account Reserve Study projections, which forecast the lifespan of and maintenance costs for all infrastructure over the next 40 years. It also considers predicted revenues. The reserve budget is funded by five sources: a transfer fee on all real estate transactions (about 40-45% of funds), the annual supplemental reserve assessment (about 40% of funds) paid for by all property owners, commercial access fees (about 15% of funds), investment income and if needed, a transfer from operations income. Each year, reserve budget costs vary due to the planned repair and replacement schedule for all assets, so this budget is designed to fluctuate between deficit and surplus.

What the Budget Funds

The annual budget funds KICA's five basic operations, all of which are crucial to daily life on Kiawah. KICA operates and provides administrative support for:

Security and Livability: Security controls access to the Main Gate and V-Gate, conducts island patrols and oversees commercial access. Livability manages covenant enforcement and contractor oversight.

Recreation and Amenities: Recreation operations include member events, as well as the operation of The Sandcastle, Rhett’s Bluff, Cinder Creek and Eagle Point.

Land and Lakes Maintenance: Land Management handles all landscaping and maintenance on KICA common property. The Lakes team handles water quality management, wildlife management, as well as mosquito abatement.

General Maintenance: This department does minor repairs to common property, such as roads, leisure trails, and boardwalks. General Maintenance includes a mechanic’s shop, which services vehicles and equipment.

Major Repairs and Replacement (MR&R): MR&R staff include civil engineers who plan and manage the repair or replacement of roads, bridges, drainage systems and other island infrastructure.


2020 Board Candidate Announcement

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KICA is pleased to announce the four community members who intend to run for election to fill two seats on the board of directors:

Thomas Baker
Philip Mancusi-Ungaro
Jerry McGee
Brad McIlvain

The vote will take place beginning Dec. 27 through Jan. 30, 2020 and candidate biographies and video interviews will be shared with the community in mid December.

The Meet the Candidates night will take place Jan. 7, 2020 at The Sandcastle.


2019 Community Survey Results

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This past summer, KICA invited community members to take part in KICA's strategic planning for the future by sharing their viewpoint in a community survey. The survey was conducted  by an independent firm, The McNair Group, to assure its confidentiality, and to provide analysis and recommendations to KICA.

View the McNair Group's overview of the 2019 survey results:

2019 Member Survey Results Overview



Nominating Committee Expands Perspectives

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"85% of KICA property owners are not full-time residents. The Nominating Committee’s recommendations are crucial for people who haven’t had the chance to meet the candidates or aren’t clear on what issues the community will be facing in the next few years. The nominating committee process gives committee members better insight into the candidates than voters can glean from a written statement and short video, enabling us to compare and evaluate as objectively as possible."

- Nominating Committee Chair Sue Schaffer

In this issue of Digest, get an in-depth look at the Nominating Committee's work throughout the year. The issue also features an update on the lowspeed vehicle pilot program, and a look at November's many exciting events, including the restorative stretch fitness series, Shaggin' at the Beach to benefit Kiawah Cares, and the Art and Artisan showcase.

Read November Digest


KICA's Comments on the Short Term Rental Ordinance

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The Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) has followed the community discussion regarding the Town of Kiawah Island’s (TOKI) short term rental ordinance. KICA believes that there are two discrete issues associated with this debate that ought to be considered separately:


There’s been very little disagreement on the need for improvement, and KICA's board supports the town’s efforts to enhance enforcement capabilities. KICA has an enforcement role as well, and we look forward to working with TOKI to make meaningful improvements on this front. This is important to quality of life.


Much like the community, KICA’s board is divided on the issue of caps. Given the current lack of data to support either view, the board believes the town should delay a vote on this part of the ordinance until more information is available that supports one view or the other.

Despite differences, all stakeholders want strong property values. Kiawah is a unique community type, and data that helps stakeholders better understand various impacts to property values should help guide future community discussions on this and other issues.


Report Flooding to KICA

Posted In KICA Island Projects, Water Management

KICA is working to understand, anticipate and mitigate flooding on Kiawah. We need your help to confirm and/or increase the accuracy of our knowledge about water movement on the island. If you experience flooding, whether on your property or on a roadway while driving, please report that information to KICA’s resilience specialist, Lucas Hernandez.

The form at allows you to share the date, location and type of flooding you witness, and you can even request to have Lucas visit your property.



Task Forces Focus on Water Management

Posted In KICA Island Projects, Water Management

This year, KICA’s board of directors assertively prioritized flood mitigation planning, establishing two task forces: Water Management and Infrastructure Funding. Together, their goals are to develop solutions for currently vulnerable areas on Kiawah and create long term water monitoring and management plans. The task forces report to the board, and are comprised of KICA community members and staff. Their work stems from action items the town identified in their 2018 Flood Mitigation and Sea Level Rise Adaptation Report.

Underway since the beginning of the year, the Water Management task force started by identifying seven problematic locations on Kiawah and developing plans to enhance drainage in those areas.

The areas are:

• Kiawah Island Parkway near Sora Rail
• Governors Drive near Turtle Point Maintenance
• Governors Drive near Trumpet Creeper Lane
• Kiawah Island Parkway near the V-gate
• Kiawah Island Parkway at Green Dolphin
• Pond 29 to Pond 24 between Surfwatch Drive and Sea Forest Drive
• Sea Marsh Lane

These susceptible areas were shared with the engineering firm Stantec, which came back with proposed infrastructure solutions in July. KICA Resilience Specialist Lucas Hernandez then worked with the task force to add the new infrastructure into a digital model of Kiawah Island, which simulates island water movement. Not only does the model give the task force data on if the water is removed effectively from the area, but it also helps identify where the water will be displaced, and if it creates an excess elsewhere, or leaves the island through the drainage basin.

Through this process, the task force should be able to approach the board with practical responses to flooding, and the board can be confident about investing association resources. The priority list will be decided at the Water Management task force’s upcoming meeting.

With the priority list, the Infrastructure Funding task force will tackle the challenge of determining a funding source for this new infrastructure. Although the association has a reserves fund to maintain infrastructure that was originally conveyed to KICA by developers, there is no funding source for new infrastructure.

Both task forces are working quickly to provide a recommended project and funding solution package to the board in time for the 2020 budget, which is approved at the November board meeting. The goal is for KICA to be able to complete the proposed infrastructure projects within 3-5 years.

According to board treasurer and task force member Dave Morley, these projects are just the first phase of work for the task force. In the second phase, likely launching in 2020, the task force will look at ways to prevent water from entering the island, like in the event of a storm surge. “We started by addressing known problems, will then determine preventative tactics, and will continue by establishing an adaptive strategy for monitoring and assessing the water management plan. We won’t ever eliminate risk, but our goal is mitigation,” remarked Morley. “Our work will provide a platform for Kiawah to monitor and adapt for anticipated rising sea levels, decades before we see any visible impact.”

Dave acknowledges that this work isn’t just about mitigating water events. “By addressing our island’s susceptibilities, we’ll improve the quality of life for our members. We’re also demonstrating that we’re a proactive community, willing to deal with issues head-on, and that can only have a positive impact on property values.”

The work of these task forces will be followed closely and updates will be shared with the community through email, in Digest and at


October Digest - COO Reviews Hurricane Dorian

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"This kind of note seems like an annual occurrence for me now. Each year since 2015, we’ve had a storm event impact the island in some way – a 1000-year flood, hurricanes and tropical storms, and even an unprecedented snowstorm. I’m grateful to report that the island as a whole fared well in Hurricane Dorian. While we had a big mess to clean up, island facilities, infrastructure, and homes were spared significant damage."
Read COO Jimmy Bailey's letter focusing on Hurricane Dorian in the October issue of Digest. The issue also features an introduction to the work of KICA's water management task forces, and a look at October's many exciting events, including the annual favorite Dogtoberfest.
Read the October issue of Digest.


KI Parkway Traffic Delay Notification

Posted In Road & Traffic Alerts

Tuesday, Sept. 17 and Wednesday, Sept. 18

Expect delays or detours while driving on the Kiawah Island Parkway Tuesday and Wednesday due to storm-related tree work. Both inbound and outbound lanes may be impacted between the main gate and the V-gate. KICA Security will be on hand to assist with traffic. Please plan additional travel time on these dates.

Update for Wednesday, Sept. 18:

KICA's tree contractor will stop traffic in both lanes for up to 15 minutes at 8:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m.  and 11:30 a.m. in order to safely remove several large trees. In between closures, only one lane of traffic will be open at a time, so please use caution and plan on delays.


Post Hurricane Dorian Information

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Updates and Reopenings

Thursday, Sept. 12 at 9 a.m.


Cleanup Update

Significant progress has been made on island debris cleanup, however there is much more to do and these efforts will continue through the week.

Please be cautious and limit traffic on roads and leisure trails. You'll see cleanup crews throughout the island and large piles of debris awaiting pickup. We ask for your patience as we work to clear side-streets, boardwalks and trails. For your safety, please do not use trails that have not been cleared. Boardwalks 1-22 are clear.


Berkeley Electric has restored power to all of properties on Kiawah.

Debris Removal

Important Guidelines for Debris Collection

- Place debris piles at the curb – close to the road (not in the road)
- Do not block fire hydrants, cable or electrical boxes.
- Loose debris must be placed in paper bags. Large tree debris that requires the use of a landscape contractor must be removed by the contractor.
- Regimes may also place their debris at the curb – close to the road (not in the road).

Zone 1 Collection Dates – Sept. 13 - 15
Kiawah Island Parkway to V gate, includes all streets in this zone.

Zone 2 Collection Dates – Sept. 16 - 18
V gate to the intersection of Surfsong and Flyway Dr., includes all streets in this zone.

Zone 3 Collection Dates – Sept. 19 - 21
Flyway Dr. and Governors Dr. ending at the intersection of Flyway and Ocean Course Dr., includes all streets within this zone.

Zone 4 Collection Dates – Sept. 22 - 24
The Preserve, Salt Cedar, and all of the finger islands (Summer Island, Cormorant Island, Otter Island, Ocean Course, Ocean Park).

Following the schedule above, there will be an additional collection of all zones until completion. We appreciate your patience as crews work through the island.

Trash and Recycling Collection

For the next two weeks (week of Sept. 9 and Sept. 16) trash collection will be doubled. For property owners that have Monday collection, trash will be collected Monday and Thursday. For those that have Tuesday collection, trash will be collected Tuesday and Friday. If you are unsure about your collection day click here. Recycling will be collected on Wednesday island wide.




Trash Collection - Monday, Sept. 2

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UPDATE: As of Sunday, Sept. 1, an evacuation order has been issued for coastal counties in ZONE A. As as result, trash collection will be suspended after collection on Monday, Sept. 2.

The Town of Kiawah Island has arranged for our solid waste provider to collect trash on Monday, Sept. 2 starting at 6 a.m. despite the holiday.

As a reminder, trash collection takes place on either Monday or Tuesday depending on the street. If you are unsure if your collection day, click here. Trash cans must be out on the street by 6 a.m. to ensure collection. If you have backdoor service, please make sure cans are accessible.

Overflow garbage, recycling, and cardboard can be taken to the large capacity compactors at the Kestrel Court Recycling Center. Containers are material specific and signage is posted to help residents identify what containers to use.


Find a Group That Fits Your Passion in September Digest

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It would be easy to spend all your time on the island walking the beach, biking the leisure trails or visiting area restaurants and never feel like you were missing out. But did you know that Kiawah has a vibrant social scene of member-led groups and clubs, including one or two for every hobby or passion?

Learn about Kiawah's member-led groups and clubs, meet KICA's new director of Land and Lakes, and look back on KICA's former director, who retired in May after nearly 28 years in the September issue of Digest.

NOTE - The mailing of September's issue of Digest was delayed due to postal service closures for Hurricane Dorian.


Triathlon Info for Community Members

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Race Date: Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019
Race Venue: Night Heron Park
Event Time: 7:30am – 12pm
Participants: 420 Athletes
Race Maps and Information Sheet

How to Safely Pass a Cyclist on the Road:
1. Slow Down - Ensure that you have enough time to fully access the road and traffic conditions prior to executing a safe pass. Lower speed also gives you more time to react, should conditions change.
2. Look and Wait for Other Traffic - You’ll need space in the next lane in order to pass, so look for a safe gap in that traffic and wait as required. Some bicyclists will hug the right edge of the road in an effort to stay as far away from other traffic- don’t misinterpret this as an invitation to pass in the same narrow lane.
3. Change Lanes to Pass - Once you have an adequate gap in traffic in the next lane, move completely into that lane. This will give the bicyclist a safe buffer and the room they need to maneuver for maintaining balance and avoiding surface hazards.
4. Do Not Honk at Athletes - If the need does arise to honk your horn to alert a cyclist that you are about pass, do so at a respectable distance. If you are too close, the noise itself can cause a cyclist to lose his or her bearings and create a hazardous situation for both you and the cyclist.

For the majority of the run, runners will be on the bike path. Consequently, we kindly ask folks to avoid traveling on the bike path parallel to the Kiawah Island Parkway (between Night Heron
Park and the V-gate) from 8:55am to 12pm.

Road Closures:
All roads will be open with the exception of Sea Forest Drive at Night Heron Park (after Summer Duck Way and before the three way stop at Mariner’s Watch). This section will be closed until approximately 11:30am.

Deputies and race volunteers will be at all major intersections assisting with traffic control. Please use extreme caution while driving on the island on race morning, giving bikes and runners the right of way.

Contact the Resort:
For further assistance please contact the Night Heron Park Nature Center at 843.768.6001.


King Tide: Aug. 28 - Sept. 1

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We move into a king tide cycle on Wednesday, Aug 28, of this week, which goes thru Sunday, Sept 1.  King tides are occurring in the evening tide cycle.  Our peak predicted tide is on Friday evening, at 9:05 pm, with a 7.48' tide.  However, since Sunday, Charleston Harbor's tides are running approximately 1' above predicted levels.  This gives us the possibility of over 8' tides, on Kiawah Island, during this king tide cycle.  KICA is currently closing all exterior drainage basin gates to stop water from flowing into our stormwater ponds at high tide.  For Kiawah Island, roads have the potential to flood in the usual spots, including the Kiawah Island Parkway & Governors Drive.  For residents along the marsh, tides have the potential to rise to higher levels on their properties.  Care should be exercised driving around the island at high tide during this king tide cycle, particularly at night.


King Tide Produces Potential for Water on Roads This Evening

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The Charleston area is currently in a king tide cycle, which predicts higher than average high tides for a short period of time. Due to high onshore winds with the potential to push water levels higher, the National Weather Service has issued a Coastal Flood Watch for the Charleston area this evening. Kiawah's high tide is at 9:25 p.m., and effects are most likely from 8-11 p.m.

During this time, there is potential for water on island roads, including Kiawah Island Parkway and Governors Drive, in low-lying areas and on properties that front the marsh. Members are urged to use caution on roads and not to drive through any areas of standing water. This is especially important in the evening when visibility may be low.

KICA's Lakes Department prepared for the king tide cycle by closing all pond gates on Monday, July 29 to prevent water from entering the pond system. These gates will remain closed tonight.

KICA and the Town of Kiawah Island will be monitoring island conditions and will provide updates if necessary.


August Issue of Digest Now Available

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"The water here is calm and everything seems relaxed. A large bird makes a wide, swooping turn as it surveys the marsh. Under the shaded platform, a man casts his fishing rod and the marsh spreads out in front of me, golden in the summer sun."

Get a look at the Kiawah Conservancy's work on the island, as well as some highlights from the Naturally Kiawah Pathways photography tour in the August issue of Digest.

August's Digest also includes information on how to run for the KICA board of directors and highlights of upcoming island events.

Read now.


2019 Employee Appreciation Fund

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A Message from Your KICA Board Chair

Dear KICA Member,

As the chair of your KICA Board of Directors, I get to see parts of KICA’s inner workings that other property owners don’t. One aspect of the job that is always uplifting is the dedication of our KICA staff. There are the exceptional stories, especially in the aftermath of the storms we’ve experienced over my term, but mostly it’s the everyday things that make such a difference. Many of you can also recount an experience that exceeded your expectations – members tell me that the employees at The Sandcastle know them by name, along with the rest of their family. I know it brightens my day when I head to Beachwalker Center for a board meeting and I see the beautiful plantings maintained by our Land Department in front of the building. Despite being short-staffed in this exceptionally difficult labor market, those plants always look great. Maybe you have your own story, where something small made a big difference to your experience.

Those details are part of what makes this island the place we all chose to invest our time and money. This year, the board of directors felt that we should offer members the opportunity to show their appreciation to staff members for the high level of service they provide, and all they do to make Kiawah the premier community we all love. Tuesday, July 16 through Saturday, Aug. 31, members can make a contribution to the Employee Appreciation Fund (see below for ways to contribute). Funds will be distributed to 92 of KICA's employees (not including seasonal employees, departments heads or the COO) in the first pay period in September.

In closing, I’d like to offer my thanks to the staff on behalf of the KICA Board of Directors for all they do on the island. Kiawah is a special place and we’re lucky to have this dedicated group of people looking after it.

Ben Cheatham
KICA Board Chair

Ways to Show Your Appreciation


Show your thanks to KICA employees by making an online contribution. It takes just 1-2 minutes. Click here.


Email using the subject "Employee Appreciation Fund" and provide your name, Kiawah address and the amount you would like to contribute to the fund. KICA will charge your member account and the amount will appear on your next monthly statement.


Mail a check or login to your online checking account to have your bank mail a check for you.

Check Info
Payable to: Kiawah Island Community Association
Memo: Employee Appreciation Fund

Mailing Address
Kiawah Island Community Association
ATTN: Human Resources
23 Beachwalker Drive
Kiawah Island, SC 29455


KICA Board Confirms New Treasurer

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The Kiawah Island Community Association Board of Directors ratified a vote to confirm Dave Morley as treasurer at the July 1 meeting. Dave Morley was elected to the KICA board in 2019 but has many years of experience serving on the association's Finance Committee. He takes over from Mike Feldmann, who left the board in May.

Dave's first treasurer's report included a new section of highlights called the Budget Watch List. View the treasurer's report, as well as in-depth financial reports, on the KICA Finances page.


July Issue of Digest Now Available

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Inside this issue of Digest, the KICA board of directors asks you to participate in the association's strategic planning. Complete the community survey for your voice to be heard. The July Digest also includes a look at Kiawah's water management strategies, including a new forward-thinking way of looking at the island's surface water.

Find out about fitness options at The Sandcastle, 4th of July events and more.

Read the July issue of Digest today!


KICA Focuses on Water Resilience

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One of Kiawah’s most significant ongoing challenges is water management, and Kiawah isn’t the only coastal community that struggles to find solutions to mitigate flooding. Following the release of the Town of Kiawah Island’s (TOKI) Flood Mitigation and Sea Level Rise Adaptation Report, KICA’s board felt compelled to ensure the association was leading the charge and responding proactively to the report’s findings. KICA began this work with the appointment of two task forces, one which evaluates new infrastructure projects for water management (which includes precautions for flood mitigation, and other incidents such as storm surge and rain events) and another to determine funding sources for that new infrastructure.

KICA’s new approach to water management includes incorporating this work into the Strategic Plan. Ensuring that staff projects, association funds and high-level planning are directed toward water management goals, and establishing key metrics for success in achieving those goals, are important priorities for our board of directors. KICA is working to identify immediate priorities and establish a monitoring plan that adapts to our dynamic ecosystem and the challenges we face in the future. This forward-looking perspective will allow us to address the challenges in a responsible way.

One of the keys to this approach is KICA’s newest employee, Lucas Hernandez. Lucas was hired in June as KICA’s first-ever resilience specialist. COO Jimmy Bailey notes that “Lucas is perhaps the first resilience specialist hired by a community association in the entire country.” Lucas’ title refers specifically to water resilience, the primary goal of KICA’s water management strategy. With his specialized experience, he has a diverse toolbox to tackle this challenge.

[caption id="attachment_14027" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Lucas Hernandez KICA Resilience Specialist Lucas Hernandez[/caption]

Lucas has master’s degrees in Environmental Studies and Public Administration, and is heavily involved in the Charleston area flood mitigation conversation. He is a member of the Charleston Resilience Network and worked with TOKI to create simulations in for their sea level rise research. When KICA initiated the Finance Committee Infrastructure Task Force earlier this spring, Lucas came into focus as an essential piece of KICA’s strategic water management planning. He’s asking the same questions KICA has been in recent years: “how do we respond to flooding or to a natural disaster? How do we get people thinking about it in a different way?”

Lucas uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to answer these tough questions, simulating how surface water moves on the island in detail down to the square meter. It includes details like elevation and soil types to account for how these characteristics affect water movement. When a water event, like a storm surge or rapid downpour, is simulated, the model shows how water levels will be impacted across the island and can pinpoint areas where drainage infrastructure could be overloaded.

“When we first met Lucas, we had him simulate the storm surge from Tropical Storm Irma, where we knew the outcome and we could test his model. His model showed effects that were remarkably similar to our experience during the storm,” commented Bailey.

There are almost endless ways this type of information can be used to better prepare Kiawah for the future. The first task Lucas will tackle is embedding about ten potential infrastructure projects within his Kiawah model to test how they would impact water flow and evaluate if the designs are successful or should be altered. The potential projects would affect areas of concern identified by the Finance Committee’s Infrastructure Task Force. By modeling the data in advance, KICA can be a better steward of its resources by implementing solutions that are likely to improve our water management abilities. It can also help us discard sub-optimal solutions before a costly implementation.

In the fall of 2019, KICA anticipates releasing a plan which will focus on actions that can be accomplished in the next five years to deal with various storm scenarios. This plan will include recommendations (pretested by Lucas’ modeling) by the Infrastructure Task Force, and funding plans for the potential new infrastructure.

Lucas will spend a portion of his time on education and outreach. In a community as close as Kiawah, “any time someone changes the flow of surface water, by raising the property elevation for example, that water has to go somewhere else. This can cause issues for neighbors or cause infrastructure to overload. Being thoughtful with how we approach this and considerate of others is crucial for a community like Kiawah.”

Lucas talks a lot about bridges, but not the sort you might expect from a person so heavily involved in infrastructure. Again and again, he goes back to bridging the gaps within KICA’s departments and island entities to ensure the island faces its challenges in the best possible way. “Resilience to me is about bounce back,” he says. “What ways can we be proactive? How can this information help everyone? I think the answers are in KICA already but how can we flesh those out?”

While Lucas’ work is just getting started, it is part of a larger strategy for water management that KICA has been working on for some time. He shares KICA’s perspective on the challenges that face this special place. “Kiawah is a premier community — we want to keep the island ahead of the game. By being flood ready, it shows that we’re pushing toward becoming a community that can respond quickly and can potentially become a model for other coastal communities.”


Community Survey: Join the Conversation

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The survey closed on July 25, 2019.

Dear KICA Member,

We're inviting you to take part in KICA's strategic planning for the future.

In the latter part of 2018, we held a series of three Community Conversation Sessions to explore how well we are fulfilling our mission. Since so many owners are part-time, we also committed to a community-wide survey based on what we heard to better assess our successes, opportunities, and future plans. The survey is now live through July 25. We invite each member of your Kiawah household to take the survey.

Please know that your answers are 100% confidential. We have asked an independent firm, The McNair Group, to conduct our survey to assure its confidentiality, and to assist us with analysis and recommendations. No individual responses are disclosed to anyone at KICA. When the summary results become available, we will share them with the community.

Finally, we understand that it is often confusing to determine who does what on Kiawah. If you need a refresher before taking the survey, click here .

We wish to extend our appreciation for your participation and ongoing support of KICA.


The Kiawah Island Community Association Board of Directors


Kiawah Security Improvements

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A Letter from the COO

As most of you know, 2019 has been a year devoted to a number of technology enhancements in our Security Department. We’re in the implementation phase of our most visible change, KICA’s new gate access system. Employees are getting familiar with the system in the early weeks of June.

As I’ve mentioned in many of our information sessions and articles one of KICA Security director Tony Elder’s missions on the island is to use technology to make things better for our members. If you attended or viewed the livestream for the recent Java with Jimmy, I talked about some of these many improvements: increasing the use of security cameras, looping in regimes so the Main Gate can have eyes on more of the island and an updated communication system that allows KICA staff, law enforcement and resort security to get information out in real time to deal with issues. All these changes make the island safer.

The new gate access system was developed by Applications by Design (ABDi), and is the same system used on Seabrook. With the system, which has a website and an app, you can request guest passes right from your phone which will be emailed to your guest. You can even sign up to receive notifications when your guest arrive on the island. You’ll receive a letter with detailed information on how to log in and get started once the system is available. This system will increase convenience for members by adding options but you’ll still be able to request a guest pass by calling or emailing.

A second piece of the upgrades involves moving people who don’t have guest passes out of the traffic flow at the Main Gate. Visitors, which is just our term for people who don’t have a guest pass waiting for them, represented about 2% of total traffic through the Main Gate last year. Visitors will be sent to the pass office at Beachwalker Center where they will provide their driver’s license, registration and insurance. This change will give us the ability to more easily identify and deal with those who abuse the system, and if necessary deny future access.

Later in 2019 and into 2020, other enhancements will be phased in, including the tracking of license plates to get data on contractor and employee movements on the island, moving from barcodes for access to RFIDs and an emergency management tool called Priority 5 that will give emergency teams a real-time look at island conditions in the event of a hurricane or other event.

KICA’s job is to balance between safety and convenience, and it’s sometimes hard to get just right. With a single access point, a popular public resort, significant commercial and consumer service activity, and other factors, dozens of judgment calls are made each day to maintain the appropriate balance between strict access and member lifestyle. KICA understands that there are trade-offs with this approach, and is constantly working on enhancements that strike the right balance between access control and member convenience.

Timing of implementation for these various system upgrades is a moving target, based on the integration of various systems so they work together and don’t create long lines and inconvenience. Not one of these systems alone can accomplish what we all want, which is efficient controlled access to Kiawah. There are many complicating variables - too many and too complex for a single communication to pin down.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. It’s an exciting time, and I know there will be opportunities for us to engage with members as we get closer to going live.

KICA Chief Operating Officer Jimmy Bailey


Balancing Security and Convenience in June Digest

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"As most of you know, 2019 has been a year devoted to a number of technology enhancements in our Security Department. We’re in the implementation phase of our most visible change, KICA’s new gate access system."

-- COO Jimmy Bailey

Read Jimmy Bailey's letter to members and find out about all that's happening around the island this June, including a look at the low speed vehicle study, Kiawah Cares About Education fundraiser, local farmers markets and more.

Read the June Issue of Digest now.


Low Speed Vehicle Rental Pilot Program

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At the last few KICA board meetings, several community members have expressed concerns about low speed electric vehicles.

What is a LSV?

Low speed electric vehicles (LSVs) look like a golf cart, but exceed golf cart speeds, and are therefore treated like an automobile. They must be registered with the DMV, riders must wear seatbelts and drivers are required to abide by all traffic laws, making them subject to citations by police. LSVs are required by law to attain a speed of 20-25 mph within a mile and they are only permitted on roads having speed limits of 35 mph or less. They are not permitted on leisure trails or golf paths.

Low speed electric vehicles (LSVs) are not restricted on Kiawah. Property owners may own them (if they are registered and have a decal) and they are currently available to rent.

What are the issues with LSVs that members have presented?

The issues several property owners have cited are that LSVs can hold up traffic and that rules aren’t always followed, raising safety concerns. Attention has been primarily focused on LSV renters, who may have less familiarity with the laws and rules.

How does KICA’s board plan to address the LSV issues?

Since the issues presented primarily lie with renters, the board contacted the LSV rental company, Lightning Bugz Rentals, who developed a pilot program which will allow KICA to limit the number of rental LSVs on the island and monitor their use. Beginning in May a maximum of 12 rented LSVs will be permitted on Kiawah. All LSVs will be equipped with a GPS to track their use and location, which will be monitored by KICA Security.

To educate renters about the rules, Lightning Bugz Rentals requires sign-off on the rules at registration, again at pick-up and the rules are posted within each LSV. 

This pilot program is anticipated to run through the end of the year, after which the board will evaluate the impact of LSVs.

A call for members to act.

If you see a driver in a Lightning Bugz LSV breaking the rules, contact or 843-768-5566 to report the violation, so that KICA’s board will have a thorough understanding of LSVs’ effect on community life.


Kiawah Cares Launches a Fundraiser to Support Our Students

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On Tuesday, May 7, Kiawah Cares launched a six-week fundraiser to provide the financial fuel for beneficial educational and student support programs to thrive. Learn about this plan to support our Sea Islands students and how you can help here.


Pond-Edge Pruning Project Underway

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KICA’s Lakes Management team has put together a multi-year project for the health of the island’s pond system, which serves as the master drainage system for the island. Over the years, the vegetation around some of the ponds has grown significantly, becoming problematic for both water quality and drainage. The goal of this project is to improve pond health and water quality while optimizing the drainage function of the pond system.

The ponds scheduled for 2019 have been selected with the following conditions in mind:
• significant quantities of live and dead debris present in or growing out over the water,
• a history of poor water quality issues, to include fish kills and/or hydrogen sulfide events,
• or they are part of the Beachwalker drainage basin, the main artery for water flow for one of the island’s largest drainage basins.

KICA has spent significant funds over the past several years working on the Beachwalker drainage basin, both in pipe repair and spot excavation. Cutting back overgrowth in pond vegetation is another step in protecting our financial investment in this drainage basin.
For 2019, the project will occur in the following ponds:
• Pond 24 – at Bittern Court, Red Bay Road, Palm Warbler Road and Catbrier Court, along Cougar Point Golf Course holes 12 and 13.
• Pond 27 – at Amaranth Road and Green Winged Teal Road, the Oceanwoods neighborhood and the Sora Rail Road utility area.
• Pond 29 – by the Night Heron Cottages neighborhood and the Sora Rail Road utility area.
• Pond 30 – by 71 and 73 Salthouse Lane and the Kiawah Island Parkway.

The project began in April with pond 24, where the general scope of work focused on the cutting and removal of vegetation falling into the pond. After pond 24, the contractor will move to pond 27, followed by ponds 29 and 30.

KICA’s contractor will be working within the pond and within our easement area. 95% of what will be targeted for this work are wax myrtles that are growing out over the ponds.

Our contractor will cut back canopy which has closed in over areas of the selected ponds, in order to permit sunlight back to the pond, as well as cut back overgrown shoreline vegetation which is depositing debris in the pond. KICA does not intend to impact screening vegetation for homes. KICA’s contractor will be working within the island’s normal commercial hours.

If you have questions about this project, contact KICA biologist Matt Hill at or 843-768-2315.


Wildlife on Kiawah - May Digest

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It's hard to imagine a trip to the island without seeing wildlife -- a blue heron, a yellow-bellied slider or an alligator. Maybe a bobcat, if you're really lucky. Kiawah's wildlife is part of what makes the island so special. In this issue of Digest, learn to be alligator aware during their mating season and learn to keep sea turtles safe during nesting season.

Take part in a Southern tradition by signing up for a shuttle trip to a Charleston church tea room. Sample ham biscuits, pimento cheese and don't miss the Huguenot torte. Shuttle trips are May 1-3, with KICA COO Jimmy Bailey attending on Thursday, May 2.

Read the May Digest.


Arts in April and More in Kiawah Island Digest

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April means arts on Kiawah! In this issue, read the results of the 2019 Directors' Election and learn more about two of the artists showing at the upcoming Lowcountry Art and Artisan Showcase at The Sandcastle.

Other fun April events include the Kiawah Island Art and House Tour, the annual KICA plant sale and many holiday happenings.

Read the April 2019 Digest now.


2019 Member Director Election Results

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Congratulations to David DeStefano and David Morley on their election to the KICA Board of Directors. They will begin their term upon adjournment of the Annual Meeting this Friday. We thank all three candidates for offering themselves for service to the community. The results of the election are as follows:

David Morley: 44.9%
David DeStefano: 35.7%
Brendan Magee: 19%
Write In: 0.4%


Quorum Has Been Met in the 2019 Directors Election

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UPDATE: Quorum has been met! The election is now valid. Voting closes at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 8.

Thank you to those who have voted, and there is still time to vote at You've invested heavily in Kiawah, so take the time to select the leaders you think will be the best stewards of the island.


URGENT: Annual Meeting Is 48 Hours From Nullification

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KICA's Annual Meeting, scheduled for Friday, March 15, is in danger of nullification.

The KICA Annual Member Director Election must receive 51% of member votes by Friday, March 8 at 5 p.m. in order for quorum to be met and the election validated. As of Friday at noon, we are at 49.75% of 51% needed for quorum.

If we do not reach quorum, a second election will be conducted at the expense of community members. A second election is detrimental to the community in several ways:

- It's double the expense for all members. KICA's election and annual meeting cost approximately $11,000. A second election and meeting will cost about the same, and will be an unbudgeted expense in 2019.

- It disenfranchises members who voted already. Prior to the second election, all votes received in the current election will be discarded without being counted.

- It gives a few members a bigger say in what happens. A second election has no quorum, and fewer people generally vote in them. Those few voters decide the outcome of the election.

If you have voted already, thank you. Please remind all your friends and neighbors to do the same.

If you have not voted, please do so right now. The deadline is Friday, March 8 at 5 p.m. Don't wait -- voting is easy! Check your email for a message sent from our election facilitator,, on March 5. The subject line was 'URGENT reminder to VOTE in Kiawah Election.' Simply click the link to complete your secure ballot in less than five minutes.

If you have questions about the vote or haven't received your voting information, contact Holly Newman at  View all voting information at


The March Issue of Digest Is Now Available

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The board of directors is considering a new conveyance policy. Read about the policy and visit the website to read the policy in full. Cast your vote today in the 2019 Directors Election -- voting is underway through March 8.

Find all this plus a look at charitable events you can take part in, island happenings and more in this month's Digest!

Read the March 2019 Digest now.


Learn About Association Finance at Finance Committee Meetings

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Are you interested in association finance? All property owners are welcome to attend meetings of the KICA Finance Committee.

This committee works closely with the board and accounting staff to provide advice for the board’s financial decision-making. Along with evaluating the budget and overall financing structure, the committee annually reviews the association’s insurance coverage, investment portfolio, and external reserve studies.

If you want to learn more about association finance, stop by Beachwalker Center on the dates below and find out about these interesting topics:

2018 Audit Presentation
Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 3 p.m. | Beachwalker Center

Insurance Proposal by Aon Risk Services
Tuesday, April 16 at 3 p.m. | Beachwalker Center

Investment Review by Moneta Group
Wednesday, April 17 at 3 p.m. | Beachwalker Center

Learn more about association finance, including monthly financial statements, annual audits and more, at


KICA Board Requests Community Input on Conveyance Policy

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The Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) Board of Directors is considering the adoption of a new policy relative to the manner in which new common property or other maintenance responsibilities are accepted from a developer (usually Kiawah Partners, but this policy applies to any developer or entity).

Review the policy to be considered here.

KICA has not accepted any additional responsibility since the end of 2015, as explained in the "Facts and Rationale" section of the linked document. It has not done so because it believes a policy is needed to ensure a consistent process is followed when these decisions are made.

KICA's policy development process has several steps, including a community input period prior to the board taking any action. This item is scheduled to be on the board's March 4 agenda, so we appreciate any written input byFriday, March 1. Please send your comments to so they can be considered in advance of the March meeting.


February Digest Available Now

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The February issue of Digest invites you to come out to the 2019 Meet the Candidates event Thursday, Feb. 21 at The Sandcastle. Learn about Kiawah Cares' incredible success with a humanitarian campaign that brought out our members' generous spirit.

This issue also includes information about association finances and upcoming events.

Read the February 2019 Digest now.


Kiawah Island Parkway Lane Closure Tomorrow 

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Wednesday, Jan. 30, the outbound lane of the Kiawah Island Parkway (near the bridge) will be closed between 2-3 p.m. for work associated with the embankment stabilization project.

Flaggers will be present to alternate traffic. Please use caution and give yourself additional time for travel. If you have questions, please call the town at 843-768-9166.


Roadwork Underway at the Vanderhorst Gate

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Lane Closed for Repairs - Beginning Monday, Jan. 28

Starting Monday, Jan. 28, the inbound left lane at the Vanderhorst gate will be closed in order to even the surface of the road by replacing the brick pavers. All traffic will be directed to the outside lane. This lane repair is anticipated to take two weeks, as the bricks and mortar must set before traffic can drive over it. This will require security staff to stand away from the gate house, near the right lane, so please approach slowly and use caution. During inclement weather, Security staff will be stationed inside the gate house in order to respond to issues or questions.

Once the inbound left lane is complete, the inbound right lane will be repaired. Again, it will require the lane to be closed for approximately two weeks. During this second part of the project, the gate will be fully staffed.

Thank you for your patience, as we work to complete this project during our off-season. Please drive with extra care near the V-gate in the coming weeks.


Quorum Met - Voting Open through Friday, March 8

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Quorum for the 2019 Member Director Election has been met. Voting is open until 5 p.m. on Friday, March 8.

You are voting to elect two candidates to the KICA Board of Directors. Three candidates are running: David DeStefano, Brendan Magee and David Morley.

When you vote, make sure to assign the proxy to the board secretary to ensure quorum is met. This ensures that the annual meeting and certification of the election can be held without 51% of the membership physically attending the annual meeting. This proxy does not affect your vote in any way.

Visit for information, candidate biographies and video interviews with the candidates.


Learn About the Candidates for the Board in January Digest

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Learn about the candidates for the KICA Board of Directors in their own words, and look forward to a new year on Kiawah with COO Jimmy Bailey.

This issue of Digest also includes information about the annual assessment statements and upcoming events.

Read the January 2019 Digest now.


2019 Budget Overview

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KICA is funded primarily through property owner and commercial entity assessments (accounting for 82% of operating revenue and 39% of the Major Repairs and Replacements (MRR) revenue), a half percent transfer fee on real estate transactions called Contributions to Reserves or CTRs (38% of MRR revenue), commercial access fees (9% of operating revenue and 13% of MRR revenue) and investment income. In 2019, the association is anticipating revenue consistent with 2018.


When allocating this revenue to pay for expenses (which is done in the latter half of the previous year – in 2018 for the 2019 budget year), funding is allocated to two discrete budgets, the operating budget and the reserve budget.

Operating Budget

The Operating Budget funds the predictable association functions including security and livability; land, lakes and general maintenance; administration; recreation and amenity operations. 

Of note for 2019, the Operating Budget reflects an 8 percent increase to personnel wages from the 2018 budget. KICA faces the staffing challenges of national low unemployment (2.7% in Charleston County), a dwindling supply of of nearby affordable housing and commuter traffic issues. In order to offer competitive wages and retain quality employees, KICA’s board voted in August 2018 to increase wages for hourly positions to a minimum of $13/hour, which alone accounts for nearly a 5% increase over the 2018 budget. 

KICA is also investing in island security and gate operations. Community members would like more stringent gate access procedures, but want to maintain rapid entry for members. Security is implementing new gate access management technology and will expand its pass office later this year to more tightly manage island access for those who arrive without a property owner guest pass or a resort reservation.  Stay tuned for more information on these initiatives as they roll out in future months. 

Reserve Budget

The Reserve Budget funds major repairs and replacements to existing Kiawah Island infrastructure. This budget is planned with consideration to the projected life of each association asset for the next 40 years. 

The largest expense in the Reserve Budget for 2019, and consistently year-to-year, is drainage. Drainage projects will account for about 43 percent of the Reserve Budget. KICA maintains 43 miles of existing pipe, connecting 119 lakes and ponds, making up 14 drainage basins. Water levels can be managed, to an extent, within the drainage basins, which is crucial to prevent or reduce flooding that can accompany significant rain events.

Other Reserve Budget expenses include the major repair to, or replacement of, 60 miles of roadway and bridges (30 percent of the Reserve Budget), 19 miles of leisure trails and 25 boardwalks (7.5 percent of the Reserve Budget), and large-scale landscape revitalization projects (8.5 percent of the Reserve Budget). 

2019 Budget 


KICA Phone and Internet Access Restored

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Service has been restored to all KICA facilities around the island, including the Main Gate.

Thank you to our members for their patience while we restored access.


Through a Member's Eyes - A Holiday to Remember in the December Digest

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A first holiday on Kiawah takes a wintery turn for a member, leaving her with warm memories. Read one member's account of 2018's surprise snowfall in "A Winter Wonderland."

This issue of Digest also includes a look at the recently-approved 2019 budget and upcoming events.

View 2018's last issue of Digest now!


Letter From the Chair - Duneside Road Update

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Earlier this year, Kiawah Partners (KP) sought approval from the Town of Kiawah’s planning commission to extend Duneside Road to Beachwalker Drive. The proposal would have created a second entry to the island, which sparked concerns about island access and safety. Though KICA’s ability to stop the proposal was based on an untested legal position, KICA’s board formally opposed the proposal. KP voluntarily withdrew the proposal, and chose to work with the board in order to avoid litigation and seek a compromise.

In the ensuing months, KICA continued to oppose any plan that resulted in a road connection to Beachwalker Drive and a second access point to the island, and insisted that any compromise had to include the following:

- No connection of Duneside Road to Beachwalker Drive.
- A limitation on the number of units accessible by the extended Duneside Road.
- A financial contribution toward improvements deemed necessary to address safety concerns on the existing portion of Duneside Road.
- KICA and the community would require legal protection that upon approval of any compromise, KP (or any successors) would be prevented from altering the plan in the future.

Several weeks ago, KICA met with representatives of the nearby regimes, along with their attorney, and explained the general framework of a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). While they and KICA would have preferred no extension of the road, failure to compromise could result in a costly legal battle, with an uncertain outcome and at worst, a full connection to Beachwalker as originally proposed with unlimited traffic. Following that meeting, their lawyer sent KICA a letter that continued to express reservations but said the conceptual framework we shared struck a “seemingly reasonable compromise.”

Last week, KICA’s board discussed this legal and contractual matter in Executive Session, and ultimately voted unanimously* to approve an MOU with Kiawah Partners that accomplishes the goals outlined above. A copy of the MOU may be accessed here, along with the covenants and restrictions for the property hereTo summarize, the MOU accomplishes the goals set forth above:

- The proposed road extension terminates in a cul-de-sac instead of connecting to Beachwalker.
- The maximum number of units accessible by the proposed extension has been reduced by close to half.
- Kiawah Partners will contribute up to $100K to KICA for safety improvements.
- A Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions will be filed to provide assurance that this issue is resolved once and for all.

While KP and KICA have reached a compromise, the matter will be ultimately decided by the Town of Kiawah Planning Commission. It is anticipated that this item will be on their Dec. 5 agenda.  Further information on this meeting can be found here. KICA will provide another update to members after the planning commission meeting.


Ben Cheatham


*Developer-appointed board member Townsend Clarkson recused himself from the Executive session discussion and vote.


Vote in the 2018 General Election at the Kiawah Municipal Center

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2018 General Election

South Carolina’s next General Election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018.

Go to  for information on the ballot.

Polling Location
Kiawah residents (District 9) can vote in person from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Center (4475 Betsy Kerrison Parkway). Photo ID is required.



2019 Draft Budget Reviewed at Nov. 5 Board Meeting

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At the Nov. 5 board of directors meeting, the 2019 proposed budget will be reviewed and voted on.

See the draft budget, as well as the meeting agenda, on the Board Meetings page.


Learn about KICA's Budgeting Process in the November Digest

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Every November, the Kiawah Island Community Association releases its budget for the following year. The budget is the result of months of work, with each department adding both routine items and anticipated needs. This includes any significant capital requirement which impacts the association reserves. The tentative budget is reviewed by KICA’s member-comprised Finance Committee, and put before the board of directors for approval at the November meeting.

View the November issue of Digest to read more about budgeting, as well as a KICA Core Services article about the Administrative Department.


KICA Rules and Regulations Updated by Board of Directors

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There are many things that make Kiawah special. Pristine beaches, diverse wildlife and natural beauty bring people from all around the world to the island, but what makes them stay is Kiawah’s quality of life.

KICA protect members' quality of life through our Rules and Regulations. This important document was updated by the board of directors at the Sept.  5 meeting. Visit the Quality of Life page for this and other important documents.



Hurricane Michael Update: No Significant Damage on Kiawah

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The significant impacts for Charleston County from Tropical Storm Michael have passed. Wind gusts from 20-30 mph will continue through this afternoon and could result in trees and large debris falling.

All trees that were down along the major roads to Kiawah have been cleared. There is no significant damage and all roads are passable on the island. Please use extreme caution when traveling the roadways as there is still debris. High surf and rip current advisories are in effect through this evening.

Island Updates:

- Yard debris will be collected on Friday. See notice below.
- Town offices will reopen on Friday.
- KICA offices and the Sandcastle will reopen on Friday.
- Commercial traffic access will open at 2 p.m. Please use extreme caution when traveling the roadways as there is still debris.
- High tide levels will be above average. Today high tide will be 10:43 p.m. – 6.3 ft.
- For Freshfields Village, store operations visit
- Charleston County Citizen’s Information line (843-746-3900) is open until 5 p.m. today.

Sandcastle Grand Opening Soiree - Friday, Oct. 12

KICA’s Grand Opening Soiree event remains scheduled for Friday. Sandcastle pools will be closed Friday for event setup.

The event is at capacity and Sandcastle parking is very limited. Please carpool with friends or consider riding a bike.

Yard Debris Collection Notice

Twigs, leaves and grass clippings must be placed in paper bags or they will not be picked up. Yard debris must be near the end of your driveway. Do not block cable or electrical boxes or fire hydrants.

Tree limbs, shrubs or stumps can be placed at the curb but should be less than 4 feet long and no more than 4 inches in diameter. Debris generated by residential landscapers should be removed by the landscaping company.

If you have questions, email Rusty Lameo at


Parking Limited at Sandcastle Grand Opening

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Important: Parking is EXTREMELY LIMITED. Please carpool.

The Sandcastle Grand Opening Soirée  on Friday, Oct. 12 is at capacity and Sandcastle parking is very limited. Please carpool with friends or consider riding a bike.


Friday, Oct. 12 from 4-7 p.m. at the Sandcastle

All Kiawah property owners are invited to KICA's poolside party, celebrating the Grand Opening of the newly-renovated Sandcastle!

The Travis Allison Band will entertain the crowd with original songs as well as party favorites. Cru Catering will provide a delicious selection of heavy hors d'oeuvres.

This event is complimentary for all association members. Guests are welcome to attend at a cost of $25 per person.

RSVPs for the Grand Opening  closed on Sept. 28. The event is at capacity.


Hurricane Michael Update - Tropical Storm Conditions Expected

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The Town, KICA and Charleston County Emergency Management officials are actively monitoring Hurricane Michael as it makes landfall along the Florida Panhandle Coast as a Category 4. Michael is expected to move across southeast Georgia and South Carolina through Thursday gradually weakening to a tropical storm.

Charleston County is currently under a tropical storm warning. Beginning tonight through Thursday evening, we are expected to experience tropical storm force winds, heavy rain bands, significant risks of isolated tornadoes, potential flooding and dangerous surf conditions.

Specifically, our area can expect 1-2 inches of rain, sustained winds of 20-40 mph, and wind gusts up to 45 mph resulting in downed trees and large debris. Residents should prepare their property by securing any items that could become airborne.

Please be aware:

- There are significant risks of tornadoes with this storm.
- There could be power outages and restricted access on bridges if the wind conditions warrant. More information on high wind bridge procedures can be found here.

Island Updates:

- Town offices will be closed tomorrow and will reopen on Friday.
- KICA security will maintain 24 hour/day operations.
- KICA offices and the Sandcastle are closed on Thursday, and are expected to reopen for normal business hours on Friday.
- High surf and rip current advisories are in effect through Thursday evening.
- Since Kiawah is expecting King Tides today and Thursday, tide levels will be above average. Tide Information: Wednesday High Tide:  9:58 p.m. – 6.63 ft. Thursday High Tide: 10:33 a.m. - 7 ft and 10:43 p.m. – 6.3 ft.
- KICA has deployed water depth markers in areas prone to flooding.
- KICA has set its drainage system to reduce pond levels.
- Commercial Work Restricted: No routine construction activity or maintenance, including landscaping, will be permitted. Contractors assisting with storm response or emergencies will be handled on a case by case basis. Deliveries and other commercial activity supporting ongoing operations at Kiawah Island Golf Resort and the Kiawah Island Club will be coordinated with those entities.
- KICA’s Grand Opening Soiree event remains scheduled for Friday. Sandcastle pools will be closed Friday for event setup.
- Thursday’s yard debris collection has been moved to Friday.
- For Freshfields Village store operations, visit
- Charleston County Citizen’s Information line (843-746-3900) has been activated and will operate today until 8 p.m. and tomorrow from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
- Bees Ferry Landfill will be closed tomorrow.

Members should continue to monitor the weather along with official communications from the Town and KICA. Members should also secure loose items around their property that could be damaged or become projectiles in heavy wind.


While KICA will continue to keep you updated, we ask that you consult the National Hurricane Center and these other useful links for official information on the developing situation.

– National Weather Service
– Charleston County Emergency Management
– SC Emergency Management Division
– Live 5 News
– ABC News 4
– WCBD News 2
– Post and Courier

Sign up for Code Red with the Town of Kiawah Island to stay ahead of the storms and get emergency notifications sent straight to your phone.

In addition to severe weather updates, Code Red will also keep you informed of other emergency situations and critical community alerts such as official evacuation notices, boil water notices, missing child reports, and more. Sign up today!


Island Entities Monitor Hurricane Michael

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The Town of Kiawah Island, KICA, and Charleston County Emergency Management officials are actively monitoring Hurricane Michael as it approaches the Florida Panhandle Coast. Charleston County is currently under a tropical storm watch.

Hurricane Michael is forecasted to make landfall along the Florida Panhandle Wednesday afternoon. Michael is then expected to move northeastward across southeast Georgia and South Carolina through Thursday as a tropical storm.

Charleston County is expected to experience tropical storm force winds, heavy rainfall, isolated tornadoes, flooding, and dangerous surf conditions with significant impacts starting late Wednesday through Thursday and dissipating after that.

Specifically, our area can expect sustained winds of 25-35 mph; wind gusts up to 45 mph; 2-3 inches of rain and elevated risk of rip currents. Since Kiawah is expecting King Tides on Wednesday and Thursday, tide levels will be above average.

Tide Information

Wednesday High Tide
9:46 a.m. – 7.19 ft
9:58 p.m. – 6.63 ft

Thursday High Tide
10:33 a.m. - 7 ft
10:43 p.m. – 6.3 ft.

Other Updates:

- KICA is deploying water depth markers in areas prone to flooding.
- KICA has set its drainage system to reduce pond levels.
- TOKI Trash collection is running on its regular schedule, but that could change.
- KICA’s Grand Opening Soiree event remains scheduled for Friday, but that could change.

Members should continue to monitor the weather along with official communications from the Town and KICA. Members should also secure loose items around their property that could be damaged or become projectiles in heavy wind.



Useful Links

While KICA will continue to keep you updated, we ask that you consult the National Hurricane Center and these other useful links for official information on the developing situation.

National Weather Service
Charleston County Emergency Management
SC Emergency Management Division
Live 5 News
ABC News 4
WCBD News 2
Post and Courier

Sign up for Code Red with the Town of Kiawah Island to stay ahead of the storms and get emergency notifications sent straight to your phone.

In addition to severe weather updates, Code Red will also keep you informed of other emergency situations and critical community alerts such as official evacuation notices, boil water notices, missing child reports, and more. Sign up today!


Impact Kiawah's Future, Run for the KICA Board

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Are you considering running for the KICA board? It’s an opportunity for you to share your experience and ideas with the community; to represent the interests of your fellow property owners; to be part of the process that ensures the look and feel of Kiawah for the future.

Here's a glance at what it looks like to join the KICA board, and the timeline for candidates: Quick Overview of Running for the KICA Board.

The current Nominating Committee was appointed by the KICA board at its July meeting to assist with identifying potential candidates that represent the breadth and depth of our community. Property owners can contact the committee directly at to discuss this opportunity. Any KICA member may run for board service by submitting an application package, which includes background information and a statement of focus. These statements will be published along with other election materials.

For specific filing details or to obtain application materials and assistance with completing the process, contact To view the Nominating Committee's time line and charter, as well as other board information, visit The deadline for applications will be Oct. 16.

Diverse board leadership is vital to the continued success of our Kiawah community, and the board thanks you in advance for your interest in making an impact on the future of the island.


KICA Resumes Gate Operations

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As previously communicated, Governor McMaster has lifted the evacuation order affecting Kiawah Island. At 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 15, Charleston County Sherriff’s turned island access responsibility over to KICA. We are extremely grateful to the Town of Kiawah and the Sherriff’s deputies for maintaining controlled access over the last several days.

- KICA’s I.T. Department is on island to bring gate and phone systems online. Until this occurs, member calls to the gate may forward to voicemail. As always, call 911 in the event of an emergency.
- KICA Land Management crews will report to the island at 8 a.m. tomorrow (Sunday) to begin clean-up. The majority of their efforts will be focused on blowing leaves, pine needles, and other debris from roadways. We ask those who are driving around the island to use caution as employees will be on or near the roads.
- KICA’s Lakes Management is on island reestablishing normal drainage operations. It may take 4-5 days for water levels to return to normal. Fish kills and unpleasant odors could occur during this process as well.
- The Sandcastle will reopen at noon tomorrow. After-hours fingerprint access is available today for those who have signed up for that option.
- Beachwalker Center and all administrative functions will open Monday on a normal schedule.
- Commercial Access will resume on Monday.

KICA extends its thanks to the Town of Kiawah Island and all those involved in Kiawah’s Emergency Management plan. The unique governance structure on Kiawah requires significant coordination between entities and a spirit of cooperation. Special thanks go Mayor Weaver and town administrator Stephanie Tillerson for their leadership.


Notice from Mayor Weaver: Evacuation Order Lifted for Kiawah Island

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Governor McMaster has lifted the evacuation order affecting Kiawah Island. There are no additional restrictions to residents returning to the island.

All public safety personnel are on the island, and all public services (water and electric) have continued to operate without interruption.

Sheriff Deputies will no longer be restricting access at Betsy Kerrison once KICA security establishes operations at the main gate.

All Kiawah Island roads are passable, although there is, and will continue to be, some minor debris on our roads. KICA will communicate directly to residents any additional information concerning road conditions or clean-up activity.

All commercial businesses, including those at Freshfields, remain closed.

If you are intending to return to Kiawah today or early tomorrow, there is still significant weather on many routes to the coast, so plan accordingly.
Craig Weaver

Mayor, Town of Kiawah Island


Hurricane Florence Update - Sept. 14

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Today, the town participated in a conference call with Charleston County Emergency Management Department and regional counterparts to discuss Hurricane Florence. Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina this morning and is moving at a very slow pace to the southwest dumping significant rain to the areas in its path. The information below is based on the expected impact at this time. Due to the nature of this storm, conditions are subject to change. At this time, Governor McMaster has not indicated when he intends to lift the evacuation order.


With respect to the Charleston area and Kiawah impacts, the various models and predictions have taken us on a roller coaster ride over the last few days. The latest forecast suggests that winds will pick up late this afternoon around 4 p.m. Sustained winds could be in the 30 mph range, with gusts reaching tropical storm strength. These conditions could last throughout tonight and through the day tomorrow. Along with the wind, rainy conditions are expected for most of the weekend.

Likely Conditions on Kiawah:

Property damage isn’t likely with these conditions, but the combination of wet/saturated soil and higher than average winds can still uproot trees, break limbs and scatter debris. Disruption of power remains possible. While pond levels are low, some flooding remains possible, which could be exacerbated by the high tides noted below:

- Saturday: 12:49 a.m. and 1:34 p.m.
- Sunday 1:39 a.m. and 2:28 p.m.

Current Island Access:

Right now, Charleston County deputies continue to provide controlled access to Kiawah to residents and essential staff. Post-storm, access to the island will be restricted during the damage assessment. If the assessment indicates that roads are not passable, residents will not be able to get back on until the roads are passable.

The storm has not reached Kiawah and if you are considering traveling to the island, we would discourage you for several reasons:

- Kiawah is still under the mandatory evacuation order issued by the governor.
- Conditions could become severe during travel this evening or tomorrow.
- We still have the potential for loss of power to the island.
- All businesses on and near the island are closed.
- Public safety support (security, fire and EMS) are largely off the island and response times may be delayed.

Post Storm Re-Entry to the Charleston area and Kiawah:

Tomorrow, we will have a better gauge on what the storm will bring and re-entry time frames. Kiawah’s re-entry plans are contingent upon the storm passing and access to the Charleston area.

Governor McMaster has to first lift the evacuation order. Mayor Weaver will then work with all the entities to open the island as quickly as possible and will announce re-entry date and time. Re-entry is contingent upon the completion of road damage assessment which includes assessing debris, flooding and general safety conditions of the roads. The main arteries of Kiawah Island Parkway, Governors Drive, and Ocean Course need to be navigable. The damage assessment is tentatively scheduled to begin Sunday at 7 a.m.

Electricity and Sewage System:

In regard to electricity, the best-case scenario is that power is present island wide. However, it is possible that power will be interrupted. The town will permit re-entry to the island prior to full power being restored; however residents should expect uncomfortable conditions such as the absence of hot water, refrigeration and HVAC systems.

Kiawah Island’s sewage systems depends on a series of electric pumps to remove the waste water. If this occurs, residents will need to reduce flushing in order to avoid a backup of the waste water system on the island.

All of this is subject to change if storm conditions change.

Island Update:

- Berkeley Electric Cooperative cannot guarantee uninterrupted power during a major outage and will not be able to provide a timeline for restoration until after the storm has passed and the damage to the system can be evaluated. Berkeley Electric Cooperative will have crews on-site at key locations to monitor water levels. In the event that water levels threaten to flood the substations, the decision will be made to shut them down before suffering catastrophic damage. Although this may be inconvenient, this process will actually speed up recovery times.
- Debris management crews are on standby and will be deployed as soon as possible.
- Commercial access to the island is closed.
- The Station is closed but gas pumps are on for credit purchases as long as there is power to the island.
- KICA's pond system has been set to max drainage since Tuesday in anticipation of heavy rain and flooding.
- County traffic is not being restricted on I-26.
- Please be aware there are strong rip currents and high surf along the Atlantic Ocean. Please do not enter the water.
- If conditions warrant, critical public safety services including Fire and EMS may withdraw their equipment and personnel from the island.
- If conditions are severe, power and water systems could be shut down. If that were to happen we will communicate that message promptly.
- If you have special needs regarding medical assistance, contact the Disabilities Resource Center at (843) 225-5080.
- Charleston County Citizen Information Line is open 24 hours daily at 843-746-3900.
- For Freshfields Village store operations, visit


Downgraded Hurricane Florence Still a Dangerous Storm

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Today, the town participated in a conference call with Charleston County Emergency Management Department and regional counterparts to discuss Hurricane Florence.

Hurricane Florence has downgraded to a category 2 but is a dangerous storm and has grown in size. As an interesting point, Florence has a larger radius than Hurricane Hugo. Charleston County is still under a hurricane watch with conditions expected to deteriorate on Friday and last through Sunday. I-26 lane reversal will end today at 6 p.m.

Kiawah may still experience tropical storm force winds, sustained wind speeds of 30-35 mph, wind gusts up to 75 mph and storm surge from 2-4 ft. Kiawah is still likely to experience power outages, large debris, downed trees, and flooding on low lying roads.

Once the storm has passed, the governor has to first lift the evacuation order and then Mayor Weaver has to announce island re-entry date and time. Re-entry will not be permitted until after damage assessment is complete.

Remember after Matthew re-entry was not allowed for 48 hours. Residents should plan on a similar situation if conditions are similar to Matthew.

Island Update:

- Charleston County Sheriff Deputies have established a control point on Betsy Kerrison just before the roundabout and is restricting access to Kiawah and Seabrook islands to only property owners and essential staff.
- Berkeley Electric Cooperative is urging residents of the islands to prepare for extended outages. This is especially important for members who have medical needs requiring power. Berkeley Electric Cooperative cannot guarantee uninterrupted power during a major outage and will not be able to provide a timeline for restoration until after the storm has passed and the damage to the system can be evaluated. Berkeley Electric Cooperative will have crews on-site at key locations to monitor water levels. In the event that water levels threaten to flood the substations, the decision will be made to shut them down before suffering catastrophic damage. Although this may be inconvenient, this process will actually speed up recovery times.
- Debris management crews are on standby and will be deployed as soon as possible.
- Commercial access to the island is closed.
- The Station is closed but gas pumps are on for credit purchases as long as there is power to the island.
- KICA's pond system has been set to max drainage since Tuesday in anticipation of heavy rain and flooding.
- County traffic is not being restricted except on I-26 which will end today at 6 p.m.
- Please be aware there are already strong rip currents and high surf along the Atlantic Ocean. Please do not enter the water.
- If conditions warrant, critical public safety services including Fire and EMS may withdraw their equipment and personnel from the island.
- If conditions are severe, power and water systems could be shut down. If that were to happen we will communicate that message promptly.
- If you have special needs regarding medical assistance, contact the Disabilities Resource Center at (843) 225-5080.
- Charleston County Citizen Information Line is open 24 hours daily at 843-746-3900.
- For Freshfields Village store operations, visit



- Residents will not be allowed back into the town until deemed safe for reentry and authorized by the Mayor. We will release that information via our website email notifications, social media and CodeRED.
- Emergency teams will be evaluating through the duration of the event.


Hurricane Florence - Statement from Mayor Weaver

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During the past two days, the forecast for Kiawah has changed with each hurricane center update. Yesterday, we were planning for more prolonged tropical storm conditions. This morning the forecast is more positive. Since Kiawah is not expected to be impacted until late Saturday or Sunday, this will undoubtedly change again.

Based on the weather advice available to us, the town and KICA are planning for a storm scenario much like Hurricane Matthew two years ago. Some tropical storm winds, with higher gusts, and heavy rain. We are not expecting hurricane force winds and we are not expecting significant storm surge.

If you were on Kiawah two years ago, you will remember the impact from Matthew. We saw a great deal of debris from trees and other vegetation, a few uprooted trees, heavy street flooding, especially on the Parkway, and damage to the beach and walkovers. We did not see damage to structures, and because of the minimal storm surge, there was little flooding of homes.
The town and KICA are already coordinating to make a quick assessment of the island as soon as the weather clears and commence clean up, so residents can return as quickly as possible. Our goal is for an immediate return, but please recall that with Matthew work crews needed about 24 hours after the storm passed to get our major roads open, and electrical power did not return until after that.

The island is quiet. It appears that almost all residents have left, and all businesses are closed. Sheriff Deputies are stopping motorists at Betsy Kerrison, so the island is secured.

The town will continue to send out its regular updates each afternoon. We will update you on the forecast, conditions on the island, and information to help you plan for your post-storm return.

Berkeley Electric has urged residents of the islands to prepare for extended outages. This is especially important for members who have medical needs requiring power. Berkeley Electric Cooperative cannot guarantee uninterrupted power during a major outage and will not be able to provide a timeline for restoration until after the storm has passed and the damage to the system can be evaluated. We will keep you advised.

As I said in my message Tuesday, the forecast for this storm is fluid and we hope that all of this caution and planning is unnecessary. But we are continually reminded that this storm has been difficult to predict, and these expectations can change. You should be assured that the employees of the each of Kiawah's governing, business, and public safety organizations are prepared and working as a team to deal with whatever might occur.

Craig Weaver
Mayor, Town of Kiawah Island


Hurricane Florence Update - Island Access Restricted

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Hurricane Florence has shifted in the last 12 hours. While expected landfall is in North Carolina or the northeast quadrant of South Carolina, Charleston County is under a hurricane watch and is going to see severe weather conditions. Conditions are expected to deteriorate into Friday, with the effects of the storm lasting at least through Sunday. Kiawah could experience at least tropical force winds, with sustained wind speeds of 30-35 mph and wind gusts up to 75 mph.

Kiawah is likely to experience conditions similar to Hurricane Matthew. If you have not already evacuated, we encourage you to do so. If you choose to stay, you can expect power outages, large debris, downed trees and flooding on low lying roads.

Once the storm has passed the governor has to first lift the evacuation order and then the mayor has to announce island reentry date and time. Reentry will not be permitted until after damage assessment is complete. Remember after Matthew reentry was not allowed for 48 hours. Residents should plan on a similar situation if conditions are similar to Matthew.

Today at 5 p.m., Charleston County Sheriff Deputies will be restricting access to Kiawah and Seabrook islands to only property owners and essential staff. Deputies will establish a control point on Betsy Kerrison, just before the roundabout.

This restriction of public entry to the two islands will be in addition to KICA and Sheriff coverage on the island and provide evacuated residents greater assurance that the island and their homes are secure. If conditions warrant, critical public safety services including law enforcement, fire and EMS may withdrawal personnel from the island.

The town is in contact with Kiawah Island Utility and Berkeley Electric and we will pass long any information regarding their services.

Island Update:

- Commercial access to the island will end at close of business today.
- The Station is now closed but gas pumps will be left on for credit purchases as long as there is power to the island.
- KICA’s pond system has been set to max drainage since Tuesday. It typically takes 3-4 falling tide cycles to accomplish a significant draw down of water levels, as downstream ponds empty into the river, and then refill with water from upstream ponds. The overall system is draining, but each individual pond rises and falls throughout the process. It’s not unusual for large fish kills to occur as a result of this process.
- For Freshfields Village store operations, visit
- County traffic is not being restricted except on I-26.
- Please be aware there are already strong rip currents and high surf along the Atlantic Ocean. Please do not enter the water.
- Concurrent with the evacuation order and if condition warrant, critical public safety services including fire and EMS may withdrawal their equipment and personnel from the island.
- If conditions are severe, power and water systems could be shut down. If that were to happen we will communicate that message promptly.
- If you have special needs regarding medical assistance, contact the Disabilities Resource Center at (843) 225-5080.
- Charleston County Citizen Information Line is open 24 hours daily at 843-746-3900.


- Residents will not be allowed back into the Town until deemed safe for reentry and authorized by the mayor. We will release that information via our website (, email notifications, social media and CodeRED.
- Emergency teams will be evaluating through the duration of the event.


Hurricane Florence Updates and Information

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Yesterday, Governor McMaster issued a mandatory evacuation order for all South Carolina coastal communities including Kiawah, and I-26 lane reversals began at noon today.

This evacuation is in anticipation of Hurricane Florence making landfall on the Southeastern coast late Thursday or early Friday. While most models continue to show the hurricane tracking toward North Carolina, officials warn that the path could shift again, and dangerous tropical conditions may extend more than 100 miles from the center of the storm.

While we don’t know with certainty where landfall will occur, we encourage residents to comply with the evacuation order. An evacuation order means the following:

- Should conditions deteriorate, public safety personnel including Sheriff’s deputies, the fire department, and EMS will leave the island.
KICA and town staffing will diminish or cease as employees comply with the order and seek safety.
- The island could lose power, internet and other utilities, perhaps for an extended period.
- Portions of the island and surrounding area could be impassable for an extended period.
- Access to the island could be closed.

Official Evacuation Route:
- One benefit to early evacuation is that you may choose your own route. Now that the evacuation order is in effect, residents may be required to take the official evacuation route through Kiawah’s predetermined Zone.
- Kiawah/Seabrook Island is in ZONE A: Bohicket/Main Rd. to US 17. US 17 south to SC 64 to Walterboro, then to North Augusta.

KICA Update:
- In order to facilitate the governor’s mandatory evacuation, KICA’s Main Gate will maintain normal operations on Wednesday, Sept. 12 through the business day. If the mandatory evacuation is still in place at the close of business, the inbound gate will be closed and personnel will leave the island. Gate operations will resume as soon as the evacuation order is lifted and personnel can make it back to the island.
- At this time, Commercial Access will remain open as long as the gate is open.
- The Sandcastle is closed and all classes and events are canceled until further notice. It will reopen as soon as we’re able to get employees back to the island.
- KICA’s Administrative offices closed at noon today.
- KICA’s pond system has been set to max drainage since yesterday morning. It typically takes 3-4 falling tide cycles to accomplish a significant draw down of water levels, as downstream ponds empty into the river, and then refill with water from upstream ponds. The overall system is draining, but each individual pond rises and falls throughout the process. It’s not unusual for large fish kills to occur as a result of this process.

Island Update:
- Town offices closed at noon today.
- Trash collection is suspended for the rest of the week. Tentatively trash service will resume on Monday. Please make sure your cans are pulled in and secure.
- Kiawah Island Golf Resort facilities will close on a staggered schedule, with all resort operations closed by Wednesday afternoon.
Open for dinner tonight: Tomasso, Town Center Market, The Sanctuary
- Open for breakfast tomorrow: Jasmine Porch and Town Market
- The Station will be open through midafternoon Thursday after which the gas pumps will be left on for credit purchases as long as there is power to the island. Pumps will be filled each day as long as they can get out to the Station.
- If conditions are severe, power and water systems could be shut down.
- For Freshfields Village operation updates, visit


Important Message from Mayor Weaver on Hurricane Florence

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KICA works very closely with the Town of Kiawah Island (TOKI) and other agencies in preparation for storms or other emergencies, and we are posting this message on behalf of TOKI.

The order does not require that all residents leave the island by today at noon. If you have not already prepared, please take the necessary time to assure that your property is secure. Especially store or secure objects outdoors that might endanger other property in high winds and protect personal property at ground level that might be susceptible to localized flooding. It’s better to protect against all three potential effects of a storm - wind, rain and storm surge – than try to guess which of these, if any, Kiawah Island might experience.

Please don’t delay. At some point support from town, KICA, fire, EMS and law enforcement will diminish to minimum levels as these employees also comply with the evacuation order. Any town, KICA or public safety personnel that remain on the island will be focused only on critical operations and security. Similarly, local commercial operations will be winding down over the next day or two as well.

We will stay in continued contact with the providers of critical services, including water and sewer, power and communication. While each is committed to keeping their services operating, we know from our experience in previous weather events that these services, especially power and communications, are vulnerable to disruption, particularly if the island experiences extended heavy rain, higher than normal tides, or storm surge. Kiawah Island Utility and Berkeley Electric participate in the town’s emergency management process and we will inform you of any change affecting these provider’s services.

We and KICA will allow continued access onto the island for contractor and service personnel to assist residents in securing property, as long as weather conditions allow and as long as we have sufficient town, KICA and public safety support on the island. You should anticipate that at some point, as with both Hurricane Mathew and Tropical Storm Irma, we will close or restrict access onto Kiawah. This is done to better secure the island and your property while individual and commercial property owners are absent. We will issue a communication prior to taking this action. KICA will also communicate separately should they initiate any more restrictive measures affecting roads inside the main gate.

As in past weather events, our goal is to provide continual communication to our residents and property owners and we will keep up a regular communication schedule. Let’s hope that by the weekend the storm has passed, had little or no impact on Kiawah, and all this preparation will have been unnecessary. But let’s also remember that a tropical storm is unpredictable, and even if we are not in its direct path the effects can extend along a wide path.


Craig Weaver

Mayor, Town of Kiawah Island


Governor Issues Mandatory Evacuation Order

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Today at 2:30 p.m., Governor McMaster issued a mandatory evacuation order for all South Carolina coastal communities including Kiawah beginning tomorrow at 12 p.m., and I-26 lane reversals will begin at that time.

This evacuation is in anticipation of Hurricane Florence making landfall on the Southeastern coast later this week. While most models currently show the hurricane track has shifted toward toward North Carolina, officials warn that the path could shift again, and dangerous tropical conditions could extend more than 100 miles from the center of the storm.

While we don’t know with certainty where landfall will occur, we encourage residents to comply with the evacuation order. Once an order is issued, it means the following:

- Should conditions deteriorate, public safety personnel including Sherriff’s deputies, the fire department, and EMS will leave the island
- The island could lose power, internet, and other utilities, perhaps for an extended period
- Portions of the island and surrounding area could be impassable for an extended period
- Access to the island could be closed

Official Evacuation Route

- One benefit to early evacuation is that you may choose your own route. After the evacuation order is in effect, residents may be required to take the official evacuation route through a predetermined Zone.
- Kiawah/Seabrook Island is in ZONE A: Bohicket/Main Rd. to US 17. US 17 south to SC 64 to Walterboro, then to North Augusta.

KICA Update

- KICA’s Administrative offices will be open tomorrow, but other facilities including the Sandcastle will be closed so staff can execute shutdown plans.
- Security will remain on island as long as it is deemed safe and personnel are able to get to Kiawah. It is uncertain at this time how the lane reversals and evacuation order will impact our ability to get personnel to Kiawah, many of whom rely on I-26 to get to Kiawah.
- KICA’s pond system has been set to max drainage. It typically takes 3-4 falling tide cycles to accomplish a significant draw down of the ponds.
- Contractors will be allowed to access the island on Tuesday. It is possible that commercial access will be restricted at some point on Wednesday.

Island Update

- Town offices will be closed beginning tomorrow at 12:00 p.m.
- Trash collection is suspended for the rest of the week. Tentatively trash service will resume on Monday. Please make sure your cans are pulled in and secure.
- Kiawah Island Golf Resort facilities will close on a staggered schedule, with all resort operations closed by Wednesday afternoon.
- The Station will be open through mid-afternoon Thursday, after which the gas pumps will be left on for credit purchases as long as there is power to the island. Pumps will be filled each day as long as they can get out to the Station.
- If conditions are severe, power and water systems could be shut down.
- For Freshfields Village operation updates visit



Island Entities Monitor Hurricane Florence

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The Town of Kiawah Island, Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) and Charleston County Emergency Management officials are actively monitoring Hurricane Florence, which forecasters indicate could impact the South Carolina coast next week. The official report from the National Weather Service is that there is uncertainty about Florence’s path, making it difficult to determine what the impact will be.

The town has been informed by the Charleston County Emergency Operations Center that if the storm continues to track towards the South Carolina coast and increase in intensity, the governor will consider issuing an evacuation order as soon as Monday for affected coastal communities. We stress that a decision by the governor has not been made at this time. We will advise members promptly should this change.

The town and KICA are working together for advanced preparations in the event that our area would be directly affected. While KICA will continue to keep you updated if Hurricane Florence affects our coastline, we ask that you consult the National Hurricane Center and these other useful links for official information on the developing situation.

- National Weather Service
- Charleston County Emergency Management
- SC Emergency Management Division
- Live 5 News
- ABC News 4
- WCBD News 2
- Post and Courier


KICA Billing Is Going Paperless

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For the first time, KICA will be emailing all statements for KICA charges and assessments to the primary household member beginning Sept. 1. If your email address needs to be updated, or you would prefer to receive a mailed statement, please contact Member Services. This change will reduce paper waste and printing and mailing costs for KICA.

Contact Member Services at 843-768-9194 or


Kiawah Community Conversation Sessions

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All Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) members are invited to join us for a Kiawah Community Conversation. These community engagement sessions provide an opportunity for the board to learn property owners’ perceptions of the current and future direction of the community, which will help guide the association’s strategic planning.

David McNair, president of The McNair Group, will facilitate these meetings, and you’ll have a chance to register your thoughts and perspectives in a 'live response feedback’ that will establish priorities for discussion. We promise this will be engaging and informative. NOTE: please bring your smartphone to participate in live text voting.

Three community engagement sessions are scheduled, and spread over a period of months. The remaining session will be held in The Sandcastle ballroom on Thursday, Nov. 15 at 9 a.m.

Reservations are not required. We hope you will join us at one of these sessions and be a part of this ongoing conversation.



Water Usage Restrictions Lifted for Kiawah

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According to Kiawah Island Utility, the failed water line has been repaired and normal service has been restored to Kiawah, Seabrook and Johns islands. As such, members can resume normal water usage. Thank you for your cooperation.



Welcome to the Newly-Renovated Sandcastle

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DSC_0241 small

After eight months of renovations, The Sandcastle is welcoming members back. Stop by to have a dip in the beautiful oceanfront pool or the refreshed family pool, take a fitness class with an ocean view, or enjoy a relaxing beverage at the new bar. The Castle Grille and Sandbar are serving delicious food and beachy beverages by Cru Catering.

While the majority of the facility is open, a few components will have a phased opening:

- The new bath house adjacent to the adult pool will remain under construction for at least a more weeks. The bath house at the family pool will be open.

- Boardwalk 8B will remain closed until the bath house construction is complete. Boardwalk 8A is open.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate The Sandcastle's official grand opening is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 30 from 5:30 - 7 p.m.


Vote in Statewide Primary Elections - Tuesday, June 12

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Tuesday, June 12 | Kiawah Island Municipal Center | 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Statewide primaries will be underway Tuesday, June 12. While The Sandcastle is closed for renovations, the election will take place at Kiawah Island Municipal Center (4475 Betsy Kerrison Parkway).

Voters will be asked to provide one of the following photo IDs: S.C. Driver's License, ID Card issued by S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles, Federal Military ID  or U.S. Passport.

For more information regarding the state primaries, please visit or the Charleston County Board of Elections and Voter Registration.


Help Build the Board on the KICA Nominating Committee

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KICA is looking for a small group of members to help build and maintain a board that has the talent, skill and diversity to provide effective governance for the community. Building the Nominating Committee is the first step in preparations to replace two board directors when their terms end in March 2019.

Committee work for the 2019 election will begin with the appointment of the committee at the July 2 Board of Directors meeting. Times and dates of meetings will be determined once the committee is established. September and October are anticipated to be the most active months. The deadline to volunteer for the Nominating Committee is Monday, June 25.

The nominating committee will have two main tasks:

Identify, solicit and interview candidates - The committee will work to identify qualified candidates who will consider running for a board seat. If unique skills (i.e. finance, legal, engineering, etc.) or if a segment such as full-time residents or club members are under (or over) represented, the committee will seek candidates with these skills and characteristics. In meeting with potential candidates the committee will explore their skills, experiences and qualifications. It will also develop a sense of candidate's interpersonal skills and ability to work in the board setting.

Recommend candidates - It is important to have a board whose overall makeup provides necessary skills and experiences and with varied perspectives to provide KICA with highly-functioning governance. The committee will provide its recommendation for candidates it considers the best potential members. Potentially, more candidates will run than there are seats available. In that case, the committee may provide recommendations for all or only some of the candidates.

To read more about the Nominating Committee and its work or to find out how you can become a member, visit


Complete a Brief Poll on KICA Major Repairs and Maintenance

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In January, Digest launched the first in a series of articles and surveys on the core services provided by KICA. While big projects such as the Sandcastle renovation are exciting, execution of a set of basic responsibilities is the backbone of the community. The purpose of this series is to inform, but also to gain broad-based feedback from our members via brief surveys.

The June Digest featured the third article in this series, focusing on Major Repairs and Maintenance. Read the article online.

As with the first two articles in the series about Security and Safety and Land and Lakes, KICA asks members to take a moment to answer a few questions regarding KICA's Major Repairs and Maintenance.

Please complete this brief poll online and help KICA continue to plan for the future and better serve its members.


KICA Annual Report Now Available Online

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For many years KICA’s Annual Report was included with the Annual Meeting election materials. This report was more of a “year in review,” focusing on the association’s major projects and accomplishments throughout the prior year. This year, the report focuses solely on financial information and was moved to a later distribution date so that any figures were based on the approved audited financial statements made available in the spring.

View the 2017 KICA Annual Report.

The 2017 Audited Financial Statements, along with other financial information, can be viewed at To view the full Treasurer's Report presentation from the 2018 Annual Meeting, visit


KICA Board Solicits Community Input on Draft Investment Policy

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Review the draft policy.

Over the last several months, the KICA Finance Committee has worked to craft a new Investment Policy Statement to govern the manner in which the community's reserve funds are invested. At last week's meeting, the committee voted unanimously to send this draft to the KICA board for consideration. KICA's standard procedure is to share policy drafts with the community for input prior to making a final decision. After reviewing the attached draft, if you wish to share any comments, please send them to no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 2.

KICA funds major repair expenses (planned repair and replacement of roads, bridges, drainage, etc. - not unplanned major expenses such as storms) from three primary sources:

Contributions to Reserves (CTR's): CTR's are transfer fees on real estate sales, and represented 43% of reserve fund revenue in 2017.

The Reserve Assessment: Formally referred to as the Supplemental Annual Assessment, this assessment is billed to all members along with the Annual Assessment. It represented 39% of reserve fund revenue in 2017.

Commercial Access Fees: Commercial Access Fees are charged to contractors and other service providers who perform work on Kiawah Island. Beginning in 2017, a portion of these fees was allocated to the reserve fund for major repairs. They represented 14% of total reserve fund revenue.

The remaining revenue (4% of total in 2017) is provided by investment income.

In some years these revenue sources are sufficient to cover all reserve expenses. However, there are times when expenses exceed revenue, and reserve funds are needed to make up the difference. Having a healthy reserve is the best way to avoid special assessments, and KICA's reserve stands at $7.5 million today.

KICA's investments have historically been held primarily in cash and money market accounts, though in recent years the association has built a small ($3.8 million) laddered portfolio of high quality, "A" rated or better corporate bonds. This strategy has improved KICA's investment returns, but not enough to keep pace with inflation. Continued losses in purchasing power could have a significant negative impact on KICA's reserve funds over time.

The Finance Committee has drafted a new investment policy with the goal of keeping up with inflation. The committee believes this can be accomplished by investing approximately 70% of the funds in fixed income investments similar to what we have done in the past (individual investment grade bonds with maturity of 10 years or less) and 30% in equities (active and indexed mutual funds, no individual stocks or alternative investments). This balanced investing strategy has historically been very effective (it has never lost money over a 5-year period), although it would be subject to some moderate level of risk and volatility. More aggressive approaches weren't deemed necessary to meet KICA's objectives.

The management of the portfolio (within policy guidelines) will be the responsibility of Moneta Group. This firm has done an outstanding job managing KICA employees' 401K funds, and was selected after an extensive review process by the Finance Committee and Board of Directors.

Thank you in advance for your input. Any decisions on this topic will be reported after the May Board meeting.

Review the draft policy.


Proposed Duneside Road Connection: Letter From the KICA Board and COO

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The six elected members of the KICA Board of Directors previously expressed their opposition to Kiawah Partners' proposal to create vehicular connection between Beachwalker Drive and Duneside Road. For those unfamiliar with the proposal, KICA's prior communication on this matter can be read here. Yesterday, KICA sent a letter to the Town of Kiawah Island Planning Commission that states the following:

March 29, 2018

Town of Kiawah Island Planning Commission
Attn: Fred Peterson, Chairman
4475 Betsy Kerrison Parkway
Kiawah Island, South Carolina 29455

Dear Mr. Peterson and Commission Members,

The April 4, 2018 Planning Commission agenda includes an item related to a final plat associated with Kiawah Partners' development of parcels on the west end of the island. Given the community reaction to this matter, I am certain you are aware of it. The Kiawah Island Community Association elected board previously went on public record expressing their opposition to the substantial change of the final plat, and shares the many concerns that have been expressed by community members.

The purpose of this correspondence, however, is to transmit official notice that the properties in question are encumbered by recorded convents and restrictions. Furthermore, the covenants are contrary to, conflict with, and perhaps even prohibit the permitted activity. South Carolina statute 6-29-1145 states that a planning agency, upon notice of such a conflict, may not issue a permit until it has received confirmation from the applicant that the restrictive covenant has been released for the tract or parcel of land by action of the appropriate authority or property holders or by court order.

KICA's covenants establish a number of functions and responsibilities, including the provision of security services, the operation of guardhouses, the ownership and maintenance of its common properties, and other authorized services. Buyers for 40+ years have relied on these covenants, and property values have most likely benefited from their existence, along with the exclusivity and security provided by a gated community.

Were the Town of Kiawah Island Planning Commission to approve this plat, and approve a second entry point to the island, it would have essentially created a perpetual unfunded mandate for the association and its members to construct and operate a guardhouse. Failure to do so would eliminate controlled access to the island, thereby exposing the association to claims for breaching the functions and responsibilities imposed by the KICA covenants.

In closing, thank you for your service to the community, and please know that I sign this letter on behalf of the six elected members of the KICA board who unanimously support this position.


Jimmy Bailey

Jimmy Bailey, Jr.
Chief Operating Officer


Introducing Around Kiawah - A New Way for Members to Connect

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Subscribe to Around Kiawah today!

Introducing Around Kiawah, KICA's new member-to member email discussion group. Around Kiawah offers a four-in-one platform; subscribe to just one topic category, all four, or anywhere in between. Select from events, classifieds, property services and discussions.

Subscribe by completing the brief form at so your property membership can be verified, and review and accept the terms of use. After verification, you'll receive notice to validate your email address, and you're on your way.

This unmoderated discussion platform will replace the outdated KICA-List platform. Assuming most users of our former KICAList will move to Around Kiawah, there may initially be a slight delay in verifying property ownership. After the initial phase, verification is expected to be prompt. KICA-List will be phased out on May 1, 2018.

For more information or to sign-up for Around Kiawah, visit


April Digest: Details on Resort Improvements | Update on Sandcastle Renovations

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The April 2018 Digest is Now Available Online!

In this issue, get details on exciting new enhancements coming to the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, including a new beachfront hotel, conference center, Cougar Point Clubhouse, and other additions. Also, get the latest on the Sandcastle renovations, hear from new KICA Chair Ben Cheatham, learn about Around Kiawah - a new way for members to connect with one another - and more.

Read the April issue...

In this issue:

- Cover Story: Resort Announces New Hotel, Additional Improvements
- Annual Meeting: New Directors Elected, Covenant Amendment Passes
- Message From New Board Chair Ben Cheatham
- Exciting Progress on The Sandcastle Beach Experience
- April and May Community Events
- Ernst and Young Gifts $20,000 to KCF to Support Students
- Kiawah Cares Wants to Know What You Think
- Learn From the Experts at the Landscape Symposium and Plant Sale
- KICA Launches Around Kiawah, A New Way for Members to Connect


Proposed Road Connection in Duneside Area - March 5 Update

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At the March 5 meeting of the KICA Board of Directors, COO Jimmy Bailey reported that the six elected directors are opposed to a recent proposal by Kiawah Partners (KP) to create vehicular access to the island between Beachwalker Drive and Duneside Road. The seventh director is a developer-appointed seat.

KP, which sold an almost 3.5 acre tract near the end of Beachwalker Drive to Timbers Kiawah last year, contends that traffic on Beachwalker Drive prevents convenient access to Timbers and to future developments on Beachwalker, necessitating the connection. Duneside is presently a dead-end road which serves Sparrow Pond and Duneside Cottages. These regimes and others have expressed numerous concerns about traffic, safety and livability issues, and are vigorously opposed to the proposal.

Bailey also stated that a recent Island Connection article reporting that KICA is behind this proposal, and that the Kiawah Island Architectural Review Board (ARB) is a function of KICA, is inaccurate. KICA did not propose these changes, and the ARB remains a function of KP, the master developer.

The proposal is expected to go before the Town of Kiawah Island Planning Commission at its April 4 meeting, which will be at 3 p.m. at Town Hall, 4475 Betsy Kerrison. Check the town's website for meeting agendas, changes, etc.

KICA will continue to update members as information is available.


Proposed Road Connection in Duneside Area - Feb. 22 Update

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On Feb. 21, Town of Kiawah Island Mayor Craig Weaver issued a statement about a plan by Kiawah Partners (KP) to extend Duneside Road to the Timbers property in West Beach, and create an additional security gate and access point to the island. In his statement, Mayor Weaver indicated that the town's Planning Commission would defer action on the proposal until April, giving all parties, as well as the community, more time to understand the issue and provide input. Read the mayor's statement here.

Opening the road is a reversal of KP's prior commitment that this location would not serve vehicular traffic. KICA's five property owner elected directors met earlier this week by phone to discuss concerns expressed by community members, as well as KICA's role and legal rights associated with this issue. The elected board shares in the frustration and disappointment expressed by many that this has occurred. However, its primary focus is on assessing the traffic, safety and security implications, as well as what legal authority KICA has to influence the situation. In that regard, the deed that conveyed the road to KICA in 1982 includes certain reserved rights for the developer, including the right "to use the aforesaid property for purposes of ingress and egress and the right to cross and recross the said property." View a copy of the deed.

The one month delay announced yesterday by Mayor Weaver gives KICA leadership and the community some time to understand the proposal, and offer input. As KICA continues conversations with Kiawah Partners, we'd like to hear from you. We invite members to make comments at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting next Friday, March 2 at 2 p.m. Please note that due to construction at The Sandcastle, the meeting is being held at the new Town Hall on Betsy Kerrison. All board members and key staff will be in attendance, and it will be a good time to offer your perspectives. Like many of you, we're still trying to understand the implications associated with this.


KICA, Kiawah Partners and Conservancy Finalize Parcel Trade Agreement

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On Thursday, Dec. 7, representatives from KICA, Kiawah Partners (KP) and the Kiawah Conservancy officially signed and executed the Parcel Trade Agreement. The agreement was approved by vote of the membership in September, with 87% of the voters supporting the trade.

Representatives from KICA, KP and the Conservancy Signed the Parcel Trade Agreement on Dec. 7, 2017.

"We would like to thank everyone who helped make this trade a reality," said KICA COO Jimmy Bailey. "This agreement is not just beneficial to KICA, but to the entire Kiawah community."

Part of the agreement included KP granting the Kiawah Conservancy a favorable purchase option on a 6.2-acre parcel directly across from Kiawah Island Real Estate that has zoning and development rights for 19 units. As was announced by the Conservancy earlier today (view full announcement), they have officially raised enough funds to purchase the land.

"We would like to congratulate the Conservancy and the community for raising the necessary funds to protect this parcel of land," said Bailey. "This transaction, along with the two parcels acquired by KICA through the vote, will help protect the entrance to our island in perpetuity."

For more details and background on the Parcel Trade agreement, visit


Get A Sneak Peek at The Sandcastle Renovation Project

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Construction at The Sandcastle is really coming along! We were lucky enough to get a look at the progress on Thursday, Dec. 7. The majority of work so far has been focussed on the entry way and first floor fitness space (which is being completely reimagined to add additional space and eventually provide gorgeous ocean views!).

For the latest updates on the project, follow KICA on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for our weekly news emails.


View the 2018 Budget Presentation

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KICA COO Jimmy Bailey presented the 2018 budget for approval at the Nov. 6 board meeting. This presentation highlighted the variety of concerns and considerations taken into account during budget creation.

View the presentation.

Hear Jimmy Bailey's comments and explanations of the presentation by watching on the KICA YouTube Channel.


Keep Our Turtles Safe: Lights Out May - October

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Loggerhead sea turtle nesting season is in full swing. Nesting activity typically begins in mid-May, and female turtles will continue coming ashore to nest until August. Nests will begin hatching in July and finish by October.

During nesting season, it’s important that we do all we can to protect this threatened species from any further perils. To avoid unintentional harm to these beautiful creatures, follow these tips during nesting season:

-If your property is visible from the beach, turn out all exterior lights (flood and deck) from dusk to dawn.
-If any interior lights are visible from the beach or cast light on the beach, close blinds or drapes at 9 p.m. or turn them off.
-Flashlights should not be used on the beach at night during nesting season. Do not carry flashlights or play flashlight tag on the beach.
-Fill in large holes dug on the beach at the end of the day, as adults and hatchling sea turtles can become trapped in them.
-Observe sea turtles quietly from a distance - never disturb a nesting sea turtle or hatchlings.
-Do not shine lights on a sea turtle, including cell phones and flash photography.

Help keep Kiawah special and our turtles safe by following these guidelines or sharing them with family, friends and vacation rental guests. Learn more about Kiawah’s Loggerhead population.


Boardwalk Policy Update for High Density Areas

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During Hurricane Matthew, KICA received damage to 23 of its 25 boardwalks. Our general maintenance team was able to get some of these boardwalks re-opened with minor repairs. The timeline for boardwalks requiring extensive repairs is somewhat longer, though all involved have been extremely cooperative in order to expedite this important work.

KICA uses a consulting structural engineer to ensure what we build is safe and will withstand many years of “normal” wear and tear. Once that work is complete, it then goes through the approval process with the Architectural Review Board (ARB) and the Town of Kiawah Island (TOKI). This ensures TOKI’s ordinances are followed, as well as the regulations imposed by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (SC DHEC-OCRM).

Current Status

We initially placed the priority on boardwalks in the area of Eugenia Avenue to Windswept, as this was an area where KICA had no open boardwalks.

- As of Feb. 15, KICA has completed construction on boardwalks 8A, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16.
- We just received approvals on 7, 10, 29, 31 and 33, and are proceeding to contract shortly.
- Our other boardwalks remain in design.

KICA has been and will continue to send weekly updates on its boardwalk repairs in the Thursday email update to the membership. (Access the Beach With Safety)

Policies and Regulations

In building the beach boardwalks, KICA adheres to design regulations specified by the ARB, TOKI and SC DHEC-OCRM. To comply with these regulations, boardwalks must meet the beach perpendicular to the shore and within 10 feet of the primary dune. In the five years preceding the storm, we had rebuilt 22 of our boardwalks (approx. $1 million) and were fortunate that significant accretion of the beach resulted in a dune profile suitable for ramps in most locations. Unfortunately, those dunes are gone – along with the bulk of the previous five years’ investment. This loss has necessitated we use steps as a repair solution in many locations.

We are not permitted, under normal regulations, to run a boardwalk parallel to the shore and dune line, and must seek an exception for this type of construction. Our preference is to build ramps perpendicular to the shore where the dune profile accommodates this type of design; however, Hurricane Matthew has caused us to consider new guidelines that provide an objective way to determine where exceptions should be considered.

One of those new guidelines considers the density of property located near a boardwalk. Areas where larger than average numbers of KICA member properties are concentrated in close proximity will be given extra consideration for ramps. This will result in our applying for ramps at boardwalks 8B, 22, and 27.  As the map image below indicates, these are high density areas and we believe exceptions are warranted:

High Density Boardwalk Locations


Tips and Information About Alligator Safety on Kiawah Island

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Alligators are a common sight on Kiawah Island and can be found in just about every pond on the island. Almost everyone who lives, works or visits our island has seen these animals. Now that spring is here, alligators have become much more active and visible and have resumed feeding after the cold winter months. While alligators can appear lethargic and docile, they are capable of great speed, power and agility, especially when pursuing prey.

In early April, an alligator on the western end of the island caught and killed a dog that had escaped from a nearby home. This unfortunate incident is a staunch reminder that alligators are potentially dangerous animals and should always be treated with respect. It is also a reminder to keep pets on a leash at all times on the island (as required by Town Ordinance) and to keep them away from ponds and pond edges.

In light of the recent incident, we ask that all island residents and visitors review and adhere to the following safety rules for alligators listed below. We have also included a short FAQ with answers to the most common questions regarding alligators on Kiawah Island.

Alligator Safety Rules

-Never approach an alligator. Maintain a distance of 60 feet from alligators unless on an elevated dock or boardwalk.

-Do not feed alligators.

-Do not poke, prod, throw things at or otherwise harass alligators.

-Do not throw fish scraps or bait into ponds when fishing or crabbing.

-Keep children and pets out of ponds and away from pond edges.

-Do not approach alligator nests or hatchlings. Female alligators are very vigilant and protective of their young.

-Do not retrieve golf balls that land in ponds or near an alligator; take a drop.

-Do not attempt to pick up or handle an alligator for any reason.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How common are dog/alligator incidents on Kiawah Island?
Uncommon. Over the last 20 years, Kiawah has averaged about one incident every three years.  Most incidents have occurred when dogs accidentally, or unknowingly, escaped from their owners and entered ponds or approached a pond edge.

How common are human/alligator incidents on Kiawah Island?
Alligators do not view people as prey and incidents are extremely rare.  There have been two minor incidents on Kiawah Island in the last 40 years.  Both of these incidents could have been easily avoided if safety rules had been followed.  Statewide, there have been a number of documented incidents, but never a fatality.

How many alligators live on Kiawah Island?
Approximately 600 - 700 alligators live on Kiawah.  Kiawah’s alligator population is allowed to fluctuate naturally and has remained stable over the last 10 years.   It is safe to assume that there is at least one alligator, usually more, in every water body on the island.

What is a nuisance alligator?
A nuisance alligator is an individual alligator that has become a significant public safety risk.  This typically occurs when an alligator has been fed and has lost its inherent fear of people.  All reports of nuisance alligators are evaluated by island biologists.  If the alligator meets the nuisance alligator criteria, it is captured and killed using "nuisance" tags issued by SCDNR.  There is no other harvest or removal of alligators on Kiawah Island.

If an alligator approaches me while fishing or crabbing what should I do?

Use caution and remove your lines from the water.  If an alligator is hooked on your line, cut the line immediately.  Report the incident to the Town of Kiawah Island (843-768-9166) during normal business hours or to KICA Security (843-768-5566) at all other times.

Why are alligators important to Kiawah Island?
Alligators have been on earth for almost 100 million years and are a vital part of the delicate Kiawah Island ecosystem.  Young alligators provide food for many species of birds and mammals, larger alligators help control populations of prey species, and abandoned “gator holes” or wallows provide critical freshwater habitat for countless species of animals.  Their presence is an indicator of the health of the island’s lakes and ponds and the island itself.


Call KICA to Request Backflow System Inspections

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Did you know KICA offers, at request only, the expertise of its irrigation technicians for basic backflow testing and repairs?

Backflow prevention devices are used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. Kiawah Island Utility requires residential water systems be tested every two years to ensure that they are working properly.

Please note that this is a service offered on-demand by KICA. To receive a backflow inspection, you must contact KICA and schedule the service in advance.

Cost of Services

  • Basic Backflow Certification: $60
  • KICA's technicians can make the repairs, when needed, for $37.50 per hour, plus the cost of materials. A one hour minimum charge applies ($37.50). After one hour, the cost is $18.75 per half hour or $37.50 per hour.

Request Backflow Certification Services
Email or call 843-768-9194 to schedule an appointment. Services will be billed to your existing KICA member account and invoiced to you.


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All members with a mobile phone number on file are automatically subscribed to these alerts. If you need to update or add your mobile number to our database, email If you wish to unsubscribe from this service, email with your name and mobile number to be removed.

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KICA Launches Member Referral Directory

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Find fast and friendly business referrals in the new Member Referral Directory. Explore a variety of services - from home to auto to health and more - rated by your Kiawah friends and neighbors.

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