View the Feb. 9 update on boardwalk construction and policy. 

BW 8-A (Sandcastle Pool Deck) is Currently Closed Due to Sandcastle Renovations

The following community boardwalks are open:

BW-1 (Duneside Villas) – ramp
BW-7 (Seascape Villas) – ramp
BW 8-B (Between Sandcastle and Eugenia Ave) – ramp
BW-9 (Between 7 and 9 Eugenia Ave)
BW-10 (Eugenia at Surfwatch Rd) – ramp
BW-12 (Eugenia at Low Oak Woods Rd)
BW-14 (Between 61-B and 63-A Eugenia Ave)
BW-15 (Between 69 and 71 Eugenia Ave)
BW-16 (Between Eugenia Ave and Mariners Watch)
BW-22 (Windswept Villas) – ramp
BW-27 (End of Turtle Beach Ln) – ramp
BW-29 (Between Atlantic Beach Ct and Nicklaus Ln)
BW-31 (Between 341 and 342 Surfsong Rd) – ramp
BW-32 (Between 55 and 56 Surfsong Rd) – ramp
BW-33 (Between 63 and 64 Surfsong Rd)
BW-35 (Jackstay Ct)
BW-40 (Between Sand Fiddler Ct and Ocean Marsh Rd) – ramp

Some of these boardwalks will still need some modifications, but they are open for use. The boardwalks with ramps are indicated above.

View an interactive map to locate a boardwalk.

All leisure trails will be open, beginning Saturday, Sept. 23.

Members should still use caution on these trails and avoid areas that are barricaded off for their safety.