A Subculture of Its Own

On Kiawah Island, there are more than 31 regimes made up of over 286 homes, 371 cottages and 1,075 villas. Interests of these regime members are advanced through the Kiawah Regime Council (KRC).

Kiawah Regime Council


  • The Kiawah Regime Council (KRC) is committed to providing access to ideas and information to all regime members for the maintenance, protection and enjoyment of their regime properties. KRC members and subcommittees have undertaken the investigation of numerous items including: new technologies and materials available for use in construction and support of regime properties; reserve requirements; mortgage financing; and regulation of rental guests.  The subcommittees not only have investigated these important concerns, they implemented measures designed to improve the quality of regime residency and ownership. KRC is open to all Kiawah Island property owners owning property living in regimes, and we invite you to attend our bi-annual meetings.