3:00 pm

Our World – Regenerative Medicine

The Sandcastle

Regenerative Medicine with Stephen Duncan

Dr. Stephen Duncan looks for the diseases that don’t affect many people, especially those  for which there are few, if any, effective drugs.  A leader in the emerging field of “personalized and regenerative medicine,” Dr. Duncan is focused on the use of  the body’s own stem cells to fight disease.
From his lab at the Medical University, he leads a path-breaking team of researchers who are moving into the next level in medical care.   What does the future hold for this new and exciting approach to medicine and what might it mean for your care?

Our World is a complimentary educational lecture series produced by KICA that provides members with presentations by local experts on a wide variety of subjects. A light selection of wine and cheese will be provided and members are encouraged to interact with speakers following their discussions.

Please RSVP to KICA Recreation (843-768-3875 or sandcastle@kica.us) by the day before the presentation.