1:00 pm

KICA Board Meeting

All KICA members are invited to attend the bi-monthly board meetings. These meetings are held at the Sandcastle on Mondays (every other month) at 1 p.m. with member comments sessions held before and after the meeting.

Meeting dates, times and locations are subject to change. Please call KICA toll-free at (866)226-1770 or locally at (843)768-9194 if you plan to attend to confirm a date, time and location.

To attend the meeting via telephone conference, call 1-866-365-4406. You will be asked for an access code, which is 7689194 followed by the pound (#) sign.

You will be put on hold with music until the staff liaison completes a similar process. If the staff liaison has already begun the call, the you will be placed directly into the conference call.