Keep Our Turtles Safe: Lights Out May – October

Loggerhead sea turtle nesting season is in full swing. Nesting activity typically begins in mid-May, and female turtles will continue coming ashore to nest until August. Nests will begin hatching in July and finish by October.

During nesting season, it’s important that we do all we can to protect this threatened species from any further perils. To avoid unintentional harm to these beautiful creatures, follow these tips during nesting season:

-If your property is visible from the beach, turn out all exterior lights (flood and deck) from dusk to dawn.
-If any interior lights are visible from the beach or cast light on the beach, close blinds or drapes at 9 p.m. or turn them off.
-Flashlights should not be used on the beach at night during nesting season. Do not carry flashlights or play flashlight tag on the beach.
-Fill in large holes dug on the beach at the end of the day, as adults and hatchling sea turtles can become trapped in them.
-Observe sea turtles quietly from a distance – never disturb a nesting sea turtle or hatchlings.
-Do not shine lights on a sea turtle, including cell phones and flash photography.

Help keep Kiawah special and our turtles safe by following these guidelines or sharing them with family, friends and vacation rental guests. Learn more about Kiawah’s Loggerhead population.


KICA Seeks Feedback on Member Forum Options

Last month, KICA announced its commitment to providing an unfiltered member forum for information sharing, discussion and general announcements. Two options (described briefly below) are being reviewed as potential solutions, and KICA would like your input. The options being considered are:

– A listserv, like the iKiawah list or an unfiltered version of the KICAlist
– A third-party product, such as Nextdoor or Front Porch Forum

Please take this short survey and get involved in the process by submitting your suggestions.


Pay Assessments Online With PSN

Did you know you can pay your assessments online? KICA annual assessment statements were mailed in December, and payment can be securely processed by Payment Service Network (PSN). PSN is able to take payments for items such as assessments, shuttle services, Sandcastle fees, etc., with no additional fee.

The statement includes a 2016 additional Supplemental Hurricane Assessment of $250 (improved) or $125 (unimproved), as well as the standard 2017 Annual Assessment. Payments are due by Jan. 31, 2017.

In the required “Client ID” field, enter the “Customer ID” number (C-*****), which is located at the top right of your statement.

For more information please see What Are My Assessments For and Hurricane Matthew Supplemental Assessment.

Please note that Payment Services Network, rather than KICA, will appear on your statement. If you have any questions, contact KICA’s Accounting Department at 843-768-9194 or accounting@kica.us.



KICA Hires New Director of Finance, Jane Ovenden

This spring, one of KICA’s senior management positions opened as Director of Finance Deborah Retalis accepted another opportunity. Interest in the position was strong and, after weeks of consideration, Jane Ovenden, a CPA with 30 years in public accounting, has been hired as the association’s new director of finance. She will join KICA on June 6.

Since 2012, Ovenden has served as senior director of operations with the Spartanburg (SC) Regional Healthcare System Foundation. In this position, she oversaw financial reporting and audits, operating budget, treasury functions and donor-related reporting for the foundation, which had net assets in excess of $40 million.

Prior to 2012, she worked as controller for the Spartanburg Humane Society, and as a tax manager for Dixon Hughes. She is well-versed in fund accounting and Financial Edge, both of which are employed by KICA.

Ovenden, a Clemson native, is a summa cum laude and Phi Betta Kappa graduate of Wofford College, with a double major in accounting and humanities. She is a member of AICPA and the SCACPA. Her nonprofit experience includes serving as controller for the Spartanburg Humane Society.

“Finance is a vital function to KICA,” said COO Jimmy Bailey. “We are excited to welcome such a highly qualified individual to the KICA team.”


Kiawah Island Utility Moves Forward With Sale

Kiawah Island Utility’s (KIU) parent company, KIU Holdings, was recently purchased by SouthWest Water Company, a nationwide water and wastewater utility. Established in 1925, SouthWest Water Company is a privately-owned American water company with resources that utilize local management and decision making to own, operate and manage regulated water and wastewater utility systems serving over 500,000 customers nationwide.

KIU will continue to provide the same high-quality water and wastewater services to its customers. Local management will remain in place, ensuring a seamless transition. KIU will be overseen by SouthWest Water Company and will continue to be regulated by the South Carolina Public Service Commission,.

KIU has cleared all hurdles and executed contracts with construction companies to install the new water supply line, providing a needed alternate water supply to the island. The new line will benefit the community in several ways, including redundancy for emergency supply.

RH Moore Company, Inc., in concert with the Mears Group, will install the pipe on the island. The route only impacts some locations on Marsh Island Drive and Sweet Gum, along with a short section of Governor’s Drive in that area. Construction should begin soon and be completed within 150 calendar days.


KICA Service Makes it Easier to Find Answers

KICA encourages members to “Just Ask”

Kiawah can be a confusing place with different entities responsible for different things. Sometimes, you might not know who can best answer a question or help with a problem. KICA staff do their best to know what’s on your mind, but when you have a question, it’s best to Just Ask. 

From now on, it will be easier than ever to find the answer to your question. If you’re not sure who to contact, simply send an email to justask@kica.us. From there, your question, comment or concern will be directly routed to the correct person or department. Don’t worry about who does what or where to send your question – Just Ask.

So, if you’re on the driving range, at bridge club or enjoying happy hour and hear a Kiawah related question, encourage people to just ask. KICA is eager to help.


Pay KICA Assessments and Fees Online

Did you know you can pay your assessments online? KICA uses Payment Service Network (PSN) to securely process member payments, such as assessments, shuttle services, Sandcastle fees, etc.

Note: There is NO additional fee or surcharge for online payments.

Pay your assessments online via PSN.

Please note that Payment Services Network, rather than KICA, will appear on your statement. If you have any questions, contact KICA’s Accounting Department at (843)768-9194 or accounting@kica.us.