October Digest – COO Reviews Hurricane Dorian

“This kind of note seems like an annual occurrence for me now. Each year since 2015, we’ve had a storm event impact the island in some way – a 1000-year flood, hurricanes and tropical storms, and even an unprecedented snowstorm. I’m grateful to report that the island as a whole fared well in Hurricane Dorian. While we had a big mess to clean up, island facilities, infrastructure, and homes were spared significant damage.”
Read COO Jimmy Bailey’s letter focusing on Hurricane Dorian in the October issue of Digest. The issue also features an introduction to the work of KICA’s water management task forces, and a look at October’s many exciting events, including the annual favorite Dogtoberfest.
Read the October issue of Digest.


Post Hurricane Dorian Information

Updates and Reopenings

Thursday, Sept. 12 at 9 a.m.


Cleanup Update

Significant progress has been made on island debris cleanup, however there is much more to do and these efforts will continue through the week.

Please be cautious and limit traffic on roads and leisure trails. You’ll see cleanup crews throughout the island and large piles of debris awaiting pickup. We ask for your patience as we work to clear side-streets, boardwalks and trails. For your safety, please do not use trails that have not been cleared. Boardwalks 1-22 are clear.


Berkeley Electric has restored power to all of properties on Kiawah.

Debris Removal

Important Guidelines for Debris Collection

– Place debris piles at the curb – close to the road (not in the road)
– Do not block fire hydrants, cable or electrical boxes.
– Loose debris must be placed in paper bags. Large tree debris that requires the use of a landscape contractor must be removed by the contractor.
– Regimes may also place their debris at the curb – close to the road (not in the road).

Zone 1 Collection Dates – Sept. 13 – 15
Kiawah Island Parkway to V gate, includes all streets in this zone.

Zone 2 Collection Dates – Sept. 16 – 18
V gate to the intersection of Surfsong and Flyway Dr., includes all streets in this zone.

Zone 3 Collection Dates – Sept. 19 – 21
Flyway Dr. and Governors Dr. ending at the intersection of Flyway and Ocean Course Dr., includes all streets within this zone.

Zone 4 Collection Dates – Sept. 22 – 24
The Preserve, Salt Cedar, and all of the finger islands (Summer Island, Cormorant Island, Otter Island, Ocean Course, Ocean Park).

Following the schedule above, there will be an additional collection of all zones until completion. We appreciate your patience as crews work through the island.

Trash and Recycling Collection

For the next two weeks (week of Sept. 9 and Sept. 16) trash collection will be doubled. For property owners that have Monday collection, trash will be collected Monday and Thursday. For those that have Tuesday collection, trash will be collected Tuesday and Friday. If you are unsure about your collection day click here. Recycling will be collected on Wednesday island wide.




Trash Collection – Monday, Sept. 2

UPDATE: As of Sunday, Sept. 1, an evacuation order has been issued for coastal counties in ZONE A. As as result, trash collection will be suspended after collection on Monday, Sept. 2.

The Town of Kiawah Island has arranged for our solid waste provider to collect trash on Monday, Sept. 2 starting at 6 a.m. despite the holiday.

As a reminder, trash collection takes place on either Monday or Tuesday depending on the street. If you are unsure if your collection day, click here. Trash cans must be out on the street by 6 a.m. to ensure collection. If you have backdoor service, please make sure cans are accessible.

Overflow garbage, recycling, and cardboard can be taken to the large capacity compactors at the Kestrel Court Recycling Center. Containers are material specific and signage is posted to help residents identify what containers to use.


Find a Group That Fits Your Passion in September Digest

It would be easy to spend all your time on the island walking the beach, biking the leisure trails or visiting area restaurants and never feel like you were missing out. But did you know that Kiawah has a vibrant social scene of member-led groups and clubs, including one or two for every hobby or passion?

Learn about Kiawah’s member-led groups and clubs, meet KICA’s new director of Land and Lakes, and look back on KICA’s former director, who retired in May after nearly 28 years in the September issue of Digest.

NOTE – The mailing of September’s issue of Digest was delayed due to postal service closures for Hurricane Dorian.


Triathlon Info for Community Members

Race Date: Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019
Race Venue: Night Heron Park
Event Time: 7:30am – 12pm
Participants: 420 Athletes
Race Maps and Information Sheet

How to Safely Pass a Cyclist on the Road:
1. Slow Down – Ensure that you have enough time to fully access the road and traffic conditions prior to executing a safe pass. Lower speed also gives you more time to react, should conditions change.
2. Look and Wait for Other Traffic – You’ll need space in the next lane in order to pass, so look for a safe gap in that traffic and wait as required. Some bicyclists will hug the right edge of the road in an effort to stay as far away from other traffic- don’t misinterpret this as an invitation to pass in the same narrow lane.
3. Change Lanes to Pass – Once you have an adequate gap in traffic in the next lane, move completely into that lane. This will give the bicyclist a safe buffer and the room they need to maneuver for maintaining balance and avoiding surface hazards.
4. Do Not Honk at Athletes – If the need does arise to honk your horn to alert a cyclist that you are about pass, do so at a respectable distance. If you are too close, the noise itself can cause a cyclist to lose his or her bearings and create a hazardous situation for both you and the cyclist.

For the majority of the run, runners will be on the bike path. Consequently, we kindly ask folks to avoid traveling on the bike path parallel to the Kiawah Island Parkway (between Night Heron
Park and the V-gate) from 8:55am to 12pm.

Road Closures:
All roads will be open with the exception of Sea Forest Drive at Night Heron Park (after Summer Duck Way and before the three way stop at Mariner’s Watch). This section will be closed until approximately 11:30am.

Deputies and race volunteers will be at all major intersections assisting with traffic control. Please use extreme caution while driving on the island on race morning, giving bikes and runners the right of way.

Contact the Resort:
For further assistance please contact the Night Heron Park Nature Center at 843.768.6001.


King Tide: Aug. 28 – Sept. 1

We move into a king tide cycle on Wednesday, Aug 28, of this week, which goes thru Sunday, Sept 1.  King tides are occurring in the evening tide cycle.  Our peak predicted tide is on Friday evening, at 9:05 pm, with a 7.48′ tide.  However, since Sunday, Charleston Harbor’s tides are running approximately 1′ above predicted levels.  This gives us the possibility of over 8′ tides, on Kiawah Island, during this king tide cycle.  KICA is currently closing all exterior drainage basin gates to stop water from flowing into our stormwater ponds at high tide.  For Kiawah Island, roads have the potential to flood in the usual spots, including the Kiawah Island Parkway & Governors Drive.  For residents along the marsh, tides have the potential to rise to higher levels on their properties.  Care should be exercised driving around the island at high tide during this king tide cycle, particularly at night.


King Tide Produces Potential for Water on Roads This Evening

The Charleston area is currently in a king tide cycle, which predicts higher than average high tides for a short period of time. Due to high onshore winds with the potential to push water levels higher, the National Weather Service has issued a Coastal Flood Watch for the Charleston area this evening. Kiawah’s high tide is at 9:25 p.m., and effects are most likely from 8-11 p.m.

During this time, there is potential for water on island roads, including Kiawah Island Parkway and Governors Drive, in low-lying areas and on properties that front the marsh. Members are urged to use caution on roads and not to drive through any areas of standing water. This is especially important in the evening when visibility may be low.

KICA’s Lakes Department prepared for the king tide cycle by closing all pond gates on Monday, July 29 to prevent water from entering the pond system. These gates will remain closed tonight.

KICA and the Town of Kiawah Island will be monitoring island conditions and will provide updates if necessary.


August Issue of Digest Now Available

“The water here is calm and everything seems relaxed. A large bird makes a wide, swooping turn as it surveys the marsh. Under the shaded platform, a man casts his fishing rod and the marsh spreads out in front of me, golden in the summer sun.”

Get a look at the Kiawah Conservancy’s work on the island, as well as some highlights from the Naturally Kiawah Pathways photography tour in the August issue of Digest.

August’s Digest also includes information on how to run for the KICA board of directors and highlights of upcoming island events.

Read now.


2019 Employee Appreciation Fund

A Message from Your KICA Board Chair

Dear KICA Member,

As the chair of your KICA Board of Directors, I get to see parts of KICA’s inner workings that other property owners don’t. One aspect of the job that is always uplifting is the dedication of our KICA staff. There are the exceptional stories, especially in the aftermath of the storms we’ve experienced over my term, but mostly it’s the everyday things that make such a difference. Many of you can also recount an experience that exceeded your expectations – members tell me that the employees at The Sandcastle know them by name, along with the rest of their family. I know it brightens my day when I head to Beachwalker Center for a board meeting and I see the beautiful plantings maintained by our Land Department in front of the building. Despite being short-staffed in this exceptionally difficult labor market, those plants always look great. Maybe you have your own story, where something small made a big difference to your experience.

Those details are part of what makes this island the place we all chose to invest our time and money. This year, the board of directors felt that we should offer members the opportunity to show their appreciation to staff members for the high level of service they provide, and all they do to make Kiawah the premier community we all love. Tuesday, July 16 through Saturday, Aug. 31, members can make a contribution to the Employee Appreciation Fund (see below for ways to contribute). Funds will be distributed to 92 of KICA’s employees (not including seasonal employees, departments heads or the COO) in the first pay period in September.

In closing, I’d like to offer my thanks to the staff on behalf of the KICA Board of Directors for all they do on the island. Kiawah is a special place and we’re lucky to have this dedicated group of people looking after it.

Ben Cheatham
KICA Board Chair

Ways to Show Your Appreciation


Show your thanks to KICA employees by making an online contribution. It takes just 1-2 minutes. Click here.


Email thankyou@kica.us using the subject “Employee Appreciation Fund” and provide your name, Kiawah address and the amount you would like to contribute to the fund. KICA will charge your member account and the amount will appear on your next monthly statement.


Mail a check or login to your online checking account to have your bank mail a check for you.

Check Info
Payable to: Kiawah Island Community Association
Memo: Employee Appreciation Fund

Mailing Address
Kiawah Island Community Association
ATTN: Human Resources
23 Beachwalker Drive
Kiawah Island, SC 29455


KICA Board Confirms New Treasurer

The Kiawah Island Community Association Board of Directors ratified a vote to confirm Dave Morley as treasurer at the July 1 meeting. Dave Morley was elected to the KICA board in 2019 but has many years of experience serving on the association’s Finance Committee. He takes over from Mike Feldmann, who left the board in May.

Dave’s first treasurer’s report included a new section of highlights called the Budget Watch List. View the treasurer’s report, as well as in-depth financial reports, on the KICA Finances page.