Low Speed Vehicle Rental Pilot Program

At the last few KICA board meetings, several community members have expressed concerns about low speed electric vehicles.

What is a LSV?

Low speed electric vehicles (LSVs) look like a golf cart, but exceed golf cart speeds, and are therefore treated like an automobile. They must be registered with the DMV, riders must wear seatbelts and drivers are required to abide by all traffic laws, making them subject to citations by police. LSVs are required by law to attain a speed of 20-25 mph within a mile and they are only permitted on roads having speed limits of 35 mph or less. They are not permitted on leisure trails or golf paths.

Low speed electric vehicles (LSVs) are not restricted on Kiawah. Property owners may own them (if they are registered and have a decal) and they are currently available to rent.

What are the issues with LSVs that members have presented?

The issues several property owners have cited are that LSVs can hold up traffic and that rules aren’t always followed, raising safety concerns. Attention has been primarily focused on LSV renters, who may have less familiarity with the laws and rules.

How does KICA’s board plan to address the LSV issues?

Since the issues presented primarily lie with renters, the board contacted the LSV rental company, Lightning Bugz Rentals, who developed a pilot program which will allow KICA to limit the number of rental LSVs on the island and monitor their use. Beginning in May a maximum of 12 rented LSVs will be permitted on Kiawah. All LSVs will be equipped with a GPS to track their use and location, which will be monitored by KICA Security.

To educate renters about the rules, Lightning Bugz Rentals requires sign-off on the rules at registration, again at pick-up and the rules are posted within each LSV. 

This pilot program is anticipated to run through the end of the year, after which the board will evaluate the impact of LSVs.

A call for members to act.

If you see a driver in a Lightning Bugz LSV breaking the rules, contact security@kica.us or 843-768-5566 to report the violation, so that KICA’s board will have a thorough understanding of LSVs’ effect on community life.


Kiawah Cares Launches a Fundraiser to Support Our Students

On Tuesday, May 7, Kiawah Cares launched a six-week fundraiser to provide the financial fuel for beneficial educational and student support programs to thrive. Learn about this plan to support our Sea Islands students and how you can help here.


Wildlife on Kiawah – May Digest

It’s hard to imagine a trip to the island without seeing wildlife — a blue heron, a yellow-bellied slider or an alligator. Maybe a bobcat, if you’re really lucky. Kiawah’s wildlife is part of what makes the island so special. In this issue of Digest, learn to be alligator aware during their mating season and learn to keep sea turtles safe during nesting season.

Take part in a Southern tradition by signing up for a shuttle trip to a Charleston church tea room. Sample ham biscuits, pimento cheese and don’t miss the Huguenot torte. Shuttle trips are May 1-3, with KICA COO Jimmy Bailey attending on Thursday, May 2.

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Arts in April and More in Kiawah Island Digest

April means arts on Kiawah! In this issue, read the results of the 2019 Directors’ Election and learn more about two of the artists showing at the upcoming Lowcountry Art and Artisan Showcase at The Sandcastle.

Other fun April events include the Kiawah Island Art and House Tour, the annual KICA plant sale and many holiday happenings.

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2019 Member Director Election Results

Congratulations to David DeStefano and David Morley on their election to the KICA Board of Directors. They will begin their term upon adjournment of the Annual Meeting this Friday. We thank all three candidates for offering themselves for service to the community. The results of the election are as follows:

David Morley: 44.9%
David DeStefano: 35.7%
Brendan Magee: 19%
Write In: 0.4%


Quorum Has Been Met in the 2019 Directors Election

UPDATE: Quorum has been met! The election is now valid. Voting closes at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 8.

Thank you to those who have voted, and there is still time to vote at kica.us/vote. You’ve invested heavily in Kiawah, so take the time to select the leaders you think will be the best stewards of the island.


URGENT: Annual Meeting Is 48 Hours From Nullification

KICA’s Annual Meeting, scheduled for Friday, March 15, is in danger of nullification.

The KICA Annual Member Director Election must receive 51% of member votes by Friday, March 8 at 5 p.m. in order for quorum to be met and the election validated. As of Friday at noon, we are at 49.75% of 51% needed for quorum.

If we do not reach quorum, a second election will be conducted at the expense of community members. A second election is detrimental to the community in several ways:

– It’s double the expense for all members. KICA’s election and annual meeting cost approximately $11,000. A second election and meeting will cost about the same, and will be an unbudgeted expense in 2019.

– It disenfranchises members who voted already. Prior to the second election, all votes received in the current election will be discarded without being counted.

– It gives a few members a bigger say in what happens. A second election has no quorum, and fewer people generally vote in them. Those few voters decide the outcome of the election.

If you have voted already, thank you. Please remind all your friends and neighbors to do the same.

If you have not voted, please do so right now. The deadline is Friday, March 8 at 5 p.m. Don’t wait — voting is easy! Check your email for a message sent from our election facilitator, elections@vote-now.com, on March 5. The subject line was ‘URGENT reminder to VOTE in Kiawah Election.’ Simply click the link to complete your secure ballot in less than five minutes.

If you have questions about the vote or haven’t received your voting information, contact Holly Newman at holly.newman@kica.us.  View all voting information at kica.us/vote.


The March Issue of Digest Is Now Available

The board of directors is considering a new conveyance policy. Read about the policy and visit the website to read the policy in full. Cast your vote today in the 2019 Directors Election — voting is underway through March 8.

Find all this plus a look at charitable events you can take part in, island happenings and more in this month’s Digest!

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Learn About Association Finance at Finance Committee Meetings

Are you interested in association finance? All property owners are welcome to attend meetings of the KICA Finance Committee.

This committee works closely with the board and accounting staff to provide advice for the board’s financial decision-making. Along with evaluating the budget and overall financing structure, the committee annually reviews the association’s insurance coverage, investment portfolio, and external reserve studies.

If you want to learn more about association finance, stop by Beachwalker Center on the dates below and find out about these interesting topics:

2018 Audit Presentation
Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 3 p.m. | Beachwalker Center

Insurance Proposal by Aon Risk Services
Tuesday, April 16 at 3 p.m. | Beachwalker Center

Investment Review by Moneta Group
Wednesday, April 17 at 3 p.m. | Beachwalker Center

Learn more about association finance, including monthly financial statements, annual audits and more, at kica.us/finances.


KICA Board Requests Community Input on Conveyance Policy

The Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) Board of Directors is considering the adoption of a new policy relative to the manner in which new common property or other maintenance responsibilities are accepted from a developer (usually Kiawah Partners, but this policy applies to any developer or entity).

Review the policy to be considered here.

KICA has not accepted any additional responsibility since the end of 2015, as explained in the “Facts and Rationale” section of the linked document. It has not done so because it believes a policy is needed to ensure a consistent process is followed when these decisions are made.

KICA’s policy development process has several steps, including a community input period prior to the board taking any action. This item is scheduled to be on the board’s March 4 agenda, so we appreciate any written input byFriday, March 1. Please send your comments to board@kica.us so they can be considered in advance of the March meeting.