April Digest Available Now

Like so many of you, KICA and other island entities are rapidly adapting due to the serious threat of coronavirus. Operational adjustments have been made daily over the past couple of weeks. In the April issue of Digest, we share a brief look at what the association and other island entities are doing.

Learn about the water management vote that opens, Wednesday, April 1 and how your community association is making responsible financial decisions.

You can also read about a fascinating annual visitor to Kiawah Island — the Red Knot. These birds are on the island each year from March to May.

Find this and more in the April issue of Kiawah Island Digest.


KICA Announces Flood Mitigation Effort and Member Vote

KICA has proposed new infrastructure that will significantly reduce flooding on Kiawah Island, and we are seeking your support.
Voting is LIVE from April 1 through May 5.
Learn more at kica.us/flood.


Get Your Sandcastle Workout Virtually

Start your weekend off right with a Sandcastle workout!

It’s a stressful time and we know nothing combats stress better than a good workout. Now, you can workout with Sandcastle fitness instructor Susan Lozier from the comfort of home.

Two fitness workouts, recorded with Kiawah’s beach as the backdrop, are available today: Sandcastle Cardio Mix and Sandcastle Core Mix.

Try one today and maintain your fitness routine virtually!


COVID-19 Kiawah Update

KICA is actively adjusting operations to protect our members and employees from the threat of COVID-19.


The Sandcastle
– Events Cancelled
– Fitness Closed (including after-hours access)
– Pools Closed

Beachwalker Center – Administrative Offices


(with modified procedures to protect the health of our members and employees)

Member services: For assistance, contact memberservices@kica.us or call 843-768-9194. For member and employee safety, Beachwalker Center is not open at this time.
Gate Access: The island is open to members, member guests, employees and commercial traffic.
Security Patrols
Land and Lakes Management
Maintenance and Major Repairs

Expect updates to the community through email. Get the latest island information here.

The Town of Kiawah Island leads emergency management efforts. View the latest news from the town.

For store hours,  closings at to-go food options at Freshfields Village, click here.

For Kiawah Island Golf Resort operations, to-go menus and news, click here. Effective April 4, the resort has made additional changes – view that statement here.


March Digest: Entities Create a More Resilient Community

Island entities are working together to tackle water management from multiple fronts. In the March issue of Digest, learn how KICA and others are working to create a more resilient community.

Get a look at what to expect at KICA’s upcoming Annual Meeting and in KICA’s new gate access portal. Check out the event calendar for community events, such as the 20th annual Art and House Tour, and Dining for Donations at FortyEight Wine Bar and Kitchen.

Read the March issue of Digest.


KICA Launches Member Portal for Guest Gate Access Management

The Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) is pleased to announce a new online service portal to quickly and easily manage gate access for your guests. This service is available online at kica.us/gate or through the ABDI GateAccess app. Within the portal, you can enter your Kiawah Island guest gate access requests, view and manage submitted requests and email your guest a voucher that will expedite their arrival experience.

This is just another convenient option for submitting your gate access requests, but you are still welcome to call or email Security (843-768-5566 or security@kica.us) with your access requests.

To enhance island security, KICA is also initiating a verbal code for gate pass requests by phone, which will be required beginning in May.

Account information has been provided to members by email. For questions or assistance with the member portal, contact Member Services at 843-768-9194 or memberservices@kica.us.


Sandcastle Improvement Project Member Survey Results

In January, community members were asked to share their direct input with the board in regards to three potential improvement projects at The Sandcastle.

The Project Options:


This pool is 17 meters by 10 meters. The intent would be to extend the swimming season, but not year around. Depending on weather, we anticipate this to be approximately April 1st until Thanksgiving.


Upgrade the furniture around the family pool to reflect the quality and comfort of the furniture around the new oceanfront pool, including more chairs and additional umbrellas to provide more shade.


Replace the wooden deck around the Castle Grille with the same IPE decking that surrounds the new pool and other deck areas that were a part of the renovation. The current decking is a lower grade pressure-treated pine. This potential project is re-decking only with no increase in size or shape of the deck.

Over 1,000 community members shared their preference, ranking the projects from most beneficial (#1) to least beneficial (#3).

The Results:

Survey Results


Multi-Year Pond Edge Pruning Project Underway

KICA’s Lakes Management team is conducting multi-year pond-edge pruning project to support the health of our island’s pond system.

Our scenic ponds provide vital habitat for wildlife, but also serve another critical function; Kiawah’s 122 ponds are interconnected, operating as the master drainage system for the island.

Stormwater runoff enters into the ponds through the curb and road drains. The tide flows in and out of the pond system through twelve outfall structures that connect to the Kiawah River and inlet creeks. This free-flowing movement of water through the drainage system allows for the water to be properly oxygenated, it discourages the growth of harmful algae and encourages the establishment of beneficial bacteria communities.

By pruning overgrown vegetation that blocks sunlight and expels debris into the pond, pond health and water quality can be improved and drainage impediments prevented.

This project began in 2019 along edges in ponds #24, 27, 29, 30 between West Beach and Night Heron Park, and is again underway for 2020. This year, KICA plans to prune edges around ponds #8, 2, 18, 19, 23, 36 in the West and East Beach areas.


KICA Board Election Results

The association welcomes Jerry McGee and Brad McIlvain to the board of directors.

Official Election Results

JERRY McGEE: 20.47%
TOM BAKER: 18.16%
WRITE-IN: 0.39%
ABSTAIN: 20.87%

62.5% of the community participated in the 2020 Election. The quorum requirement was met on the final day of the election, when the vote exceeded 51% participation. Jerry McGee and Brad McIlvain were elected to fill the two board seats. The newly elected directors will officially begin their three-year term on March 13, 2020 at the association’s annual meeting. Next week Jerry and Brad will prepare for their service by participating in an orientation and board planning session.

KICA would like to thank all three candidates for offering their service to this special community.

Ban and Cathy

“Board chair Ben Cheatham and director Cathy Pumphrey will fulfill their service term on March 13, 2020. Ben has led the board as chairman since 2018 and oversaw the successful renovation of The Sandcastle. Cathy served as the 2018 Nominating Committee chair and has been truly committed to hearing each community member’s perspective. Ben and Cathy have been invaluable contributors to the community and board. On behalf of the community, we thank Ben and Cathy for their outstanding and selfless service.” – Jimmy Bailey, Chief Operating Officer


February Digest – A look at LSVs and more

Low speed vehicles (LSVs) have been a frequent topic of conversation since they started appearing on the island a few years ago. Under KICA regulations, LSVs, which look similar to golf carts but are licensed for road use by the SC Department of Motor Vehicles, were permitted on the island’s roads. In 2018, with increased rental LSV usage on the island, members expressed their frustrations to the KICA Board of Directors, including concerns about operators not following traffic laws and traffic backups on the parkway in the wake of an LSV. Read the full article on low speed vehicles in February’s Digest.
This issue also takes a look at the KICA Finance Committee and KICA’s refreshed branding. Check out the event calendar for community events, such as Conservation Matters, and a look at the Our World series.
Read the February issue of Digest now.