Welcome to the Newly-Renovated Sandcastle

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After eight months of renovations, The Sandcastle is welcoming members back. Stop by to have a dip in the beautiful oceanfront pool or the refreshed family pool, take a fitness class with an ocean view, or enjoy a relaxing beverage at the new bar. The Castle Grille and Sandbar are serving delicious food and beachy beverages by Cru Catering.

While the majority of the facility is open, a few components will have a phased opening:

– The new bath house adjacent to the adult pool will remain under construction for at least a more weeks. The bath house at the family pool will be open.

– Boardwalk 8B will remain closed until the bath house construction is complete. Boardwalk 8A is open.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate The Sandcastle’s official grand opening is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 30 from 5:30 – 7 p.m.


Boardwalk Policy Update for High Density Areas

During Hurricane Matthew, KICA received damage to 23 of its 25 boardwalks. Our general maintenance team was able to get some of these boardwalks re-opened with minor repairs. The timeline for boardwalks requiring extensive repairs is somewhat longer, though all involved have been extremely cooperative in order to expedite this important work.

KICA uses a consulting structural engineer to ensure what we build is safe and will withstand many years of “normal” wear and tear. Once that work is complete, it then goes through the approval process with the Architectural Review Board (ARB) and the Town of Kiawah Island (TOKI). This ensures TOKI’s ordinances are followed, as well as the regulations imposed by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (SC DHEC-OCRM).

Current Status

We initially placed the priority on boardwalks in the area of Eugenia Avenue to Windswept, as this was an area where KICA had no open boardwalks.

– As of Feb. 15, KICA has completed construction on boardwalks 8A, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16.
– We just received approvals on 7, 10, 29, 31 and 33, and are proceeding to contract shortly.
– Our other boardwalks remain in design.

KICA has been and will continue to send weekly updates on its boardwalk repairs in the Thursday email update to the membership. (Access the Beach With Safety)

Policies and Regulations

In building the beach boardwalks, KICA adheres to design regulations specified by the ARB, TOKI and SC DHEC-OCRM. To comply with these regulations, boardwalks must meet the beach perpendicular to the shore and within 10 feet of the primary dune. In the five years preceding the storm, we had rebuilt 22 of our boardwalks (approx. $1 million) and were fortunate that significant accretion of the beach resulted in a dune profile suitable for ramps in most locations. Unfortunately, those dunes are gone – along with the bulk of the previous five years’ investment. This loss has necessitated we use steps as a repair solution in many locations.

We are not permitted, under normal regulations, to run a boardwalk parallel to the shore and dune line, and must seek an exception for this type of construction. Our preference is to build ramps perpendicular to the shore where the dune profile accommodates this type of design; however, Hurricane Matthew has caused us to consider new guidelines that provide an objective way to determine where exceptions should be considered.

One of those new guidelines considers the density of property located near a boardwalk. Areas where larger than average numbers of KICA member properties are concentrated in close proximity will be given extra consideration for ramps. This will result in our applying for ramps at boardwalks 8B, 22, and 27.  As the map image below indicates, these are high density areas and we believe exceptions are warranted:

High Density Boardwalk Locations


An Important Message from your Regime Neighbors on Kiawah

In the next few days, we will each have an opportunity to review the proposed Master Plan for exciting amenity improvements at the Sandcastle and Rhett’s Bluff, and to make our voices heard by our votes.

We are fortunate to have community association leadership dedicated to providing services and opportunities that continually enhance our community. Though the prospect of change can sometimes make us fearful, it is also a reason for excitement and hope for what lay ahead, and we are excited about this opportunity. Our island is evolving, lot owners are building, the developer is creating new neighborhoods – more people are coming. Reinvestment in our community is vital to maintaining value, not only for current and future markets, but for the value gained from the experience of being part of our cherished community.

Read more…


Voting Materials Mailed

Voting materials for the funding of Phase I of the KICA Amenity Master Plan were mailed on April 29. Voting for Phase I will be open through 5 p.m. on June 1. So that all property owners may consider the full scope of this proposal, both primary (voting) and secondary (non-voting) owners are receiving a booklet. Primary owners’ materials will include a referendum, while secondary owner’s materials will not.

– View Voting Information – 

Prior to voting, be sure to explore the volumes of supplemental information, including updated FAQs, on the sidebar to the right of this page.


Legal Matters Regarding Rhett’s Bluff

After nearly a decade of strategic planning, research and community input, an information booklet and mail referendum on an Amenity Master Plan was delivered to the post office today. Members are being asked to cast their vote on Phase I, The Sandcastle. During many of our information sessions, we were asked why the dispute at Rhett’s Bluff could not be resolved prior to a vote. It’s a good question, and we want to make sure the community is aware of the answer, as well as a history of KICA’s efforts in that regard.

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KICA Amenities Proposal Now Online

The information you have been awaiting regarding KICA’s amenities plan is now available.

View Planning for an Extraordinary Future: A Master Plan for Amenities.

This document will be mailed to every KICA member by the end of this month, along with the materials necessary to cast your vote for or against Phase I – The Sandcastle. Votes will be due near the end of May; detailed instructions will be included in the print materials.

In addition to the plan itself, we have posted supplementary materials including larger-scale renderings and images, traffic and environmental reports, frequently asked questions and testimonials. We also encourage you to view a video on amenities, where you can hear directly from the plan architects and several of your island neighbors.

Additionally, we previously committed to sharing a copy of the Kiawah Boat Landing Preservation Committee’s “one campus” schematic, which we have done. Links to all of these documents can be found in the sidebar on the right side of this page.

Over the last few months, we’ve asked that you reserve judgment on our plan until you’ve seen it. We truly appreciate your patience and hope you’re pleased with the results.


KICA Amenities Presentation – April 22

KICA Amenities Presentation
Wednesday April 22, 3:30-5 p.m., Turtle Point Clubhouse, Legends Room (map)

Join KICA at the Turtle Point Clubhouse, Legends Room (map) on Weds, April 22, from 3:30 to 5 p.m. for a presentation on the upcoming amenity proposal where you can learn about plan details and view conceptual drawings. KICA is excited to share the plan with you in anticipation of the upcoming vote later this month. RSVPs are required to assure adequate seating, and space is limited.

Those unable to attend in person may join by webinar. RSVPs are also required so that we may provide connection instructions.

Please RSVP today to Carrie Newbern at carrie.newbern@kica.us, and indicate whether you will attend live, or by webinar.


KICA Amenities: Would a Single Campus Amenity Solution Work?

Following extensive community input, KICA established core goals to meet existing and future needs for member amenity expansion. To fully evaluate these goals, the board conducted a
detailed process of testing various alternatives in a balanced and responsible way. A single campus vs a dual campus proposal has been considered and these are the findings.

Read more here.


Board Supports Chair Schoenholz, Two-Campus Amenity Plan

The KICA Board of Directors held a special meeting on March, 27 at 1 p.m. with all directors present. The purpose of the meeting was to address matters referenced in the letter from KICA Board Chair Schoenholz.

After a brief introduction and submission of the letter, Chair Schoenholz recused himself from the meeting and was not involved in any further actions taken. Chair Schoenholz offered his resignation, which was unanimously rejected. The board is confident that Chair Schoenholz has operated and served the board and community with the highest ethical standards. Dave has donated countless hours, effort and expertise with little regard from others. He is honest, tireless, intelligent and well-organized. The board highly regards Dave’s leadership. He is fair-minded, objective and the board continues to support him in the maintenance of his role as board chair.

The second action taken at the meeting relates to the board vote on Jan. 12 and is taken consistent with the recommendation of legal counsel. After discussion, the board ratified its decision to support a two-campus amenity solution. A specific comparison of two-campus versus one-campus plan will be provided in a separate email delivered to KICA members early next week.

The board appreciates Dave’s service, his integrity and his commitment to enhancing the experience of Kiawah Island property owners.


An Important Message from KICA Board Chair Dave Schoenholz

On March 26, 2015 Leonard Long, co-chair of the Kiawah Boat Landing Preservation Committee, contacted KICA’s attorney, Marvin Infinger, to indicate that he MAY publicize existing public information about my involvement in substantial non-KICA litigation. His innuendo was that this litigation MAY reflect negatively on my character and ability to function as KICA board chair. He expressed POTENTIAL concern that I did not disclose this litigation in my personal statement when I ran for an uncontested board seat in 2012. Also on March 26, KICA received formal requests from Richard Murphy, committee co-chair, and Mary Lou Barter, committee member, demanding that KICA grant them access to the KICA membership email address list and assist them in publicizing their position on potential amenity improvements. The only common sense interpretation of these contemporaneous communications is that the committee has resorted to publishing personal attacks if KICA doesn’t accede to its demands.

If one is interested in seeing the information which Long threatens to disclose about me, do a Google search for David A Schoenholz HSBC. I’ll provide the detail. I was a senior executive in a large financial services firm. When the company dismissed its auditing firm, which had been Enron’s auditors, in 2002, the new auditors insisted on a different accounting treatment for credit card marketing agreements. This resulted in a modest restatement of prior year financial statements. The company was immediately sued by a large plaintiffs bar firm, alleging fraud. They continued to add allegations to their suit about improper or missing financial statement disclosures during the period March 2001 to October 2002. The suit was heard before a jury in Chicago Federal Court in May 2009. The jury found the company, me and two other senior executives, liable for improper disclosures. The trial judge issued an award to the plaintiffs in October 2013 for approximately $2.5 billion, including $1 billion of interest. The company posted the cash bond for this judgement and appealed. The federal appeals court heard the case in May 2014, but has not yet ruled. The company, I and the other individual defendants reject the jury’s finding due to perverse errors made by the trial judge. These errors were highlighted during the appeals process and we expect the trial verdict to be vacated.

When I was asked to run for an uncontested board seat in Fall 2011, I debated whether to disclose the litigation on my personal statement. No one likes to be sued and I was embarrassed. I felt the litigation had no merit, however, and was not relevant to my ability to volunteer for KICA. At that time it was not certain there would be a final judgement despite the jury findings, and the jury finding was already public information. I concluded not to reference this litigation and discussed this with then-Chair Craig Weaver. Each KICA member will have to evaluate this information and decide whether it is relevant to my board service or has any bearing on the current amenities discussion.

With differing opinions about amenities in the community, the membership has to decide who to believe and trust. Put aside my role for a moment. There have been numerous individuals on multiple KICA boards and committees that have decided to present the community an opportunity to vote for improvements. This decision has been based on community input and a thoughtful, objective analysis to do what they believe is best for the community as a whole. I contrast that to the committee. These individuals clearly have acted in their vested self-interest. The board’s actions have been centered upon what it feels is in the best long-term interest of all property owner members. The KICA membership has to decide if it feels the committee’s mean spirited attempts to embarrass me and my wife are the standard by which this community should operate. The committee has criticized the KICA board for a lack of decency by even considering using its property in the Rhett’s Bluff neighborhood. Is this their example of decency? Ironically Long’s threat comes a few weeks after he wrote me urging KICA to drop its proposal because he felt we were not acting ethically and asked “So Dave, in your heart what might our precious Lord and Savior think of all of this?” I truly hope our community chooses to adhere to a higher standard than evidenced by the committee. That is not to say there cannot be differing opinions. It is to say there is a right and wrong way to have the debate.

I have asked the KICA board to revisit their votes on the current amenity proposal with me recusing myself from the discussion. I have also offered my resignation to the board if they feel my personal litigation impairs my ability to serve.


Dave Schoenholz
Chair, KICA Board