Town of Kiawah Accepts KICA Offer to Purchase Current Municipal Center

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At its March 1 meeting, Kiawah’s Town Council voted unanimously to accept an offer by The Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) to purchase the current Town Hall site for $1,575,000.00. Specific details, such as a closing date, will be negotiated by the two parties over the next several weeks. The existing facility was built by the Town in 1996 and the Community Association has leased and occupied half of the building for its administrative operations since early-1997.

In a joint statement, Mayor Charlie Lipuma and KICA Board Chair Dave Schoenholz hailed the agreement as a “win-win” for the community. Both KICA and the Town had the property independently appraised and over the past week representatives of the Town and KICA worked together with both appraisers to reconcile differences in various assumptions and to agree to a fair price.

KICA and the Town will continue to be neighbors at the Beachwalker facility until completion of a new Municipal Center on the Town’s Betsy Kerrison property in mid-2017. According to Schoenholz, “this will allow KICA ample time to solicit feedback on how the additional space can best be utilized for the community’s use. KICA does not plan a member assessment to pay for the property, which can be paid for with existing reserves, a mortgage or a combination of the two.”

The Town intends to use the proceeds from this sale exclusively toward the construction of the new Municipal Center.

Both the Town and KICA look forward to providing updates to the community as they are available.