Supplemental Assessment Implemented for Hurricane Matthew Recovery

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Kiawah faced extraordinary additional expense following Hurricane Matthew this fall. Kiawah was fortunate enough to be spared loss of life or serious injury. However, there was substantial tree damage and debris, along with total destruction of a number boardwalks and the Rhett’s Bluff dock system. View the January 2017 issue of Digest for a look inside Hurricane Matthew’s impact on Kiawah.

Repair costs, initially estimated between $2 million and $3 million, are projected at $1,363,510. At a special meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 20, the KICA Board of Directors voted to approve an additional 2016 Supplemental Assessment to recoup $1.1 million of Hurricane Matthew expenditures, while absorbing the remaining costs.

Assessment statements will be mailed to primary owners this week and include a complete analysis of the Hurricane Matthew Supplemental Assessment. To learn more about the Supplemental Assessment, view the information below:

Hurricane Matthew Supplemental Assessment

The Supplemental Annual Assessment: Questions Answered – February 2013 Digest