Redesigned Wildlife Viewing Experience Now Open at the Swamp Garden

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One of Kiawah’s best spots for wildlife viewing just got better. In order to improve the member experience, the walkway at KICA’s Swamp Garden, a freshwater depression located next to Pond 32 near the end of Turtle Beach Lane (map), has been replaced with a wildlife viewing platform. This new area provides excellent views of the Swamp Garden while keeping members at a safe distance from alligators.

About the Swamp Garden
Most of the island’s ponds are at least part salt water, however the Swamp Garden is one of the few completely fresh water locations on Kiawah, as its only source of water is rain. Since alligators do not have salt glands, they need access to fresh water, or water with very low salt counts, to help them regulate their body’s salt content. More specifically, hatchlings and young alligators are not tolerant of salty waters and have to have fresh water to survive in the beginning. As such, this uncommon area of fresh water has become a very popular spot for alligators, particularly nesting mother alligators and their young.