KICA Service Makes it Easier to Find Answers

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KICA encourages members to “Just Ask”

Kiawah can be a confusing place with different entities responsible for different things. Sometimes, you might not know who can best answer a question or help with a problem. KICA staff do their best to know what’s on your mind, but when you have a question, it’s best to Just Ask. 

From now on, it will be easier than ever to find the answer to your question. If you’re not sure who to contact, simply send an email to justask@kica.us. From there, your question, comment or concern will be directly routed to the correct person or department. Don’t worry about who does what or where to send your question – Just Ask.

So, if you’re on the driving range, at bridge club or enjoying happy hour and hear a Kiawah related question, encourage people to just ask. KICA is eager to help.