Message From the Chair: Ruling Anticipated in Rhett’s Bluff Matter

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Dear fellow KICA members,

KICA has not been officially notified of a ruling in the Rhett’s Bluff Declaratory Judgement Action, a lawsuit filed against several members of the community and a group they formed known as the Kiawah Boat Landing Preservation Committee. However, we’ve been advised by our attorney that a ruling is forthcoming, and that the opposing party will prevail. If this proves incorrect, we will notify the community.

The suit was originally filed by the board in office during the Fall of 2015, with the goal of providing future KICA boards, and the greater community, a clear understanding of how KICA’s property at Rhett’s Bluff could be used and developed. Unfortunately, the anticipated order does not make any specific judgement as to the allowable uses of the property, rather it is expected to say that the court cannot opine on KICA’s rights and the wording in the relevant deed without an active proposal for usage and development. Therefore, the goal of the board that originally filed the suit cannot be achieved, and the community’s rights regarding this property remain unclear.

This has been an emotionally charged issue among our members, and the current board believes it is in the community’s best interest to move past this. We have unanimously chosen not to appeal this ruling or pursue additional legal action. Furthermore, the board is focused on how to best utilize the Sandcastle and is not considering any proposals for Rhett’s Bluff that might cause this to re-emerge as a legal issue.

Bruce Stemerman
Chair, KICA Board of Directors