KICA Seeks Membership Property Vote

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KICA has been presented with a unique opportunity to gain important land, for both KICA and the Kiawah Conservancy, at no cost, in an exchange with Kiawah Partners.

Such an exchange requires a vote of the membership at a meeting, which KICA will hold on Friday, Sept. 22, 2017, at 3 p.m. at the Sandcastle.

Review details on the proposed land exchange.

Information and ballot packets were mailed from Vote-Now by USPS on Aug. 14 to all primary members. Vote-Now is KICA’s independent voting service which has conducted our annual meeting votes the past several years.

On Aug. 15, Vote-Now also emailed primary members who have a valid email address on file, with specifics about the proposal and information on how to vote, including registration codes. If you are a primary member, have a valid email address on file and did not receive the email, please first check your spam folder for an email from Vote-Now.

When you receive your information, you may vote online, by phone, or live or by proxy at the special meeting if you have not previously voted. Because quorum is required to conduct the vote, online voting is preferred and encouraged.

Please note you cannot vote until you receive either the email or the USPS packet from Vote-Now, since you will need your personalized voting codes. However, you can review the materials online at kica.us/parceltrade.

After you have received and reviewed the materials, please contact KICA with questions. Voting will be open until 5 p.m. on Sept 13.

Primary members are the designated members who receive votes when a property is owned by more than one person. Non-primary members may receive informational emails from KICA but will not receive emails from Vote-Now or a ballot package by mail. If you are the primary member of a property and haven’t received your email by Aug. 15, contact Holly Newman at holly.newman@kica.us.