List of KICA Boardwalks and Leisure Trails Now Open

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Recovery and restoration following Hurricane Irma is well underway and the island is beginning to return to normal operations. The following KICA-owned boardwalks are now open, allowing safe access to the beach:

BW-1 (Duneside Villas) – ramp
BW-7 (Seascape Villas) – ramp
BW 8-A (Sandcastle Pool Deck) – ramp only
BW 8-B (Between Sandcastle and Eugenia Ave) – ramp
BW-9 (Between 7 and 9 Eugenia Ave)
BW-10 (Eugenia at Surfwatch Rd) – ramp
BW-12 (Eugenia at Low Oak Woods Rd)
BW-14 (Between 61-B and 63-A Eugenia Ave)
BW-15 (Between 69 and 71 Eugenia Ave)
BW-22 (Windswept Villas) – ramp
BW-27 (End of Turtle Beach Ln) – ramp
BW-29 (Between Atlantic Beach Ct and Nicklaus Ln)
BW-31 (Between 341 and 342 Surfsong Rd) – ramp
BW-32 (Between 55 and 56 Surfsong Rd) – ramp
BW-33 (Between 63 and 64 Surfsong Rd)
BW-35 (Jackstay Ct)
BW-40 (Between Sand Fiddler Ct and Ocean Marsh Rd) – ramp

Some of these boardwalks will still need some modifications, but they are currently open for use. The boardwalks with ramps are indicated above.

There are also a number of leisure trails open for use:

Kiawah Island Parkway
Governors Drive
Ocean Course Drive
Kiawah Beach Drive
Sea Forest Drive
Turtle Beach Lane
Marsh Hawk Tower
Marsh Island Tower
Blue Heron Pond Tower
Trails leading to KICA boardwalks

Members should still use caution on these trails and avoid areas that are barricaded off for their safety.

As updates on boardwalk and leisure trail status and openings become available, they will be posted to kica.us/boardwalks.