Flyway Drive Undergoing Major Landscape Renovation

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One of Kiawah’s main roadways is receiving a makeover. Flyway Drive is the focus of a major landscaping renewal that will take two years to complete.

Flyway Drive, located near the eastern end of the island, is an oft-used stretch of roadway that connects Governor’s Drive to Ocean Course Drive. In addition to providing access to a number of neighborhoods and homes, Flyway offers a more direct alternative to Governors Drive for travelers heading to the Ocean Course and surrounding area.

The renovation project will span two years and include new landscaping as well as extensive tree work for better safety and line of site. According to KICA Land and Lakes Management Director Dave Achey, Flyway Drive is the longest contiguous road KICA has renovated.

View conceptual plans for the project. 

“We are using some new types of perennials in the plant beds, as well as a turfgrass component we haven’t used in several years,” said Achey. “We plan to include milkweed to create beds to attract Monarch butterflies.”

Preliminary tree work for the project began in January, while the bulk of the landscaping work for 2015 began earlier this summer.

This project is a continuation of KICA’s overall island revitalization and reinvestment program. For continuing updates on this and island projects, visit kica.us/projects.