Attend a Community Q&A Session on the Parcel Trade – Aug. 24

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Join KICA and the Kiawah Conservancy for a community Q&A session at the Sandcastle on Thursday, Aug. 24 at 2 p.m.

Ways to View the Q&A

-In person at the Sandcastle
-Via Live Stream – Visit kica.us/livestream at the start of the meeting. The page will display all KICA videos, with this session first, marked “LIVE NOW” in red. Just click that display to join.
-Watch a Replay – A replay of the session will be available immediately following the meeting at kica.us/livestream.
Livestreaming allows you to listen live to the session, and is not interactive. However, if after reviewing the detailed materials and FAQs you still have questions, you may email them to holly.newman@kica.us.

Proposal materials, including maps of the properties in question, a message from the chair and updated FAQs, are available for review at kica.us/parceltrade.

Voting Information
Information and ballot packets were mailed and emailed last week to all primary members. If you have not previously voted, you may vote in one of the following ways:

Mailed Ballot – USPS mail was postmarked Aug. 14, though some locations are just now seeing delivery. If by the end of the week you have not received a packet, contact holly.newman@kica.us.
Online Voting – An email with personalized voting codes was sent on Aug. 15 to all primary household email addresses on file with our office. If you have not received an email, please check your spam/junk folder or with other email holders in your household. The email subject is 2017 Kiawah Island Community Association Property Vote Ballot Link, and it was sent from elections@vote-now.com. To have an email resent or to update your email address contact holly.newman@kica.us.
In-person or by proxy – At the Sept. 22 special meeting

Because quorum is required to conduct the vote, online voting is preferred and encouraged. Online and phone voting are open until 5 p.m. on Sept. 13. At this time, proxy voters will be contacted to cast the votes assigned to them. All other voting after this date must be done in-person at the Sept. 22 meeting.

Please note that the Vote-Now ballots are anonymous and cannot be responded to. If you have a question/comment, or are the primary member of a property and haven’t received your email or ballot, contact Holly Newman at holly.newman@kica.us.