An Expert Weighs In

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Across the board, the communities that are thriving are the ones that are reinvesting in themselves. In your area and up and down the east coast, others are moving forward with plans to improve community amenities. Even in the Caribbean, the places struggling are the ones burying their heads in the sand. Many communities are moving ahead now with plans they made during the economic downturn, and communities that have not done so will fall farther behind,” remarked Jeffrey Evans, a consultant in planned communities and private clubs who served for 30 years as the chief operating officer for Lake Naomi.

Jeff noted that people don’t usually extend their thinking to planning for the next generation of owners, but that is what is necessary to sustain a community’s appeal. “The number one expenditure in private communities in the US is fitness and wellness. People are interested in whole-person wellness – physical fitness as well as social opportunities. People from urban areas want the same wellness opportunities as they have at their primary residences. I encourage Kiawah to move forward. The downside in lifestyle and property values of not doing it is significant.” Kiawah needs comparable facilities and cannot rely solely on the beach and natural environment to stay at the top.