General Privacy Policy

KICA maintains a database of its members, with personal information collected in various ways, including correspondence through the U.S. Postal Service, by telephone, electronically via the World Wide Web and by e-mail. Information such as a member’s mailing address, Kiawah address, home telephone number, work telephone number, Kiawah telephone number, and e-mail address is entered into KICA’s database and property files. This information is used solely by KICA as a means for contacting its members for routine business communications, in the case of an emergency, for billing purposes, for responding to member inquiries or requests, and for informing members of events/island issues that pertain to association members. The board is committed to protecting members’ privacy, particularly from businesses or charities, while allowing communications from the association.

To that end, the association will not sell, give or generally make available its database information to members or outside agencies. Occasionally, the association may release members’ contact information to a neighbor who may be trying to reach him or her, or to island officials for important business. Please note that the contact information for all KICA committee members, or volunteer group members, is available to other members of that committee or group for communicating with each other.