Millions in Infrastructure

Our maintenance staff, including Major Repairs and Replacements, General Maintenance, Land Management and Lakes Management, is responsible for the maintenance of nearly 1,000 acres of common residential and parkway land including 300 landscaped acres and parks; 119 lakes that encompass 342 acres; 56 linear miles of streets including curbs, gutters and subsurface drainage; and 18 miles of leisure trails and most of the public boardwalks and beach access paths.

Below you can find information about each department as well as useful documents such as a mosquito treatment map, island fishing survey, landscape guidelines, rules and regulations, Maintenance and Improvements: The Kiawah Way, and more.

Maintenance Services

Land & Lakes Management

  • KICA’s Land and Lakes Management Department maintains the landscaping on 300 acres of KICA’s common property. The landscaping staff, including trained horticulturists, agronomists, and arborists, works year-round keeping the common property healthy, green, and vibrant by continually planting, mowing, trimming, spraying, reforesting and controlling litter.

Along with our marine biologist, they manage 119 lakes and ponds, totaling approximately 350 acres of water surface area and 47 miles of shoreline. Staff visually inspects and monitors water quality and water levels of our lakes on a weekly basis. They monitor the fish populations, provide aquatic plant control, and conduct island-wide mosquito abatement. Mosquito abatement measures also fall under the operation of the Lakes department. This department is also responsible for alligator monitoring and evaluation, in conjunction with the Town of Kiawah Island.

View KICA’s alligator safety flyer.

Land Services: If you would like to report an issue regarding landscaping, such as overgrown areas hindering line of sight for vehicular traffic, debris in the road, etc., if you have a question about KICA’s landscaping guidelines, or if you would like one of our trained irrigation technicians to test your backflow device, contact or (843)768-2315.

Lakes Services: To report an issue or ask a question about water quality, fishing, crabbing, lake maintenance, or to request mosquito larvicide tablets, contact, or (843)768-2315.

Land and Lakes Management Director, Doug Walter
Maintenance Office Administrator, Mary-Lynn Buck

View the Mosquito Treatment MapKiawah Island Fishing Survey

Major Repairs and Replacements

  • KICA’s Major Repairs and Replacements Department maintains the 18 miles of leisure trails, 56 miles of roads including drainage, 25 boardwalks, beach access paths, lighting, docks and signage on Kiawah.
  • Services: If you would like to report an issue regarding the leisure trails, roads or boardwalks, if you need a new mailbox or need to have repairs to your mailbox, contact or (843)768-2315.

Director of Major Repairs, Will Connor .


  • KICA, as well as the Architectural Review Board and the Town of Kiawah Island, has various processes and policies in place to help meet its critical role in being stewards of the environment. Before performing grounds maintenance or view trimming, please contact KICA’s maintenance department to ensure you are working within policy guidelines.