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Run for the KICA Board

Board service is an opportunity for you to share your experience and ideas with the community, represent the interests of your fellow property owners, and be part of the process that steers the future of Kiawah.

Attend the Board Info Session

Find out about board service from the experts! If you’re interested in serving on KICA’s Board of Directors, join current and former directors for a happy hour and informational session Wednesday, Sept. 4 at Beachwalker Center from 4:30-5:30 p.m. More Info.

The deadline for candidate applications will be Friday, Oct 4.

Applications are directed to the Nominating Committee for an objective evaluation, including considerations for board diversity and specific skill set needs. However, any KICA member may run for board service by submitting this application, which includes pertinent information and a statement of focus. These statements will be published along with other election materials.

Diverse board leadership is vital to the continued success of our Kiawah community, and the board thanks you in advance for your interest in making an impact on the future of the island.

Important Info for Candidates


KICA Board Candidate Application

Full Name*

Kiawah Property Address*

Primary Phone Number*

Email Address

Date of Application*


For each section, please provide the following information in paragraph form, using complete sentences. Please include all information requested, keeping your answers concise. Each section should be approximately one paragraph.

The information you provide will be compiled into a biography (by staff) with a chance for one revision before it is published for the community.

Candidate Overview

Provide a personal snapshot of how/where you spend your time, your family, and your Kiawah experience.

Please include:
• First Interaction with Kiawah (include year)
• Type of Property (lot, home, regime) and Date Purchased
• Full-time or Part-time Resident (If part-time, provide city, state of full-time home)
• Explain how you/your family spend the majority of your time and how you feel about Kiawah. (Highlight something personal: a hobby, sports team, daily golf, evening bike rides etc.)

Candidate Overview*

Community Involvement

Explain how you are involved in Kiawah and/or your full-time community, with a focus on club/group/volunteer participation and/or committee/board service (including KI Club and Governor’s Club).

Community Involvement*

Professional Background

Please include:
• Relevant education highlights
• Brief overview of professional experiences or job history
• Skills or expertise acquired (especially as related to board service)

Professional Background*

Board Service Statement

Explain why you are running for election and what you hope to contribute to the board and the Kiawah community.

Board Service Statement*

Review and Submit

Key Dates*

October and November: One-on-one interviews with the Nominating Committee
Dec. 5: interviews, photos, bio/focus statement preparation
Jan. 7, 2020: Meet the Candidates Night
March 6, 2020: Annual Meeting

I understand that I need to be available for dates, including but not limited to those above.

I understand

Fair Campaign Pledge*

As a candidate for the 2020 KICA Board of Directors election, I pledge to conduct my campaign according to the Board of Directors Fair Campaign Pledge (located above under Important Info for Candidates). In accepting this pledge, I assume personal control over and responsibility for the conduct of my campaign.

I accept

Intent to Run*

I hereby submit my name as a 2020 candidate for the KICA Board of Directors.

I submit