Join the Nominating Committee

KICA is looking for two community members to join the Nominating Committee. Nominating Committee members help recruit and evaluate board candidates to build a board that can effectively govern the community. Nominating Committee members also help recruit and evaluate candidates to serve on other KICA committees or task forces. Experience in recruitment is helpful but not required.

In order to maintain a committee that more closely represents the community, the committee is strongly encouraging property owners who live in regimes to apply for service. However, all members who apply to serve will be considered.

Time Commitment and Schedule

Committee member terms are two years beginning in July. Board candidate recruitment occurs throughout the year and all committee members are asked to participate. The committee meets (in person or by phone) periodically throughout the year. Meetings increase from October-December as board candidates are interviewed and recommendation discussions occur. In February, the nominating committee works to provide candidate recommendations to fill any open seats on the Finance Committee.

KICA Committee Volunteer Application

The Kiawah Island Community Association exists to preserve and enhance the quality of life and property values of its members. This includes taking the leadership role in ensuring that Kiawah Island remains a beautiful, safe, well maintained and friendly community.

Thank you for your interest in serving our incredible Kiawah community.

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