Members Welcome

All KICA members are invited to attend the bi-monthly board meetings. These meetings are held at Beachwalker Center (23 Beachwalker Drive) on Mondays (every other month) at 1 p.m. with member comments sessions held before and after the meeting.

Next Board Meeting – Monday, Nov. 5

Meeting dates, times and locations are subject to change. Please call KICA toll-free at (866)226-1770 or locally at (843)768-9194 if you plan to attend to confirm a date, time and location.

Would you like to view meetings, but can’t attend in person? There are now two options for attending remotely.

Live Video Stream – View the livestream by visiting at the start of the meeting.

Telephone Conference – Attend via telephone conference by calling 1-866-876-6756 by the start of the meeting. You will be asked for an access code, which is 261332. You will then be put on hold until the meeting begins. Please mute the call on your end.

Please email all questions and comments to